The Visit In Middle earth – Chapter 2

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The visit in Middle-earth – Wishes come true (chapter 2)

When Shannon looked around and stood up, she could still not explain all of this. This dream… Even if it were to be a dream, everything felt so real…!
Shannon did not know if she dared to go outside the door, but if she really was at The Prancing Pony in her… Illusion, dream or whatever, she could manage to go downstairs and go somewhere the Ringwraiths did not. She knew where they would head. Or…

After thinking to herself she went to the door, and opened it slowly.
From outside the building she could hear the Ringwraiths scream, and she started to shake without noticing it, grasping her thumb.
It was so dark outside her door…
She started to walk like a blind, reaching her hands in front of her.

For a while, she could accept this hallucination, as she was pretty sure that her mother eventually would wake her up, or at least do something.
Then behind her she heard a door open and turned around in a quick movement.
A little light from a candle showed the face of two hobbits, and a human.
Shannon looked at them.
Then suddenly she had to gather her thoughts, looking up again as they passed.

– H-hello?

The little hobbits turned around and in the light of a candle they held, she recognized them.
It was Frodo and Sam!
Her eyes became wide and she looked at the hooded person. She knew it had to be Aragorn, also called Strider or Elessar.

She felt like fainting and started to shake a bit, her mind all in chaos.
Aragorn seemed to look at her, trying to figure out who she was, and what she could want them.
Shannon swallowed and began to speak. She did not know why she spoke to someone who was not real, but she did.

– I know who you are. Frodo Baggins from t-the Shire, she swallowed, and Samwise Gamgee.

Shannon then looked at the suspicious hobbits, and then at Aragorn.

– I also know who y-you is. You´re Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

The ranger seemed surprised and took his sword and held it against her throat.
Shannon started to shake of fear as she just for a short while ago had met the Ringwraiths.

– I-I mean no ha-arm…

The ranger spoke to her in a suspicious and harsh tone.

– Who are you, knowing who we are?! Speak!

But Shannon couldn´t speak. Not a word came from her throat. And her legs felt like soft spaghetti or something.
When the hobbits lightened the candle at her, she fainted, falling backwards, hitting her head in the wall.
This was just too much! Her dream… hallucination, or whatever it was… was TOO real!

When she woke up this time, she was lying on the ground in an unfamiliar room and the two hobbits had become four.
The room was dark and shadowy, and there was no light coming from the windows. Aragorn sat next to the window, and his face was shadowy. The hobbits were sitting down at some chairs and were watching her.
Looking at them Shannon felt like laughing. They were so small, looking so funny. But as she watched the shadowy Aragorn she got a cold chill down her back.
Aragorn who sat at the window on a wooden chair looked up when he saw her move.

– You are awake, he said suspiciously.

She nodded, swallowing.
The little hobbit named Pippin came to her, sitting down on the floor.

– And who´s side are you on?

As he said that, Shannon could not help it, she started to laugh in a nervously tone.
She should not have done that, for Pippin rushed away from her and once again she had the blade of Aragorn´s sword at her throat.

– I-I mean no harm, nor o-offense, I just thought it was very funny.

Aragorn did not say a word.
Shannon suddenly became angry and her eyes shimmered, holding her head as if she thought that would get her back to reality again.

– And why should I? You´re only characters in my dream, you´re not even real.

None of this is real!
The hobbits looked confused but Frodo who almost seemed afraid.
The ranger pushed the blade closer her throat, it´s steel reflected the only light in this room.

– Are you a spy of the enemy?! Speak! Who are you, knowing our names!?

Shannon started to shake, but closed her eyes.

– This is only a dream Shannon, they´re not even real, nor is the blade…

But feeling the cold blade´s sharpness against her throat she became unsure of what to think.
She did not know what to answer, but as she was in her dream, why not play along then and see what happened? She could lie or speak the truth, which was HER choice! But at the same time…

– My name´s Shannon Ri… Just Shannon. And I was, accordin´ to the host of this place, Barliman, found outside, sleepin´ in the mud.

Shannon´s cheeks became red and she turned her head down, feeling embarrass and her almost black hair that had been in a ponytail fell down her shoulders.
She knew she had always wished to have the length the hair of an elf had. So she had saved her hair for many years, finally to achieving that goal.
Her hair was all the way down to her butt, and it was thick too, dark brown almost a bit golden colour.
Aragorn seemed to think for a moment, smoking pipe weed.

