The Vision – Chapter 10–The Day Before

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The Day Before

The months passed quickly, too quickly for Anyaelia to comprehend. Throughout those months she spent more time with Legolas and less time with her parents.

She could not handle being around her father any more; he was cold and distant towards her. Anyaelia believed that he did not want her to leave with the Fellowship, but to stay in Rivendell.

This confused her more for she could not understand why he asked her to decide in the first place if he would not respect what her decision was.

These thoughts raced through her mind as she stood on her balcony, watching the sunrise. It was now the day before they were to depart on their quest, and Anyaelia was shaking with nerves.

The day before, she had plans with Legolas; they were to meet at the stables at high noon. But Anyaelia could not him that day; she needed to go somewhere isolated and alone, where her thoughts can take over.

As the sunlight licked the edge of the garden, a shadow stole out of the house, heading into the direction of the stables.


Legolas stood by Moonbeams stall, waiting for Anyaelia to arrive. He noticed someone was walking towards him in the distance; he started to walk slowly towards the stranger, hoping that it was Anyaelia. But as the stranger drew nearer, Legolas recognised him to be Cereduil.

“Legolas, have you seen Anyaelia anywhere? I cannot find her, and I am worried that I have been too harsh on her recently.”

His face was flushed and worried. His eyes darted around him, hoping to catch a glimpse of his daughter.

“I am sorry Cereduil, I have not seen her, for I have been waiting for her as well.”

Cereduil’s face fell and he sighed, and then turned back into the direction he came, walking slowly.

Legolas watched him depart and thought for a moment. Then he started past the stables, into the direction of the Lake.


Anyaelia sat perched upon a hard moist rock. Her knees were pulled tightly against her chest, her eyes rimmed red. Her gaze was upon the falling sheet of water that lay in front of her.

Anyaelia felt bad for not meeting Legolas, for she did not mean to hurt him. A dark shadow played amongst the falling water and a figure swam through.

Legolas swam through the waterfall and entered the glistening cave once more. As his eyes adjusted to the lighting, his eyes found Anyaelia upon a large boulder. As she saw him she quickly turned from him and hid her face in her knees.

Legolas pulled himself out of the waist-deep pool and onto the hard, smooth rocky ground. He started towards Anyaelia, but stopped as he heard muffled sobs coming from her unseen face.

He hesitated but went to her, kneeling down he surrounded his arms around Anyaelia, comforting her. She lifted her tear soaked face at him with surprise,

“Anyaelia, what is wrong? Why did you not meet me?”

“I am sorry, there have been many things on my mind, those including of my father.”

“Your father is looking for you, he met me at the stables, he seems quite worried.”

“Worried? He has not uttered a word to me, how can he be worried? He hates me.”

“Nay, that is not true, he loves you much.”

“How can he love me if he does not respect my decision!?”

Anyaelia’s face flushed in anger, her eyes blazed. But Legolas stared at her with his cool blue eyes, and Anyaelia’s anger faded.

“Nay, HE loves you, it is just that he is afraid to lose you.”

Anyaelia became quite, she was ashamed of her outburst. She suddenly stood, Legolas’ arms dropping from her.

“I have to go see him, and talk to him.”

Anyaelia started towards the shallow pool, but Legolas’ hand stopped her.

“Nay, not yet, for there is something that I have planned for you, it is important.”

His smile was kind and knowing, Anyaelia could not help but agree to his plans.


The wind whipped Anyaelia’s golden red hair behind her. She held onto Moonbeam’s neck as her strides became faster. She laughed into the wind and looked behind her.

Legolas rode atop Srasta and he was gaining upon Anyaelia quickly, he could hear her soft voice laughing on the wind.

Anyaelia turned her sight from Legolas and back to what lay in front of her. She whispered to Moonbeam, and they slowed down, and stopped.

Anyaelia slid off of Moonbeam and stood beside her, patting her matted neck.

Legolas drew nearer and he too stopped Srasta a few feet away from Anyaelia. He climbed down off of Srasta and led him towards Moonbeam and Anyaelia.

