The Vision – A Tale of Forgotten Love

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A Love Remembered

This story was originally called Something More, but I kept the basis of the story and changed bits and pieces, enjoy!

Anya Starlight leads a practically normal life. Except for one thing, she has amnesia. She only remembers this past year, before that there is nothing. But Anya believes that there is something more to her, and her heart craves for someone she does not know.


Anya stepped out of the shower, steam coiled around her feet as she groped for a towel along the misty wall. She wrapped the towel around her and wiped away the condensation on the mirror. Anya stared at her reflection and sighed. She figured that she was aged in her late 30’s from how old and worn her hands looked. But her face…she touched it gingerly…her face showed no wrinkles, no sign of ageing what so ever. This confused her even more, was she as old as she thought she was? Her lifeless hair lay lank and damp behind her ears. Her ears, she walked up to the mirror to look closer. Everyday she looked at them, wondering why they were shaped so awkwardly. Anya always said to herself that it was a deformity she knew deep down that it was something else, some sort of biological trait from her ancestry maybe. Her fingers traced the outline of her left ear, they stopped at the very top, where the point was at its highest.

“Anya hurry up! You’ll be late for work! And I need to get in there as well!”

Anya jumped at the sound of her roommates voice; she looked towards the clock on the wall. The hands read five past eight, Carmen was right; she was going to be late. Anya bolted through the bathroom door, shouting an apology as she went.


“Wait, wait! Please wait!”

Anya rushed up to the bus that slowed down, hearing her panicked screams. The bus driver opened the bus doors and gave Anya an exasperated look.

“Your late again.”

“Yeah I know, hey, if you knew I was going to be late, why didn’t you wait?”

The bus driver smiled and replied, “I stopped the bus didn’t I?”

Anya smiled back, she couldn’t stay mad at Bob, he was a gentle spirit. She sprinted on to the bus, she had no need to show him her bus pass, for she was a regular. She sat on a seat next to a window and watched the scenery that rushed pass. Anya’s thoughts drifted to her work, she was a Palaeontologist for the Museum of Natural History. She was nervous about this day for this was the first day of going to the Site. The Site was a major palaeontology site that had been discovered a few weeks ago. Anya had news from a reliable source of some unusual artefacts that had been found. The bus stopped, pulling Anya out of her thoughts. She looked out the window and smiled, this was her stop. She got up from her seat and walked off the bus, as she walked closer to the museum she became more and more nervous. Anya walked into the large building, she had been working at the museum for as long as she could remember and the vastness of it still took her breath away. When Anya had lost her memory she had awoken in a hospital bed surrounded by her friends. She did not recognise any of them, but they all tried to remind her of who she was. Carmen explained that before Anya’s amnesia, they were best friends and roommates. A young handsome man introduced himself as her boss, he then went on to explain to her that she worked as a palaeontologist for his museum. Anya looked around her; many of her fellow employers were hard at work. But she was not looking for them; she was looking for her boss.

“Anya your late…again.”

Anya turned around, she recognised the voice, it was Eric. Anya smiled at him nervously, but his stern look did not waver.

“I…I know, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I’ll give you another chance considering you’re the best palaeontologist that this museum has had.

Eric sighed, his eyes softened.

“Well at least you are here today, don’t forget you are representing us at the Site. I may be there as well, but you will be doing all the hard work. So, are you ready to go?”

“Yea, I think so. But I’m a bit nervous, I’m worried that I’ll mess things up.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, believe me, you have done this many times.”

Eric turned towards the front door of the museum with Anya trailing behind. She followed him towards his car in the Staff Parking Lot. Eric unlocked the car and Anya got into the passenger seat. Eric drove away from the Museum and Anya started to relax, the sounds of Violins drifting from the radio that was tuned to the Classical Station. She smiled to herself; he had good taste in music. The music was soothing to her and soon she was dozing, she was violently awakened by Eric. A hint of humour was in his eyes.

“We’ve arrived, why don’t you have a wander before you start? I need to go find someone so you’ll be fine on your own won’t you?

Still tired Anya mumbled a ‘Yes’ to both questions. She unbuckled her seatbelt and crawled out of the car. As she stood up a chill ran down her spine, she had the eerie feeling that she had once been there before. Eric walked towards a large group of tents, leaving Anya standing by herself. She walked through the Site, taking in everything. She noticed that there was evidence that a river had once run through the site. At the opposite end of the site there was a large tent that covered a table. As she drew nearer she noticed there were artefacts strewn across this table, most of them were intact. There was no one watching the table so she was free to look at the artefacts that had been found. Her eyes drifted towards a necklace. She recognised it though she has never set eyes on it ever. The chain was pure silver and it had a sun figure with flames around it, she reached out and touched the figure. Anya landed hard on the ground, she cried out in pain. Her eyes were full of tears but she blinked them away furiously. When they had cleared she studied her surroundings, she was in a forest clearing and a river was close by. Anya heard someone approaching and she stood up, she took out her dagger that was placed in her belt. As the stranger drew nearer she spun around holding the dagger up. The stranger stopped in surprise and then he laughed. Anya grew furious, how dare he laugh at me? She lunged for him and he grabbed her arm that held the dagger, he spun her around. The dagger was now in place behind her back.

“That was one of the worst attacking forms I have ever seen.”

He spun her around again whilst taking the dagger as well. Anya stepped back, angry with him. He stared at her thoughtfully then laughed heartily.

“Anyaelia my love, do not despair. It was only a practice, you will get better and soon you will be able to defeat me.”

Anyaelia smiled at him, she could not stay angry with someone whom she loved so dearly.

“I know, but what you don’t know is that that day is approaching very rapidly.”

He dropped the dagger onto the grass and took her hands into his. He pulled her close to him and whispered into her ear, “Anyaelia Sunfire, I love you more than anything this world can provide. Agree to this question I will ask you, for if you do not I fear my heart will break. Anyaelia, will you become my wife and spend all the ages of this world together?”

Anyaelia froze, but she knew in her heart what the answer was. She whispered a ‘Yes’.

Legolas let her go and took off the necklace he was wearing around his neck; Anyaelia did not notice he was wearing it until now. He placed it around her neck; she took the figurine to see it properly. It was a sun with flames around it. Anyaelia looked up at Legolas, her heart full of joy, he drew closer to her. His warm breath was upon her face as he leaned down to kiss her…

“Anya, Anya!”

Anya shook her head, the vision was over. She stared at the necklace in awe, was the vision real?


She turned and saw Eric with someone, a man who looked the one called ‘Legolas’ that was in her vision.

“Hello Anya my name is Luke, I am pleased to meet you.”

“Oh…um…Hello Luke, I am pleased to meet you also.”

Anya struggled a smile, as she glanced towards Eric. He was looking at her strangely, and so was Luke. She looked downward where their eyes were set. Anya was still holding the necklace; she looked up at them trying to think of an explanation. Luke stepped towards her, his hand reaching for the necklace. She handed it to him and a look of pain etched across his face as he ran his fingers across the sun figurine. The look of pain then disappeared and he glanced up at her, his face bright with hope. Luke stepped towards the table, brushing past Anya. He was whispering something under his breath, she could not make out what he was saying, but it was not English. Luke’s voice grew louder and Anya could not make out what the language was. He turned to face her and his voice became song-like and hypnotic. As her consciousness faded the words drifted around her, “Anyaelia…my love…we shall be together again…remember me…remember your past…remember who you really are.” Anya’s world became dark.

Author’s Note: Hey I hope you all enjoyed this, the second instalment will be coming out very soon!


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