The Vision – Chapter 6

by Mar 15, 2003Stories

Voices From The Hall

Dawn broke upon the two lovers that stood in the garden of the Last Homely House. Anyaelia wished that she could stay but knew she had to part from Legolas. She kissed Legolas passionately and stole inside the house, leaving him staring after her. Anyaelia walked through the long passageways and through many doors until she reached the Hall of Fire. Its doors were closed to her, and only silence could be heard inside. She turned to leave when two distinctive voices spoke from within the Hall. Though she has never listened in on anyone before, curiosity got the better of her. She pressed closely to the large oaken doors to hear better.

“Come Lord Elrond, you must take some rest, you will need it for today.”

“Aye, you are right, it has been a long night. You will attend the Council today Cereduil, will you not?”

Anyaelia frowned, she was not aware of such a council that would be taking place that day.

“Nay, I cannot attend for there are some…matters I need to…sort out. But I shall send Anyaelia in my place.”

“Is that wise? She is just a child, she is too young to have the burden of knowledge of the Shadow growing in the East.”

“She may be young but she is strong. The incident at the Misty Mountains and of…Maersiul hurt her so. But I believe that that has made her stronger, and wiser.”

“Aye, you may be right. But now we must rest, and remember, the meeting starts at noon.”

They spoke more, but softly and Anyaelia could only make out a few words. She drew closer to the door until she was completely against it. The doors suddenly swung open and Anyaelia fell through, crashing to the floor. She looked up at the shocked faces of Elrond and her father. Her face flushed in embarrassment as she stood, she turned to leave the room when Elrond stopped her.

“Anyaelia, how long have you been listening?”

“Um…only for a few minutes, I heard raised voices. I am sorry, I shall go now.”

“Daughter, you shall not leave now. Wait for me, I am in need to talk to you.”

Anyaelia flinched at her father’s tone; she knew was in trouble. She stood and waited fro Cereduil as he said his goodbyes and stole out of the Hall with Anyaelia slowly following him. As they left the front entrance of the Last Homely House Cereduil called Anyaelia to walk beside him. They walked along slowly; she waited impatiently for Atar to speak.

“Anyaelia, this is serious, I need you to take my place at a very important council meeting at noon today. I know that you heard all of this, but you do not know of its importance. So I need you to be timely and courteous, you shall learn of the purpose of the meeting when you attend.”

Anyaelia remained silent as they continued along until they reached home. Anyaelia quickly stole to her room and lay in her bed. She could hear Naneth’s and Atar’s voices down the passageway, quiet and serious. Anyaelia grew worried of the council meeting she was to attend, it was of some great importance that she knew nothing of. She turned onto her side and her thoughts changed that of Legolas, they had spent most of the night talking of idle things. But she had loved every minute of being with him; she could not wait to see him again. Her eyes closed and she fell into a dreamless sleep.


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