They left the two horses to graze and walked along the edges of the Trollshaws. Legolas stopped Anyaelia and he unsheathed his two daggers, handing one to her.

Anyaelia took it puzzled.

“I am teaching you how to defend yourself, for you will have to learn before we leave tomorrow.”

Anyaelia nodded silently, waiting for Legolas’ instructions. At first he showed her a few starting stances, she copied his movements awkwardly. Then attacking blows, but the dagger in Anyaelia’s hand slipped out of her grasp and tumbled to the ground.

“Oh, I am useless, I cannot learn how to fight.”

Legolas bent down and picked up the dagger, he handed it back to her. She took it unwillingly.

“Nay, all you need is practice. Let us begin again.”

She copied his movements, becoming even more aggravated. Legolas was a patient but harsh teacher, and after a few minutes, Anyaelia could do a simple attack formation.

“Good, good. Now we shall do one on one combat, I will go easy on you.”

Anyaelia smiled weakly, dreading of what was to come. He started towards her, but Anyaelia moved quickly out of his way. But as she moved she tripped over a small rock beside her and she crashed to the soft grass.

Her eyes were full of tears but she blinked them away furiously. When they had cleared she looked around her, Legolas was nowhere to be seen. She rubbed her lower back and winced at the pain.

Anyaelia heard someone approaching and she stood back up, ignoring the pain. She spun around, holding the dagger up towards the approaching figure. Legolas stopped in surprise and began laughing at her.

Anyaelia grew furious, how dared he laugh at me? She lunged for him and he grabbed her arm that held the dagger, he spun her around. The dagger was now in place behind her back.

“That was one of the worst attacking forms I have ever seen.”

He spun her around again whilst taking the dagger as well. Anyaelia stepped back, angry with him. He stared at her thoughtfully then laughed heartily.

“Anyaelia, do not despair. It was only a practice, you will get better and soon you will be able to defeat me.”

Anyaelia smiled at him, she could not stay angry with someone whom she loved so dearly.

“I know, but what you don’t know is that that day is approaching very rapidly.”

He dropped the dagger onto the grass and took her hands into his. He pulled her close to him and whispered into her ear, “Anyaelia Sunfire, I love you more than anything this world can provide. Agree to this question I will ask you, for if you do not I fear my heart will break. Anyaelia, will you become my wife and spend all the ages of this world together?”

Anyaelia froze, but she knew in her heart what the answer was. She whispered a “Yes”.

Legolas let her go and took off the necklace he was wearing around his neck; Anyaelia did not notice he was wearing it until now. He placed it around her neck; she took the figurine to see it properly. It was a sun with flames around it. Anyaelia looked up at Legolas, her heart full of joy, he drew closer to her. His warm breath was upon her face as he leaned down to kiss her.

A cold chill ran down her spine, as she felt someone’s eyes upon her. Legolas stood back and frowned at her.

“What is wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing is wrong.”

She smiled weakly and kissed him. Standing in the shadows of the Trollshaws Boromir watched the two lovers. He had seen Anyaelia at the council, and thought her to be very beautiful. He thought to himself stubbornly, he would have her, whether she was betrothed or not to the elf prince.


Cereduil stood in his garden, leaning against the railing. He sighed to himself as he watched the sunset. How could he have been so stubborn? She was to leave tomorrow, and he could not say that he was sorry.

Anyaelia entered her garden and saw her father standing by himself. She walked over to and stood beside him, her gaze upon the departing sun.

“Anyaelia, I am sorry, for being cold towards you. I am just worried that you will be hurt upon this quest. And I wish to see you again before the Halls of Mandos.”

Anyaelia remained silent, she wished she could reassure him, but she had to keep what she saw in her dreams a secret.

“Atar, we will see each other again, I shall make that happen.”

She embraced her father tightly, in her ear he began to sing.

He let her go and her soprano joined his bass. Their harmonious voices lifted into the air, floating upwards towards the now starlit sky.


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