The Visions – Part one

by Feb 20, 2004Stories

Alexa awoke in a cold sweat. This had to be the third dream she’d had where everything went strange on her. For some reason she couldn’t quit dreaming of the seventeenth century and Amy and Nick. She stood and sighed,it was only three in the morning. She showered off. There was no way she would be able to get back to sleep. She’d been having strange dreams ever since Amy and Nick left for camp and never returned. She sighed and logged onto her computer. Amazingly, Matt, Mark and Johnathan were all on.
“Strange.” She muttered out loud, and clicked on her invite into the chat room. She accepted and logged into it.
“Hey, you’ll never guess what happened to me tonight.” She typed.
“You had a dream.” Mark said.
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“Everyone’s had one.” Johnathan replied. Soon they were all discussing the dreams and what they could possibly mean. Matt’s was the hardest to decipher and finally they gave up.
“I wish Amy or Nick were here.” She typed and regreted it. Amy and Nick were Matt’s sibilings and she knew Matt felt the same way. She sighed and checked the clock again. It now read five o’clock. She said goodbye and logged off. Laying in her bed Alexa thought anout everything that had happened in the dreams. She sighed, glad tomorrow would be Sunday. Then she could really talk to the boys, but for now she had to try to go back to sleep for another three hours. She rolled over and soon she fell into an uneasy sleep. Alexa’s alarm sounded and she slammed it off. She got around quickly and hopped into the back of Matt’s car.
“Was that weird or what?” She asked him when they were heading to Matt’s house.
“Very.” He said.
Alexa sighed, “So what do you think it means?”
“I dunno.”
“Well, I had another strange dream.”
“Really? About what?”
“It’s hard to describe but I have a feeling that Amy and Nick aren’t in this century anymore.”
“Where do you then purpose they’re at?”
“I have a feeling they went back into time, but somehow got stuck and now we have to help.”
“Wow, that’s one big conclusion you’re getting.”
“Well, everytime I dream I see them and they’re in the past. For some reason, we’re all connected, but let’s talk about this more when the others get in.”
Mark nodded and pulled into Matt’s drive. He honked and Matt and Johnathan came out.
“Sleepover?” Mark asked.
“Hey, he lives right next door.” Matt said.
Mark and Alexa laughed and Matt hopped in the front as Johnathan crawled into the back next to Alexa. She smiled at Johnathan and he smiled back. Matthew and Mark looked at each other and laughed.
“What?” Alexa asked.
“You two.” Mark and Matt replied together.
Alexa and Johnathan blushed and she stuck her tongue out at the boys.
“So what?” She asked.


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