The Vision Chapter 3 – Remembering a Forgotten Love

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Remembering the Past Part 2

Love’s First Meeting

Anyaelia trudged down the long, gravel slope, following the small group of Elves in front of her. The path was narrow and large fir trees surrounded her. The branches grew out into the path and Anyaelia had to duck to avoid them, although some times she wasn’t that lucky, she had scratches to prove it. What seemed like hours she could hear the faint sound of the Ford, and someone approaching. As the path turned they met a band of weary travellers. The leader of the band walked faster towards them, Anyaelia stepped back, frightened of what he would do. But as he drew nearer she calmed herself for she recognised the man, it was Estel. Estel walked towards Ferduile, the leader of Anyaelia’s group and the Captain of the Guards of Rivendell. Anyaelia’s attention drew to the other member’s of Estel’s band, they grew nearer and their shapes became sharper in the glare of the afternoon sun. There were five members of the band, excluding Estel, upon Asfaloth rode Glorfindell, proud and tall. He steadied the rider that hung limp in front of him, the riders face was pale and his eyes were closed. The other three were very peculiar; they were quite short with hairy feet. They dragged along wearily; one of them was leading a small pathetic-looking pony. They stopped a few feet away from Estel and stood waiting. Estel finished talking with Ferduile and turned back to the travellers. Ferduile turned towards the Elves and gave out orders.

“Cistui, Bremuine, and Lasgothe, walk behind the hobbits and steady if they fall.”

Ferduile gave out more orders and Anyaelia waited until his large green eyes rested upon hers.

“Anyaelia you shall accompany the Hobbit Samwise, and his pony.”

Anyaelia nodded and stepped forward with the rest, she took her place by the hobbit and was handed the pony’s reins. Sam stared at her warily, but seemed fascinated with her and the other Elves as well. His eyes were fixed upon her until they continued up along the path. Cistui walked behind Sam and was looked upon many times by the curious hobbit. The company was silent, apart from Estel and Ferduile who talked quietly amongst themselves, whilst leading the group. Anyaelia could not stand the silence; it was becoming too loud. She looked upon the hobbit beside her and decided to discover more about this curious being.

“I am told your name is Samwise, hobbit of the Shire. I am called Anyaelia.”

The surprised hobbit looked upon her strangely but replied.

“I am happy to meet you Anyaelia. May I ask you a question?”

“You may.”

“Why are you here, I mean you do not look the type to be a guard.”

Anyaelia laughed at this question, she was starting to like this inquisitive Hobbit more and more.

“I am here for I witnessed the Great Flood at the Ford that swallowed Nine Black Riders. Your companion is brave to stand up to them. Though I do not know which companion it was.”

Anyaelia looked around at the others, and then at the two riders behind her. Sam spoke softly to her; she could hear his voice shaking.

“My companion you speak of is the one weighing down Glorfindell’s arms. His name is Frodo and is my loyal and trustworthy friend. He is the one that brings you to us, for he has been stabbed by a blade carried by one of the Nine Riders.”

He did not say anymore and Anyaelia did not ask, it was none of her business. They continued along and the path became wider, they were nearing the threshold of Rivendell. Their pace quickened and soon enough they emerged upon the beautiful city. The hobbits stood in awe, they were urged to move on, they could not linger. They travelled along the path that led into the city and came upon a large house, where Lord Elrond was waiting. He greeted them and Glorfindell slowly climbed down off of Asfaloth with Frodo cradled in his arms. Anyaelia did not realise that Frodo was a hobbit until now. Elrond turned towards the house and Glorfindell followed closely behind. Sam tried to follow but Anyaelia stopped him.

“No Sam, you need to leave him with Elrond. Frodo will be fine, come! We shall go to the stables and put your pony and Asfaloth away. You can bring your other companions if they wish.”

