The Vision – Chapter 8–Nightmares and Prophecies

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Nightmares And Prophecies

Anyaelia slowly opened her eyes as though she was awakening from a long sleep. Sunlight pierced her eyes, blinding her. She closed them again and listened to the concerned voices from unseen faces that floated around her.

“Will she be okay? When will she awaken?”

“Aye, do not worry Legolas, she will awake in time.”

“Curse that wretched Ring, and of Sauron…”

“Do not be so hasty, as I have said, she shall be fine. The power of the Ring will soon dissipate…”

Anyaelia felt herself drifting away and she fell into a darkened dream, hearing no more.


Around her towered sharp rocks, a black stream trickled at her feet. The sounds around her were that of pain and death, she shuddered at the poison that surrounded her.

Footsteps were heard from a distance, echoing upon the canyon walls, slowly coming towards her. She hid behind a large boulder and watched as a large group of Orcs came into view upon the dusty path. They stopped in front of the boulder and the leader spoke harshly.

“Hi, you! Get up!”

Anyaelia shrank at the voice, thinking that she had been caught. But then the leader cried out again, this time it was acknowledging more than one person.

“Come on, you slugs! There is no time for slouching.”

At this he stepped towards two pitiful creatures that sat on the roadside beside her, though, she did not notice them before. The leader snarled again at them, and they slowly got to their feet. They were clad in Orc gear, but seemed smaller than the others, she also noticed that their feet were Hobbit-like…

They struggled to the back of the band with the leader snipping at their heels. Then he returned to the front and they marched on, leaving Anyaelia bewildered at this sight.

She stood again and a cold breeze swept past her, and she looked around her once more. She saw in the distance the legendary Mount Doom, fire coiled and spewed from the tip of the Mountain.

A whispering seized up in her and she looked towards the great tower of Barad-dûr and saw the eye of Sauron once more. It turned and saw her, it burned her eyes and she shielded her face with her arms, screaming in pain and agony.


The pain ceased and she let her arms drop to her side, she was no longer in Mordor but in a large Throne Room filled with many people. Upon the throne sat an elderly man, whom seemed quite familiar to her. Beside him sat his Queen with ageless beauty, she too seemed familiar.

The enormous oaken doors of the Throne Room swung open and two elves entered, it was Legolas and Anyaelia. Anyaelia stood shocked as she watched herself walk towards the King with Legolas by her side. The King stood and smiled upon the two arrivals.

“Ah, Anyaelia, Legolas, welcome!”

“King Aragorn, it is good to see you again.”

Anyaelia smiled graciously upon her ageing friend.

“I am sorry that I will not be there when you two depart, that is why you have come, to see me the last time, is it not?”

“Aye, ’tis is, for it is a hard decision that we have made to leave Middle-earth. But it is all for the better.”

With that Legolas patted Anyaelia’s stomach gently, Aragorn looked upon them with a smile playing on his lips.

“So when is your firstborn due?”

Anyaelia smiled at Aragorn and replied, “Soon.”

The arrivals continued to speak but Anyaelia could feel herself pulling away from this dream, this vision even, she watched as everyone and everything faded into nothing.


Anyaelia’s eyes fluttered open again and they came to rest upon Legolas’s face. He smiled at her, and was relieved. He became worried for she was beginning to speak in her sleep, something about leaving Middle-earth.

Anyaelia smiled at him, and pulled herself up. Pain shot through her head, and she gasped for breath. When it had cleared she looked upon Legolas again.

“What…what happened?”

“You fainted during the Council and knocked your head upon the floor.”

“I…I do not remember that…I just remember an eye…surrounded by flames…then nothing, until now.”

“But do you remember anything before that? The Council, do you remember me?”

“I do, vaguely recall, but…”

She put her head in her hands, frustrated with herself. She looked up at Legolas, she could remember him, and of other things, but not everything. A voice drifted into the room from the open door, soothing Anyaelia’s worries.

“Do not fret my child, your memories will return to you in time.”


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