The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 9: A Just Decision

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A Just Decision

A thousand thoughts fell through Anyaelia. Leave Middle-earth forever, to leave Legolas and all that she loved behind.


Galadriel raised her hand to quiet her, “Do not make your decision now. Think it over. As the sun rises, your decision will be made; to remain here, or to carry on with the Quest.”

Silently, Galadriel departed, disappearing into the shadows once more as though she was only a dream. It felt, now, as though the world was bearing heavily on Anyaelia’s shoulders, she had never thought to leave to Valinor, not yet. She traced her fingers on the railing and stared downwards. The Hobbits had seemed to have dozed off, Aragorn and Boromir were speaking to each other away from the camp. She scanned for Legolas, and found him perched against a great Mallorn trunk, pruning the feathers on his arrows. It was time. Anyaelia quickly left the railing and ascended the long wooden stairs that carried her down to the open garden. Small shadows drifted across the lit path as Anyaelia quietly approached the Mallorn near the garden’s border. Pausing she breathed in deeply and fell through into the brightly lit
area, next to her, Legolas sat, inspecting an arrow carefully. She knelt down next to him, but he still did not acknowledge her prescence. Gently, she placed a hand on his cheek, it was now, by her touch, that he looked up at her.

“I am sorry,” she whispered gently, her eyes dancing with sincerity. Legolas’ eyes softened, but still, he stood, gathering his arrows and began to start away from her.

“What is it that you want from me?” Anyaelia cried after him, thoroughly frustrated.

Legolas spun around, “We are engaged Anyaelia. It means that we must not keep things from each other, but to confide! I cannot be with someone who does not wish to speak to me of things!”

The familiar sting of salted tears began to well up in the corner of her eyes. “Amin auta!” (I am leaving!)

Legolas paused, he slowly turned to her, “What?” He whispered.

“Amin auta, ri’ aminona beth a’bara.” (I am leaving, unless, you give me a reason to stay) Anyaelia whispered, aware of Aragorn’s and Boromir’s eyes had fallen on them.

Legolas dropped his arrows absentmindedly, “Mankelle auta?” (Where are you going?) He asked, drawing nearer.

“A’Valinor, a’kwar aminmahalma.” (To the Undying Lands, to take my throne) “It is not your fault Legolas, it is because of Saruman. If I am to die on this Quest, the Maiar shall be thrown into chaos, for Saruman will take the throne. I must leave.” Anyaelia added sadly, lowering her eyes.

“N’uma, aminil auta.” (No, you will not leave) Legolas replied, his voice closer. She felt his familiar touch as he cupped her chin, lifting her face to his. “Amin vesta a’valar,
n’umandengin tula aminan baralle. Amin n’uma wanwalle, Sunfire.” (I swear by the Valar, no harm shall come to you as long as I stand by your side. I do not wish to lose you, Anyaelia.)

His lips brushed softly across hers, she stood trembling in his arms as he pulled her into a passionate kiss. All worry’s fell from her as she returned his passion with her own. The warmth of his embrace, the soft touch of his lips, she could not leave. His love for her ran deep, his promise would remain true.


Through the canopy of the Mallorns, the early light of the Sun spilled onto the forest floor. Galadriel’s words floated through her mind as she laid in Legolas’ arms, her eyes were upon the Sun’s morning ray’s. Was her decision the right one? Was she to risk all her kin upon an oath of love and devotion? Not now… not here… too think about it made her blood run cold. She could almost see Saruman taking the throne. The Valar, unable to stop him, according to the laws of kin. Evil, malicious… his poisonous seed swelling through Valinor, enslaving her race.

“Anyaelia, what is wrong?”

She turned her face to Legolas, unknowing that she had begun to weep, “Is my choice true? The sun has risen, and yet I am uncertain. Have I condemned my kin?” Anyaelia asked, she buried her face in his chest, weeping uncontrollably at what could happen.


Anyaelia stared at the bow that had just been given to Legolas by Galadriel. A Galadrhim bow, beautiful and strong. Galadriel came upon Anyaelia, staring at her thoughtfully. “Your decision is to remain on the Quest?” Anyaelia nodded slowly. “As much as I object to your decision, it cannot be swayed. It was you right to decide your path.”

Anyaelia opened her mouth to speak, but Galadriel had turned to the Elvish handmaiden by her side. She unwrapped a long delicate cloth, revealing a sword. The blade glowed red, a silver pattern of flowers crawling up towards the sharp point. Galadriel held out the handle to Anyaelia who took it gracefully. It was light weight, and power surged through her as her skin caressed the handle.

“This is Abelenar, the Fiery Star. The blade passed down from your Maia ancestors. Your mother placed it in my keeping when she went into exile. And now, I give it to you to wield.”

“It is beautiful.” Anyaelia whispered, tracing her fingers across the silver flower patterns.

Galadriel turned back to the handmaiden, who handed her a small necklace. “There is more that your mother gave me.” Galadriel said as she held out her palm.

“This jewel was made from the a small piece of Silmaril that had fallen when Fëanor was shaping the Silmaril’s. It is not well known that he had made this Jewel, for it was given to the fair Maiar queen directly and carefully hidden.”

Anyaelia took the glowing stone gently, its light illuminated brightly as she looped it onto the chain that held the Sunfire pendent around her neck. Its tear drop shape outmatched the golden glow of the Sunfire.

“Now, passed down, with the sword of Abelenar, it comes to you. The Jewel shall give you the power you need during the darkest of hours.”

“Amin anten’lle Galadriel, lleminya atara’amin.” (I will miss you so Galadriel, you have been as a second mother to me) Anyaelia said smiling. She set the sword gently upon the ground, then embraced Galadriel tightly.

“Ar’lle atinu Namárië Sunfire Valar aa’bara yassenlle.” (And you, as a daughter. Farewell Anyaelia and may the Valar go with you) Galadriel whispered as they parted.

Anyaelia knelt and took the sword by the hilt, the Elven handmaiden handed her a sheath connected to a Galadhrim belt. Anyaelia thanked the maiden and wrapped the belt across her tunic, she sheathed Abelenar, the silver-wrought handle glinting in the light.

“And now, you all must depart! I wish you well on this Quest, and hope to meet you all once again.” Galadriel added, her eyes falling upon Anyaelia.

After more farewells, they entered into their Elvish-made boats once more. Anyaelia, managed to place herself between Gimli and Legolas, whilst two Hobbits were placed each into the other two boats. Accompanied by either Aragorn or Boromir. As they floated downstream, Anyaelia threw one last glance towards the fair trees of Lothlórien. She drew in a deep breath and averted her eyes. She had made the right decision.. didn’t she?


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