The Vision – Chapter 7–The Council

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The Council

“Anyaelia, wake up!”

Anyaelia awoke, startled, everything around her was shaking. Her mother’s deep blue eyes stared back at Anyaelia.

“Come now, you need to be ready. The Council will start soon, and you cannot be late.”

Anyaelia sighed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she watched as her mother went through her wardrobe and pulled out a long silver dress.

“Now, this is appropriate–“

She continued to mumble to herself as though it was her that was going to the Council. Anyaelia pulled back the covers and stood in the warm sunlight. She went to nightstand and took the silver brush that lay there. She brushed out the snares in her golden-red hair and watched her mother as she kept moving from the bed to the wardrobe, trying to find the most ‘appropriate’ outfit for Anyaelia to wear. Anyaelia reached out and grabbed her mother’s arm and embraced her.

“Naneth, do not worry. It will go well today, and the silver dress is perfect for me to wear.”

Anyaelia smiled at her, and embraced her again. Armaelia hesitated then smiled back and left the room to let Anyaelia change. As the door closed Anyaelia slipped into the cool, silver dress. She walked out of her room and saw that her mother was waiting for her. She led Anyaelia down to the Garden and towards Lord Elrond’s home. Armaelia remained silent as she led her daughter along, she knew of what to expect from this meeting and of what was to happen. She stopped at the front of the Last Homely House and embraced her daughter once more.

“Anyaelia, remember, be wary of the others at this meeting, some cannot be trusted.”

She turned from her and left in the direction in which they had come. Anyaelia stood for a moment, puzzled from what was just said, she then stole into the home. A servant met Anyaelia and she was led to the Garden, but in an area in which she had never seen before. It was upon a porch on the East side of the home.

There were many seats that surrounded a large stone table that was set in the middle. Anyaelia was led to a seat next to Glorfindell. She curiously looked around and saw that the others who were seated were mostly elves. Though she saw Estel, who sat isolated in one of the corners. She waited impatiently for more to arrive when she saw Legolas being led by another servant. She stood to greet him and he seemed surprised to see her as well.

“Anyaelia! This is unexpected, why is your presence needed?”

“My father was the one to come but he had other matters to tend to, so he has sent me in his place. Do you know why we are here though?”

“Nay, but I know we shall find out soon.”

With that they walked to their own separate seats and waited. After the arrival of Legolas, a man of the South arrived, joined by two dwarves. One in particular did not seem happy at the sight of the elves. A bell was rung and Elrond came and sat in his kingly chair. Lastly Mithrandir arrived with Frodo and Sam. The Council was now to begin.

Anyaelia yawned; the meeting to her was not what she hoped for. News and Events was told about the lands in the East, which was of no concern to her. She drew her attention only to Legolas and throughout the meeting they exchanged secret glances and smiles to each other. The meeting then came upon a different subject, that of the One Ring, the reason for the Council. Elrond began and spoke of Sauron and the forging of the Ring, and of Isildur and the cutting of the Ring from Sauron’s hand.

The Man of the South, who was named Boromir, took in great interest to the knowledge of this ring. At this time Anyaelia was beginning to become tiresome of the continued arguing when another voice spoke up, it was that of Estel. He took out a broken sword that lay upon the ground beside him. He placed the sword upon the stone table and spoke.

“Here is the Sword that was Broken!”

Boromir looked upon Estel with surprise.

“Who are you, and what have you to do with Minas Tirith?”

Before Estel could reply Elrond spoke up.

“He is Aragorn Son of Arathorn and he is descended through many fathers from Isildur Elendil’s son of Minas Ithil. He is the Chief of the Dunedain in the North, and few are now left of that folk.”

Boromir stood amazed; his gaze was upon Aragorn. Anyaelia could not believe what she heard either, for she knew nothing of Estel’s past, until now. Gandalf spoke up and silence spread through the group.

“Bring out the Ring, Frodo! The time has come. Hold it up, and then Boromir will understand the remainder of his riddle.”

Frodo’s hand lay outstretched, upon his shaking palm glittered the Ring. The One that was forged by Sauron himself, Anyaelia suddenly had a longing to grab the Ring and have it for herself. But she resisted that urge and remained silent. The others around her began to speak but she her attention laid upon the Ring, it whispered to her, dark secrets clouded her mind. A vision came to her it was of a great eye, wreathed in flame, it drew closer to her. She could feel the blistering heat upon her face, she cried out in agony and fell into blackness.


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