– You´re an elf. What are you doing here in these days if you are not a spy?

Shannon looked up, and her thoughts were pushed away for a second, but coming back they were all in a great chaos.
What did he mean by elf, she was no elf! She was a perfectly normal gothic human from Minnesota!
Her hand touched her lip, and then her nose.
Where were her rings!? And what was she wearing…?!
Shannon looked down. She didn´t wear her own clothes…! This was borrowed…!
It had to be!
She had a couple of brown trousers and a green tunic. And her boots where of brown soft leather. She wondered where she had gotten this. Maybe Barliman?

Looking up again, at the ranger, she moved her long hair, touching her ears.
Shannon´s eyes became wide of shock. They were pointy! My god, they were pointy!
Here she was in her dream, being an elf as she always had wished to be, and all the other seemed to admire her. And none had ever admired her before.
A shocked smile grew upon her lips but her mind all in chaos at the same time.
Shannon looked at them again.
How was she going to explain in this dream, that this was her dream and that she was dreaming all of this?
How to explain that in the reality she was a normal gothic HUMAN from Minnesota?
Here in her dream her ears were pointy…! So much thoughts, she turned her head to clear her mind a bit, looking at her reflection in the mirror behind Aragorn.
Shannon´s eyes widened of shock again.
In the mirror there was an extremely beautiful elf looking back at her, with long dark almost black hair almost a bit golden, and her dark blue eyes shimmered of shock. And her make-up was gone too, making her face look very much elvish.

The other had not say but one word, but suddenly Aragorn started to speak.

– Forgive me elf, I did not mean any offence. We thought you might be a servant of the enemy.

Shannon nodded surprised and was too much in shock to be able to speak.
Everyone but her walked towards the door and her eyes started to mirror confusion.
A voice inside Shannon´s head told her not to let them walk away from her.
She knew the characters from the books, and now when she was among them she felt safer than before at least. They would not harm her.
Shannon turned around, standing up in a gracefully movement and she smiled at herself.

– Wait…!

The ranger and the four hobbits turned around.

– I…
Shannon felt embarrass and turned around.

– I want to join you. I wanna follow you to Rivendell, home of the elves. Home of Lord Elrond and Arwen Undomiël, she said looking into the wall.

Aragorn seemed very surprised and the hobbits looked at each other, and only Sam seemed very happy.

– We are going to see the elves! He mumbled to himself in joy.

Aragorn once again seemed surprised, but as Shannon turned around again looking into the ranger´s eyes, she saw the suspiciousness in his eyes.

– How do you know so much about us, elf?

Again Shannon felt a feeling of joy and at the same time she wanted to go back to reality. There was no end of the possibilities of this place… but she didn´t want to see the Ringwraiths ever again. And this dream could turn to any unknown direction… And she even started to believe it was real…! What was wrong with her!? But…
Elf! She was an elf… Just as she had always wished to dream that she was! And now she was! Her head encouraged her to follow them, explore this place, this dream world, telling her to forget about reality for a while.
She smiled and looked at them.

– Let´s just say I know a lot.
Shannon smiled, as she knew elves did sometimes. Mysteriously.

The four hobbits looked up at Aragorn.

– We will travel far, and with speed. It is most important that we get there as quickly as possible.

Shannon felt offended. Maybe she was a teenager, and a girl, but of course she could follow them anyway. She was not afraid of getting some dirt on her. She knew the way to Rivendell, as she had always studied the maps Tolkien did once, thorough…

– Well, I´ll not stop you from gettin´ there in time. Just because I´m a woman doesn´t say that I´m weak and can´t walk the distant. I aint´ afraid of gettin´ dirty.

She smiled to herself and repeated to herself that she was an elf…

– Well then, join us.
Aragorn turned around and the hobbits followed him.

Shannon smiled again. This was indeed a very good dream after all!

My note: Hey you guys, please… Don´t complain, because as usual I haven´t got the time to check the spelling, grammar and such… If you maybe could help me a bit here, what I should explain better, I´ll do that next time. Or if I change this chapter a bit… *thinking to myself*
And I´m not all that good at explaining things like the environment and stuff, but I do my best.


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