The Vision Chapter 4 – Remembering a Forgotten Love

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Remembering the Past Part 3

The Lake and a Celebration

Anyaelia led Legolas past the stables and continued along the path. It turned sharply and a large lake came into view. Anyaelia was right, it did take his breath away. Upon this lake stood a large waterfall that was illuminated by the sun. The colors of the waterfall shone from pink to purple changing as it fell from the steep cliff that towered above them. The lake itself was clear as Legolas could see the clouds reflected in the ripples. Anyaelia suddenly sprung away and jumped into the cool water, splashing Legolas in the process. He stared at her in amazement as she began to swim towards the waterfall, her dress drifting behind her. She stopped and turned towards Legolas beckoning him to join her.

“Come in, or are you afraid of the water?”

She smirked at him, and a crooked smile spread across his face. He then jumped in after her, caring not of the clothes he wore. He swam towards her as she turned and continued towards the waterfall. Anyaelia disappeared behind the sheet of water, leaving Legolas alone. He grew closer to the waterfall and stopped, through the noise of the water he heard her call to him. He entered through and was amazed at what he found. A large cavern spread out before him, the walls shimmered different colors from the light that shone through the waterfall. Though the cavern was lit it was still quite dark; as Legolas’s eyes adjusted to his surroundings he spotted Anyaelia perched upon a rock on the far end of the cavern. He pulled himself out of the pool of water and stood upon the smooth surface of the cavern. He started towards her, his eyes gazing upon the glistening walls.

“So am I correct?”

Legolas looked upon Anyaelia, puzzled from her unexpected question.

“Correct from what?”

“I stated before we left, that I will show you something that will take your breath away. Do you not remember?”

“Aye, now. You were right, for it is beautiful here, even what is outside. But nothing can compare with your beauty in here.”

Anyaelia blushed and looked away, could this Prince have fallen for me? She heard him approach but still stared towards the sheet of water. His fingers stroked through her hair and she turned to face him, trouble clouded her face.

“I cannot.”

“What do you mean?”

“I cannot love or be loved.”

“Nay, it is too late, for you have enchanted me.”

Legolas leaned down to kiss her but she backed away.

“I..I cannot, I must leave.”

Anyaelia turned from him and hurried through the waterfall, disappearing from Legolas’s sight. He stood bewildered but he quickly started after her, as he stepped through the waterfall, she was gone.


The night was falling and the preperations of a feast that was in Frodo’s honor was soon to start. Anyaelia was dressed in a long, dark blue gown. She was in her garden staring towards the darkening sky. Her heart was troubled, but as she gazed at the evening stars her troubles began to depart. But she could not forget the Prince and what he had said.

“Anyaelia! My beautiful daughter why do you look troubled?”

Anyaelia looked towards her father, and she cried in joy. She ran to him and embraced him, his arms surrounding her. She stepped back, her eyes glistening with joyful tears.

“Adar! I have missed you so! I am fine, and my heart is glad to see you again. For you have been to busy to see your own daughter.”

“Come, come. We will have no sorrow tonight, we will eat well and enjoy the company of other’s. I have been told you have taken in the hobbits, curious creatures are they not? Well let us depart now, your mother is waiting.”

He held out his arm and Anyaelia took it, they walked through the path towards the Last Homely House. They were greeted merrily upon their arrival and were lead to the Hall. A long table was set up in the Hall upon the dais, but many seats were empty. She was set by the Daughter of Lord Elrond, Lady Evenstar. Anyaelia did not know her much so she kept to herself. Her eyes drifted around the table, her mother and father were seated next to Gandalf the Grey. By them sat a Dwarf and a hobbit, whom she assumed to be Frodo. They were happily discussing things that were of no importance to her. She then looked upon the other end of the table, she saw Merry, Pippin and Sam. They were arguing over their seating arrangements, she laughed at their silliness. Then she saw him, the Prince that she had left standing alone. He was close to where she was sitting and his gaze was fixed upon her. Through the meal, his gaze never faltered, it never wavered. Legolas could see that Anyaelia’s beauty matched that of Undomiel, whom she was sitting next to. He had watched Anyaelia as she had first entered the Hall, her hair was fixed with many flowers, and it shone as brightly as ever. Her dress clung to her, moving along with her strides. Though the harsh words she had spoken to him before distressed him, he could not let her go. As the meal finished the company stood up and departed after Arwen and Lord Elrond. They led them through many Hall’s and many doors. At last they came upon a Hall that was lit with a great fire. Anyaelia knew of this place, it was the Hall of Fire. This was the place that songs and tales to be said. She started towards a seat that was propped against a pillar, and music made by the minstrels drifted through the Hall. Many elves began to sing and she listened as their voices rose up. Long hours drew on and many still continued to sing, there was no sign of the Prince in the Hall. The elvish voices quieted suddenly a small voice began to sing, it came from the far corner of the Hall. Anyaelia saw that it came from a hobbit that she had never seen before, he was quite older than Frodo or Sam, but a hobbit still the same. His voice rang out clearly and loudly, telling the tale of Earendil.

Earindel was a mariner
that tarried in Arvenien;
he built a boat of timber felled
in Nimbrethil to journey in;
her sails he wove of silver fair
of silver were her lanterns made,
her prow was fashioned like a swan,
and light upon her banners laid

The song continued but Anyaelia departed. She walked through the halls and entered Elrond’s garden. Her shadow danced upon the moonlit path, as her gaze returned to the stars. She sang softly to herself, caring not of what was around her, including the shape that watched her.


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