The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 7: A Long-kept Secret

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A Long-kept Secret

Author’s Note: I know it has been a long time since I posted The Quest… but I thought it best not to give up on it ,-, I hope you enjoy!

“Anyaelia!” … “She is dying, we must hurry.” … “Amin mela lle, Sunfire, Sal’.” … “Rekuila?” … “Re anta est.”

Her eyes opened, but shut again quickly as pain filled through her. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming in agony. Slowly the pain subsided and she managed to keep her eyes open, though filled with drowning tears. She recognised the room around her to be that of the Healing House of Galadriel. They had made it, they had reached Caras Galadhon. Slowly Anyaelia sat up, struggling through the aching pain that reared up suddenly in her shoulder. She glanced at it, there was no blood, but thick bandages that covered half her shoulder.

Anyaelia swung her legs over the side of the luxurious bed and stopped, leaning her head over and breathing slowly. Eventually the greyness subsided and she managed to lift her head upwards again. She grabbed the bed post and heaved herself onto her feet, leaning on the tall post for support. As though being summoned, three healers entered into the room, and helped Anyaelia dress without any protests. They helped her out of the room, through the long halls and out of the Healing house, into the thick branches of the Mallorns.

Anyaelia sighed deeply at the view, it had been many years since she had last been to Caras Galadhon, the pure, untouched beauty still astounded her, both as an Adult and a Child. She smiled happily, the feeling of home rushed over her instantly as they neared the great Court of Galadriel and Celeborn, the dwelling place of the King and Queen of Lothlórien. They entered the lit court and helped Anyaelia into a silver seat, and quickly departed. Anyaelia sighed heavily, she had wanted to get back to the Fellowship, back to Legolas. She dimly remembered Legolas’ whispered words to her as they had rushed towards Caras Galadhon, “Amin mela lle, Sunfire, Sal’.”

“Anyaelia! You are well!” Cried a voice, that quickly drew nearer. The figure through himself around her, embracing her tightly, but let go as she gave out a short cry of pain. Legolas winced slightly, “I am sorry… it is just.” He fell silent, lowering his eyes to the floor. Anyaelia smiled sadly, “I am alive, and plan to stay that way.”

Legolas smiled at her and knelt down in front of her, grasping her hand within his, “Il amin sinta amin wanwa lle. Nan’ manka lle gurtha amin wanwa avaene lle. N’uma nat’ amin quen amin ilfirin mela a’ lle.” Anyaelia’s lip trembled, she had not even began to guess his love for her, but it was now she truly understood him, how close he was to pure agony as he awaited for news if she would live or die. Without a word she threw her arms around him, crying bitterly, ignoring the searing pain that had reared in her shoulder once again.

“Your life is not one to murder so easily,” came a silvery voice around them. Anyaelia pulled away from Legolas and wiped away the bitter tears. Galadriel had entered into the court, her skin illuminated in the early sunlight. Her smile radiated her face, which was flawless, aside from the lines of wisdom around her eyes. Anyaelia stood from her seat, with the help of Legolas, and started towards her, and embraced her tightly. “Nae saian luume’.” Galadriel whispered to Anyaelia, who smiled happily at the face of her old mentor. “And it seems that you have grown, physically and-” Galadriel lowered her voice, “powerfully.”

Anyaelia’s smile fell, but nodded her head in agreement. “It has come to my attention that have been taken by Legolas-” Anyaelia and Legolas shot each other a look of happiness “-yet you have not told him… have you?” Galadriel asked, eyeing Anyaelia patiently. “Nay. But I know… I promised… that my past would be revealed to Legolas upon entering Caras Galadhon. Yet, I was injured on the bridge of Khazad-dûm…” Anyaelia stopped. “It had healed… but the poison did not diminish-“

“The poison was dangerous. It was made stronger to affect… your blood. The Orcs of Khazad-dûm had word of this poison, to shoot you. To murder you. It was made especially for your… type of blood.” Galadriel glanced at Legolas who was staring at Anyaelia questioningly. “By whom?” Anyaelia pressed, but Galadriel shook her head, “All will be explained once Legolas knows.”


They had taken leave of the court, and was brought to a secluded part Caras Galadhon, near the glorious hill of Cerin Amroth. After much silence Anyaelia began, afraid of what Legolas would think of her when she was finished.

“Upon the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, you may have heard that my mother, Armaelia, was named Queen over the Maiar-” She watched Legolas nod, “-it is true. My mother had once dwelt in the Undying Lands. The Valar rules over many, yet, do not over the Maiar. It was determined, when the World began, that a King and Queen should rule over their race, and was accepted by the Valar. My grandparents had only one child, my Mother. She became Queen, but took no husband, until, she met my father on her wanderings through Eldamar.”

Anyaelia glanced at Legolas, who seemed quite enthralled, she breathed a sigh of relief, he was taking it well.

“They left Valinor to fight amongst the others at Angband. Afterwards, my mother went into exile, she left the throne and stayed in Middle-earth, much to the dismay of the Maiar. When Imladris was founded, they remained there, and had me. I did not develop any of my mother’s Maian power’s, but was given them by her through a spell. She lost them all.” Anyaelia paused and glanced again at Legolas, “It was not until I was nearing my coming of age when I had my first vision. It was through this dream that I learned of my power’s and of my mother’s history. It was then I decided to take the Maian throne, when I was ready. And as a gift, they gave me the power to control fire, and named me Wielder of the Secret Fire. I had many servants who did know of my position, including Gandalf.” Anyaelia swallowed hard, it was still quite difficult for her to speak of him. She had finished, there was nothing more to say to Legolas.

“There is more to this story than you know, Anyaelia.” Came Galadriel’s voice, she came into view from behind the tall Mallorns. “Is it of Khazad-dûm?”

Galadriel nodded solemnly, “What you have not been told of your past is of your cousin. Powerful and dangerous is he, he wants to take your position as heir to the throne. Which he could do, if you cease to live.”

Anyaelia rose in anger, “Who is it.”

“Saruman.” Galadriel whispered.

Sindarin Translations:

“Amin mela lle, Sunfire, Sal'”- I love you, Anyaelia, be still.

“Rekuila”- She lives?

“Re anta est”- She needs rest

“Il amin sinta amin wanwa lle. Nan’ manka lle gurtha amin wanwa avaene lle. N’uma nat’ amin quen amin ilfirin mela a’ lle”- Never did I think I would lose you. But if I had I would not know what to do if I lost you. Nothing I can say can express my undying devotion to you.

“Nae saian luume'”- It has been too long


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