The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 8: Twilight

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Anyaelia stared at Galadriel in disbelief, her face was frozen in an expression of horror. Its not true, she thought hastily, a game, a foul joke. But that thought did not sink in for Galadriel stood poised, unmoving, her face expressionless.

“Saruman?” Anyaelia whispered, unaware that her voice came out shaky, almost shrill. Galadriel gave a curt nod. Anyaelia shook her head, not wanting to understand, to know this. To hear, that within her blood flowed the poison of her Uncle, to share his power, to be kin. “You are not like him, you will never be like him.” Galadriel whispered, reading her mind.

“How do you know!” Anyaelia cried suddenly, making herself jump back in surprise. Anyaelia paused, recollecting her thoughts, “I am apart of his foulness, his blood flows within me. How can you say I am not like him? We are kin.” Anyaelia spoke, more calmly.

“That may be so, but you have taken your path, and accepted it. Curumo had only evil in his heart when he came to Middle-earth. Annoyed by the ways of Gandalf and the Council, he took it upon himself to remain alone, in Orthanc.”

Dissatisfied, and more frustrated, Anyaelia turned to leave. It was too much for her to handle, too early for her to come about this knowledge. Much to her surprise, there were no cries behind her, telling her to return. Galadriel and let her go, to think over what had been said, and either to accept it or not. Slowly, Cerin Amroth disappeared as she strove deeper into the Golden Wood, away from prying eyes.


“Should I-“

“No, leave her be. She needs time to be alone, to accept the inevitable.” Galadriel replied cooly.

Legolas stared after Anyaelia’s disappearing figure, wishing to run to her, to hold her and whisper in her that everything would be okay.

“Come. Let us return to the fellowship, no doubt they are wondering where you are.” Galadriel smiled slightly as she began her ascent across a small clutter of Nimloth that was planted at the base of the Hill.

“Will she-“

“Yes,” Galadriel interrupted again, “She knows these Wood’s well, and they are protected.”

Without another word he followed after Galadriel, throwing a last worried glance in the direction that Anyaelia had departed too.


Anyaelia sat quietly on the boulder, her knees were brought up to her chin. Her arms were wrapped around her legs, a dull ache was thudding in her shoulder, but she ignored it. How could she? Anyaelia thought bitterly, She could have told me years before! Yet, she can tell me of her past, of who I am, and will be. But forget to tell me that her brother was a powerful Istari, and an ally of Sauron!

Anyaelia’s face flushed in anger, but a voice, one she knew too often crept up inside her. Protection, its snake-like voice hissed, she was protecting you. “From what?” She asked aloud to herself. The voice paused momentarily, from yourself… If you knew when you were younger, you would have joined him. He would have dug into your thoughts, prying open your memories and deepest fears. He would have- “Go away!” Anyaelia cried again. But the voice did not stop, taken you away. Moulded you into his image. Together you would have the power to defeat the Ring Lord and rule Middle-ea-


Her head swung violently to the voice, her eyes widened in terror. Haldir. He stood only a few feet away from her, staring at her cautiously. Anyaelia’s eyes softened. “I heard you… yelling. Is anything the matter?”

Anyaelia swung herself off the rock, wincing at the sharp pain in her shoulder. She leaned heavily against the stone before she managed to straighten herself out. Then, walked past Haldir without answering. She felt his grip on her wrist as he pulled her around.

“Tell me, Sunfire.” He asked, pleadingly.

“Haldir, please release me.” Anyaelia said softly.

His grip lessened, but his eyes remained fixed on hers intently, “I do not wish to see you hurt Anyaelia. We have been friends many long years, and you have yet to keep something from me, until now.”

“It is none of your concern Marchwarden. Now release me, or I shall force my way from you.”

Haldir dropped her wrist, and Anyaelia walked past him, she felt his eyes on her until she fled out of sight.


“Did you tell her?”

“Yes. But she did not take it lightly.”

“It is as we expected. Will she be joining the others tonight?”

“I am uncertain. Haldir came across her this evening, she was not… herself. He had said she was speaking to someone… who was not there.”

There was a pause.

“Saruman is contacting her, decieving her.”

Galadriel turned away from the railing, that looked over Caras Galadhon. Her eyes fell upon Celeborn, who stood in the archway of the room. “It is as we have feared,” she whispered.


Above the stars bloomed graciously through the trees. Twilight had fallen upon Caras Galadhon. Out of sight, an Elvish lament began, singing of Mithrandrir. Anyaelia stood upon the platform high above the encampment the Elves had set up below for the Fellowship. Who, had joined the Lord and Lady for a feast, before they were to depart tomorrow. Anyaelia had declined her invitation to be alone. After her argument with Haldir, she had gone back to Cerin Amroth, hoping to see, and perhaps, talk to Legolas, but he had left.

“Anyaelia. You look as beautiful in the twilight stars of Varda as well as the comforting rays of Arien.”

“Legolas,” Anyaelia said, as she smiled at his approach, “What of the feast?”

“It has long since finished, I came here to speak to you, by Galadriel’s wishes.”

Anyaelia sighed and stared downwards, the Hobbits had come into view, clutching their belly’s in satisfaction.

“I cannot do this anymore,” she whispered, “I cannot go on into Mordor, thinking that I will have to face him one day. That I will have to kill him.” She turned to him, Legolas could see a soft glimmer of fallen tears. “I cannot kill my own kin.”

“But you have given your protection to Frodo, to Middle-earth, to rid of Sauron. Is he to, not a Maiar? Your kin?” Legolas asked softly.

“Yes, but…” she turned away from him, she closed her eyes, trying to suppress more tears from falling. “You just do not understand.”

Legolas paused, “No I don’t.” He replied coldly, and left her.

Anyaelia grimaced and the suppressed tears broke free, spilling down her face. She remained fixed by the railing until she saw Legolas come into the encampment below her. He glanced up at her, but did not smile, his face was filled with defeat and hurt. Anyaelia turned from the railing angrily, wandering, taking no notice of where she was going.


She paused, and turned to Galadriel who emerged from the shadows. “Come with me, we must talk.”

Anyaelia followed her without a word, Galadriel led her back to the railing where Anyaelia had just left.

“I know that you have given your word of protection to Frodo. And you have given your love to Legolas.” Galadriel spoke softly to her, her eyes glacing down at the encampment. “I believe you face your hardest decision yet. Saruman is close to his goal of ridding you, and leaving to Mordor increases your chances of…. death.” Galadriel’s eyes fixed on Anyaelia. “If you die, the Valar cannot bring you back. If you die, all will be lost, Saruman will take the throne, and reign destruction upon the Maiar. So I ask of you, make your decision to leave to the Grey Havens. Leave this earth and take your ruling in Valinor.”


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