The Vision_The Quest – Chapter 1–Departure (A continuation of The Vision)

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The sun shone through the open door, warming the spacious room. A cool breeze swept through, carrying along green leaves upon its invisible arms.

Anyaelia’s eyelids fluttered open, she smiled happily to herself. She looked down at the necklace that lay warm against her chest. She entwined the chain in her fingers and kissed the figurine gently. Im Melin Le, Legolas, she thought to herself.

She quickly swept back the thin sheets and set her feet upon the cool floor. She stood and stretched her arms high above her head. Then she began to twirl, laughing joyfully to herself, her bare feet tapping lightly on the wooden floor.

Reality pulled her to a stop, she stood gasping for breath, and in thought. Today was the day, she was to leave her family.

She solemnly brushed her hair and braided it so it lay as one on her back. She then quickly changed into the male tunic that was laid out for her, dresses were of no use to her on this quest.

Anyaelia grabbed the ready-made pack and stood in her doorway, staring into her now empty room. Tears stung her eyes as she closed the door and walked down the dark, empty corridor.


Legolas stood next to Estel in front of the Last Homely House. Everyone was late, even the Dwarf. His mind sneered at the word. he despised Dwarves, they were thoughtless, arrogant beings, not to mention short.

A figure approached them, Legolas shielded his eyes from the bright sun to see properly. It was Anyaelia, a smile played at his lips. She was dressed in male elf fashion, and her long fiery hair was pulled behind her in a long braid.

Anyaelia saw Legolas and Aragorn, she quickened her pace. She smiled happily at them but her eyes were filled with hurt.

“Ai Na Vedui, Legolas, Aragorn.”

“Ai Na Vedui Anyaelia Sunfire. ‘Tis good to see you again, and better, as it may seem.”

Aragorn held her hand within his and she blushed slightly. Legolas frowned at this contact between the two. His frown quickly disappeared, his friend would never betray him or the Eavenstar.

Aragorn let go of Anyaelia’s hand and she embraced Legolas. He took her other hand and placed it to his lips.

“Im Melin Le, Sunfire, my beloved. Did you sleep well?”

“Aye, I am fully rested and ready for what is to come on this Quest.”

She pulled her hand away from his grasp and set her heavy pack beside her. She noticed that neither Legolas nor Aragorn had anything beside their weapons. She dismissed it and quickly looked towards the sun and frowned.

“The sun is nigh, we are late for departure, where is the rest?”

“Packing I suppose, last I saw of the hobbits they were strolling into the kitchen.”

She giggled slightly at the thought of Merry and Pippin raiding the elvish kitchen. Aragorn looked at her strangely then shook his head and went back to smoking his pipe.

“Ah, I see most have arrived.”

They turned and saw Elrond, Gandalf and Frodo coming out of Elrond’s home. Frodo had a pack with him also, a look of aged thought upon his face. Gandalf seemed ready to be on their way, though, when he saw that not all of the fellowship was not present he became discouraged.

But then they heard the clip clop of hooves and cheery voices coming towards them in the distance.

Merry and Pippin skipped in front, packs bulging with food that they had stealthily taken from the kitchen. Sam walked along solemnly, leading Bill by the bridle.

Behind them Boromir was struting beside Gimli, his Gondorian shield in one hand. She could see a horn by his side, his face brightened when he saw her.

She was beautiful to him, his gaze swept quickly across her delicate body. Though she was wearing a male tunic, he could visibly see the outline of her figure. Her long fiery hair was pulled back into a long braid that flew behind her in the cool breeze.

Her sharp eyes pierced his and he quickly looked away from her gaze. He stumbled over his feet and almost dropped his shield. He regained his composure and looked up sheepishly, but no one was looking in his direction.

The fellowship were accounted for, they placed their packs upon Bill, weighing the poor pony down. They gathered in a circle surrounding Elrond as he gave his farewell speech.

“It is time for you to depart upon your Quest that determines the fate of every race of Middle-earth. Ringbearer, it is up to you to dispose the Ring in the fiery pits of Mount Doom. The rest shall be your mentors and your protectors. Now go and may the Valar go with you also.”


Gandalf and Frodo took lead in front of the group, behind them followed Merry, Pippin, Sam and Bill. Gimli heaved behind them, carrying his worn axe beside him, eyes darting around wildly. Anyaelia lingered for a few moments, looking back into Rivendell, she had hoped to say goodbye to Atar and Naneth one last time, but it was too late.

Legolas pulled along Anyaelia, he could see tears welling in her eyes, though he did not ask her what the matter was. They took in behind Boromir, her tears were starting to fall by then.

Cereduil ran swiftly, he wanted to see his daughter before she left. He turned the corner and Elrond’s House came into sight. But he could only see Elrond who was standing in front of his home.

He hung his head and turned away, he had missed his chance to say goodbye to his only daughter. Spiteful tears streamed down his face as he turned back towards his empty home.


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