The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 3-Into The Darkness

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Into The Darkness

The towering Mountains pierced the tip of the sky, casting a long dark shadow upon the land. Anyaelia climbed upon the large boulders, following the rest of the group. She lost her footing and the boulders that held her up began to fall. She cried out and stretched out her hand to grip on the rocks in front of her. A hand grabbed hers instead and pulled her up as the boulders below her fell into the deep crevice below. She stared at the falling rocks, shuddering at the thought of her tumbling into the darkness. Anyaelia turned and realised that it was Boromir who had saved her from her death.

“Thank you Boromir, for saving me from my own clumsiness.”

“‘Tis alright, but we must be off before we get left behind.”

Anyaelia nodded in agreement and they started after the group who had nearly reached the top. Gimli was the first and he stood proudly, staring into the distance, his back turned to them. Suddenly his voice rang out; Anyaelia stopped and stared at him.

“Hurry up now! We are there! ‘Tis the Walls of Moria, a glorious sight to be held!”

Anyaelia climbed more quickly and finally reached the top, she pulled herself up and gazed into the distance. Gimli was correct; the Walls were glorious to look upon. They stretched far as the eye could see, and a great dark lake spread in front of them. Gandalf led the group down the steep boulders onto the rocky shores of the Lake.

Anyaelia looked up and she could see that the moon had risen; its luminous glow spread upon the Walls. There was a blinding flash of light and Anyaelia yelped in surprise as she shielded her eyes with her arms. They dropped to her side as Gandalf spoke in a low, quiet voice.

“It reads, The Gates of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak Friend And Enter.”

Merry’s voice perked up from behind Aragorn, “What do you suppose that means?”

“Simple. If you are a friend, you speak the password, and the doors will open.” Gandalf spoke quickly.

He calmly walked up to the illuminating door and spoke in a loud clear voice. His Elvish was clear and natural, echoing against the high Walls of Moria. As the echo died Anyaelia sat down next to Frodo upon an upturned rock. She giggled slightly at Gandalf who was pushing his staff against the stone door, attempting to open it forcibly.

Anyaelia looked behind her as the Splash of water drew her attention. She watched as Aragorn grabbed Pippin just as he was about to throw another rock into the dark water. He spoke, but Anyaelia could not hear his words.

“It’s a riddle…”

Anyaelia stood up from her place, watching the ripples in the water intensify, something was wrong.

“…speak friend and enter. Gandalf! What is the elvish word for friend?”

Anyaelia unsheathed the daggers that lay at her side; they were given to her by Legolas after their lesson.

“What is the matter?”

Legolas stood behind her, fingering his bow.

“Something is not right, the water has been disturbed and something has awoken.”

A sharp crack ascended behind them, the Moria door was open. Anyaelia waited until the last Hobbit entered through the gate and then she cautiously stepped through, glancing over her shoulder warily. A light shone from Gandalf’s staff, and Anyaelia blinked at the sudden change from dark to light. Panic rose up in the group as they looked at their surroundings.

Boromir spoke quickly, “This is no mine, it’s a tomb.”

At her side she saw Legolas reach down and pull out an arrow from one of the skeletons, he examined it closely and through it away disgusted.


Boromir’s panicked cries filled the room as they started to back up towards the entrance. Anyaelia felt something grab her ankle and she fell to the ground, biting her tongue and tasting blood. She let out a cry as she was dragged across the ground and held high into the air. She looked down and a hideous face emerged from the lake, as it opened its beaklike mouth to engulf her, she felt the rush of wind as an arrow rushed past her, and hitting its target.

The creature released her from its grasp as it roared in pain and anger. She fell to the sharp stones that cut into her. She lifted her head and saw Aragorn, sword in hand, cutting off the creature’s tentacles in order to save Frodo who had also been captured. She felt someone pull her up and rushed her back into the mine; a crash came from behind her as the walls tumbled down, trapping them in the mine.

Gandalf lit his staff again, casting deep shadows among the surrounding walls.

“Now we have but one choice. We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard! There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world. It is a four-day journey to the other side. Let us hope our presence may go unnoticed.”

He led them on into the darkness, Anyaelia walked along slowly, stumbling along the way. The long passageway led out into a large open area, the path was quite shallow and Anyaelia crept close to the wall to keep from plummeting down into the open mine. The path widened much to Anyaelia’s gratefulness and they came upon a large open area.

“We shall rest here for the night, but be quiet, we do not want any unwelcome visitors.”

Legolas propped his bow against the stone wall and sat upon the hard, cold floor. Merry and Pippin began to rummage through their packs, complaining of their hungriness. Anyaelia fell upon her knees and rested herself against the wall; her body was sore from her fall on the sharp stones. And there were many cuts that bled through her clothing.

“Anyaelia, stay awake, I need to treat your wounds.”

Anyaelia opened her eyes and looked upon Legolas, he pushed a cloth upon her forehead and she grimaced in pain. She pushed him back and stood up wearily, leaning against the wall for support.

“Nay, I am fine. I…I just need rest.”

She walked towards the now feasting Hobbit’s and sat near them, holding her head within her the palms of her hands. Legolas came up behind her and knelt down, whispering into her ear.

“Please do not be like this, I do not want to lose you by bleeding to death from some minor cuts.”

Anyaelia swung her head to look at him, “But…” she protested.

But Legolas pressed his lips against hers, stealing her words. As he pulled away Anyaelia’s eyes fluttered open, a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

“Ok, you win.” She breathed.

Behind her she could hear the muffled laughs of the two Hobbits, Legolas smiled at her.

“Let them think what they wish.” He spoke as he pulled her into another kiss.


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