Sam reluctantly gave in and took the pony’s reins, and Anyaelia took Asfaloth. Sam called to the other hobbits and they followed behind. Anyaelia led them along another path that was closer to the river, Merry and Pippin, as they called themselves; fell behind as they took in all the sights and sounds of Rivendell. A large stable stood before them and Asfaloth neighed happily, for he knew he would soon have warm oats and rest. She opened a stall and the smell of fresh hay drifted out. She took off the saddle, bridle and brushed down his silky coat. The hobbits stood outside, watching her skill. Lastly, Anyaelia filled his manger with oats and closed the stall door behind her. Then she led Bill, the pony, into another stall and did the same with him. Sam watched as Bill munched happily on the oats, and kissed his soft nose, whispering to him. He reluctantly let go of the pony’s head and drifted out of the stall closing the door behind him. Anyaelia clapped her hands cheerily and the hobbits turned to her.

“So now, would you like to go see all of Rivendell?”

Through the next few days Anyaelia took the hobbits around Rivendell. The hobbits were lodging at Elrond’s, leaving Anyaelia at rest from them. There was a merry meeting between the hobbits and Gandalf the Grey who had ridden in days before. Gandalf frequently visited Frodo, accompanied by Samwise who hardly left his sleeping companion’s side. Four long days after Frodo Baggins fell at the Ford of Rivendell he awoke in the House of Elrond. Though Anyaelia she was not present at his awaking, she was told he was met by Gandalf. As Frodo was awakened in the House of Elrond Anyaelia was walking along the paths to the stable to care for Bill. She heard the fall of footsteps behind her and turned, following her was an elf leading a horse behind him. She stood and stared at him, his features were that of Mirkwood, he had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes that pierced her plain green eyes. He spoke and his voice was calm and gentle.

“Ai na vedui. Are you the stable keeper?”

Anyaelia frowned at him; how dare he assume she is someone she is not. The stranger stopped, he stared at her face and started.

“I am sorry, am I mistaken?”

“Ay, my name is Anyaelia Sunfire and I am the daughter of Lord Elrond’s advisor. I was on my way to the stables to care for a pony that had arrived with many companions a few days before.”

“I am sorry for the mistake. I am Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood.”

“No I am sorry, for I did not know who you were. I was rude to you.”

Legolas smiled at her, entranced in her beauty. He knew now why she was known as Sunfire for her long curly hair shone red and yellow in the light. His horse neighed impatiently behind him and stamped its foot upon the earthy path.

“You have no need to be sorry. But now will you show me to the stables for Srasta is becoming impatient.”

“Yes of course, come along then.”

Legolas followed behind Anyaelia, she seemed to be a free spirit to him, looking around staring at the beauties around her.

“Anyaelia, why do you stare at the wonders around you as though you have never seen them before?”

“I am in love with what Middle Earth has become, and I thank the Valar everyday for what they have given us. But I fear that one day this will all be destroyed, and if that happens I shall die in despair.”

Legolas grew quiet; he had never met an elf so passionate about their surroundings. His thoughts drifted to a darker subject, why had Lord Elrond summoned his family to a council? He had been chosen by his father to represent the Lord of Mirkwood. But now he was glad he had come, for he had fallen for the elf that he mistook for a stable keeper. The stables stood before them and Anyaelia opened the farthest stall door. Legolas led Srasta into the stall and Anyaelia left them for Bill and Asfaloth had to be tended to. Legolas quickly took off Srasta’s bridle but there was no saddle for he rode bareback upon Srasta. When he had finished with Srasta he left the stall and saw Anyaelia standing outside one of the stalls on the far end. He drew nearer and Anyaelia looked up at him in surprise. Legolas looked into the stall and saw a silver mare staring back.

“That is Moonbeam, she is beautiful is she not?”

“Ay, but who does she belong to?”

“My father, she was a gift from Lord Elrond. But she has been neglected for my father has been to be busy. Darker matters have been more important lately then to even his own family.”

Anyaelia began to weep, she missed her father much, his gentle words and laughter. She became startled as Legolas wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her. She pulled away and wiped her tears from her eyes, Legolas stood in front of her with a hurt expression upon his face.

“I am sorry Legolas, for you startled me. But I am fine now, come! Let us make our way back for I think you have previous engagements.”

“Nay, I would rather stay here with you, I will meet with Lord Elrond tonight.”

Anyaelia smiled at him and took his hand.

“Come I shall show you something that will take your breath away.”


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