The Undying Lands – saviour (part 21)

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Nieninque needed to act quickly for who knew what would happen to her new friends as they were taken away? She whispered a prayer to Irmo, Lord of visions, dreams and spirits, of the Valar, then summoned all of her strength.
Nieninque had never done such a thing before, so she was wishing with all her might that it would work. A feeling of love and happiness began to rise through Nieninque’s body. Suddenly, she felt an immense feeling and she felt as though she were to burst.
Slowly, Nieninque lifted her head to the sky and raised her arms slightly. A small sound like a pop was heard and Harma, who had been knocked out, woke to this although his head was pounding. Nieninque felt the wonderful feeling inside of her becoming more and more powerful and she knew it was time. This was what she had been waiting for all of her life.
As the whole army and all of the elves watched, Nieninque showed herself and they watched as a wind started. It blew a few leaves around and shook the trees. The wind expanded and whipped around by Nieninque’s feet. Slowly she was lifted above the ground a little way. A creature shouted and ran out of the way, but Nieninque was raised higher and higher. She stopped about a metre from the ground and stayed there with her arms stretched out, the wind blowing past her fingers.
Nieninque shut her eyes and shouted.
`Tua amin, ada, [help me, father].’
A loud, commanding voice was sounded, seemingly from nowhere. `Anírach I tulu rín? [Do you need my help?]’ It was not so much an actual question as a scorn- the voice presumed that Nieninque did not need help.
`YES! Ada! Hartho sí, hartho guin nîn! [Father! Stay here, stay with me!]’
`You do not need my help. Tulta varolya e tuolya! [summon forth your spirit and your strength!]’
Nieninque nodded in acknowledgement and took a deep breath. She bowed her head, then suddenly pulled her head back up again and looked to the sky. A light surrounded Nieninque and she looked about her.
Butterflies and small birds came into the wind surrounding Nieninque and flew by her or sat on her shoulders. As Nieninque lifter her arms once more, the birds flew off, tweeting and Nieninque looked upwards as she opened her mouth once more.
`Entulesse an yach yasse mammen ar termara laa andata [Return to what you once were and endure no longer]’ she shouted. The creatures looked shocked as they looked among each other, for they saw that they were changing slowly.
Their grey, horrible skin was becoming lighter and then toned slightly to an original shade of skin, their eyes changed from dull grey to blue, green or brown. The greasy, thin locks of hair were lengthened and colour returned- blonde, brown, black or ginger, and became smooth again. Where short, stout legs and bent backs had been, the creatures grew tall and strong. The vile clothes, which they had once worn, changed too- rough tunics and armour of the previous creatures changed to brown, smooth tunics and leggings were worn with boots.
The creatures had turned into elves. The captors of the ladies who had their clawed hands placed on the girl’s arms earlier, now let go gently and humbly knelt in front of the women, holding their delicate hands in the elves’ strong, normal hands and begged for forgiveness which was granted gratefully.
Thaliondil stood up and offered his hand to Mereth to help him up. Harma jumped up and ran to Ariengil. They met at the edge of the forest and were caught in each other’s arms. Harma wrapped his arms around Ariengil and pulled her close as she hugged him tightly.
Ariengil felt safe once more as she laid her head against his chest, his heart pounding by her ear, and she felt warm and comforted once more. Harma leant down and placed his lips upon hers and the love that they had shared for one thousand years was shown as they held each other closely.
`I feared that I had lost you, meltha [beloved],’ Harma whispered into Ariengil’s ear as he breathed in the lovely smell of her once more.
`And I thought I would never see you again too, my love,’ she sobbed into his chest. Now that she had recovered from the evil creatures, she thought about how she had felt as she had screamed when she was being dragged away. All of Ariengil’s feelings had swelled in her heart as she had fought to return to Harma. If Harma had asked Ariengil right now, while she forgot about her other problems, if she would marry him, she would have agreed. But Harma did not ask- he did not want to spoil the moment in which they were so close together again, and so happy to be together, so they stayed content with what they had for the time being.


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