The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 5- The Path Through Dimrill Dale And Silverlode

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The Path Through Dimrill Dale And Silverlode

Anyaelia rushed down the Bridge of Kazad-Dum, the whistling of arrows surrounding her. Her companions had fled, turning an invisible corner that led into darkness. The pain in her shoulder worsened as she stole around the corner, arrows hitting against the walls around her. A long flight of broken sandstone stairs spread before her. Leading into more darkness.

Anyaelia glanced around the corner, Orcs were leaping across to the bridge, intent on reaching her. Some, though, were unlucky, sealing their fate as they plunged into the darkness below. Anyaelia quickly fled up the broken stairs, whincing at the pain in her shoulder. The poison in the arrow was beginning to spread. She quickly ran down the long passageway that led to the already opened Great Gates. She passed by a slain Orc on the ground, glancing at its torn body.

She burst through the light, continuing down the broken rocks, out of the range of arrows. The distance closed between her and her companions who were weeping in their sorrow. Anyaelia slowed and collapsed upon an upturned boulder, full of anger, sorrow and fatigue.

“Anyaelia! Are you alright?”

She lifted her head up at the approaching figure, his face full of grief and worry.

“Aye, I will be fine.” She smiled weakly at Legolas.

“But you are wounded! I need to treat it.” He replied worriedly.

“There is no need.” She whispered simply.

She pulled up the sleeve of her tunic, up her arm and over her shoulder. Dark veins surrounded the wound which was already beginning to heal. Legolas gasped, the tip of his fingers brushed cautiously across the wound.

“It…it is throbbing, and healing!”

“Aye.” She replied silently.

Anyaelia slipped the sleeve back down her arm, she stood herself up from the rocky ground. Legolas’ confused stare stayed with her every movement, she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear.

“I shall explain everything later.”

She dropped her arms to her side and started towards Aragorn. Legolas stared after her, bewildered and dazed.

“Dear Elessar! We must depart, the sun is nigh and our prescence here should all be forgotten when we cross into the borders Lothlórien.” Her voice drifted to the mournful Númenor.

Aragorn looked at her in surprise, he took her hand and placed it to his lips.

“Princess of the Maia, you are right. We must be off, but to Lothlórien?”

“Aye, we can seek refuge and shelter there. We will be protected, for I am a…frequent visitor. Oh and please, just call me by Anyaelia, now is not the time for labels.” She smiled slightly

“Aye, Anyaelia.” He replied simply. Then, in a loud clear voice he spoke to the others. “Let us gird ourselves and weep no more! Come! We have a long road, and much to do.”

Aragorn glanced at Anyaelia quickly, she nodded her head and he surged forward. She fell back behind the group, walking beside Legolas and keeping a lookout for any unwelcome visitors.


They continued along, Anyaelia watched Gimli amusingly as he stared at his surroundings, boasting about his heritage. He suddenly pointed towards a broken column that lay aside from the path.

“That is Durin’s Stone! I cannot pass without turning aside for a moment to look at the wonder of the dale!” He spoke excitedly, his pleading eyes staring at Arargorn.

“Be swift then! The sun sinks early. The Orcs will not, maybe, come out till dusk, but we must be far away before nightfall. The Moon is almost spent, and it will be dark tonight.” Aragorn warned him.

“Come with me Frodo, and you also dear Maiden!” He cried, moving quickly towards the Stone. “I would not have you go without seeing Kheled-zâram!” He cried aloud.

Frodo, Sam and Anyaelia followed slowly behind the departing Dwarf. Anyaelia laughed silently to herself as she watched Gimli bound down the grassy hill towards the pillar and the still waters.

Gimli stopped at the stone and looked up, the pillar was cracked and weathered, some of the markings were unreadable.

“This pillar marks the spot where Durin first looked in the Mirrormere.” He spoke, turning towards the others as they gaped at the stone. “Let us look ourselves once, ere we go!”

They bent over the water, seeing nothing. Anyaelia wrinkled her brow as an image in the water was shown. It was the mountains reflected in an intense blue, the peaks were like curls of white flame; and beyond that there was the sky. In the sky glittered stars, though, above them, it was still day.

“O Kheled-zâram fair and wonderful! There lies the Crown of Durin till he wakes. Farewell!” Gimli cried, he bowed low and started up the green hill towards the road. Anyaelia followed, deep in thought.


“Anyaelia, when shall you tell me of your past?” Legolas spoke cautiously to her, breaking the silence.

After they had stopped at Durin’s Stone, the Fellowship had grown quiet. Images of Gandalf’s death floated through Anyaelia’s mind, over and over. Guilt rose up in her, she knew she could have saved him, but she did not try. But now, those images had left her as she stared at Legolas’ awaiting expression.

“I…” She started.

“Here is the spring from which the Silverlode rises!” Gimli interupted.

Anyaelia glanced at the water, glistening and clear. Pippin stepped forward, licking his chapped, dehydrated lips. Gimli held out his arms, stopping the young Hobbit from entering the bubbling channel.

“Do not drink of it! It is Icy cold!” He warned the mischevious Hobbit.

“Our road leads beside this for many miles.” Aragorn explained to the others.

“We must stop by the Golden Wood where the Silverlode flows into the Great River, Anduin. There in Lothlórien we shall find rest and shelter.” Anyaelia spoke up.

“We must not linger, let us carry on, but do not fret, we shall have rest soon.”

Aragorn led them alongside the bubbling Silverlode, their reflections dancing upon the glassy surface. The silence grew as many miles they passed, the Western wind brought the Mountain coldness as it swept through Anyaelia, leaving her chilled and shivering.

Finally, much to the Hobbit’s happiness, they came upon another stream that joined with the Silverlode, there they rested. Gimli, Merry and Pippin gathered brush-wood and fir-wood to use for a fire. Gimli muttered curses to himself as he tries to light the fire, but when a spark was made, the wind blew it away. Anyaelia stood from her position and walked towards Gimli, he looked up at her surprised.

“Move back.” She commanded to Gimli.

He stood back away from her, she placed her palm towards the wood and closed her eyes. A snakelike flame emerged from her palm and set the wood alight, Gimli’s eyes widened in thankfulness.

“Thank you my dear! I couldn’t have done it better myself, if I possessed your greatness that is.”

Anyaelia smiled at him kindly and walked back towards Legolas. She sat down beside him and rested her head upon his shoulder.

“I…I have been thinking, this is not the right time to tell you of my history. But, I promise you, when we enter through Lothlórien, you shall know.” Her eyes gazed upon him.

Legolas nodded his head regretfully, Anyaelia leant forward and placed a soft kiss upon his cheek. But as she pulled back he turned his head, his lips brushed against hers. He rested his forehead against hers, staring thoughtfully into her eyes.

“Do…do you want anything to eat?” A small voice spoke cautiously.

Anyaelia turned and looked at the expectant face of Sam, in his hands he held two plates, each filled lightly with food.

“Thank you Sam.” She smiled gratefully reaching for the plates, his relieved face made her smile even more.

She passed a plate to Legolas, and began to eat hers. Sausages, bacon and tomatoes; she was not very picky with her food, and she realised as she bit into her bacon that Sam was an excellent cook.

Suddenly everything went dark for her; three figures came into view, she recognised two of them, Frodo and Sam. The other was of an old, slimy creature. Sam was stirring a pot and talking about tatters going well with the rabbit. But just as the vision had started it abrubtly ended.

Anyaelia flung her eyes open, Aragorn and Legolas stared down at her worriedly. She pulled herself upwards and realised that everyone had surrounded her.

“I am alright, I…I just had a vision, that is all.” She spoke quickly.

“What was it about?” Pippin spoke curiously.

“I cannot say, for it will change the course of the history. But to put your mind’s at rest I must say that the vision was not deathly.” She smiled at him.

“It is good that you are alright, for we must be off, the sun is beginning to set.” Aragorn spoke quickly.

Legolas helped Anyaelia to her feet and quickly followed the others, what was left of the campsite were trampled ash at where the fire had been.

Authors Note: Hi all! Im sorry I havent posted this story for a while So please leave a comment and tell me what you think!


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