The Undying Lands – love (part 24)

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*Recap- `Who is his brother?’ asked Ariengil with bated breath.
Harma replied with one deep, dark word. `Me.’ *

`You? But… but it can’t be- your brother… he was nice, loyal, kind… and he wasn’t called Bruminor anyway!’ cried Ariengil, not wanting to believe Harma.

`He was nice when he was young, but he has become perverted to the causes of evil. His name was Tarma- pillar- when he was young, but now he prefers the name Bruminor the Black. He is no brother of mine.’

`Did you not know where he was all this time? Did you not worry for him?’

`I now wish I knew not. Fear is not knowing; terror is finding out. He will come for me, as he said he would, and one of us will die.’

`Not you Harma, it can’t be you,’ cried out Ariengil as she threw herself into Harma’s arms. He comforted her there for a minute before he turned back to the elf who had told him this.

`Where is he now?’ he asked.

`He is gathering orcs, goblins and all evil to him. He will march to Gondor, to King Eldarion, and will ask him to give up his kingship. When Eldarion will not, he will attack.’

`We must hurry to Gondor and warn them,’ Harma shouted.

`But we are ten days riding from Gondor- with only three horses, we will never make it,’ replied Ariengil quickly.

`I will ride out with two others.’

`I am one,’ replied Ariengil.

`And I another.’ Came a voice from behind. Mereth had been standing there, listening to the conversation. `And Nieninque will ride with me. I seem to be the only one who has noticed that she is in pain.’

Ariengil gasped, ashamed that she had forgotten their new friend. All of the elves hung their heads for overlooking their rescuer. Nieninque was lying on the dusty floor, directly below where she had shouted her spell. She seemed unconscious.

Ariengil ran to Nieninque and was joined by the rest of the girls and Mereth. Ariengil brushed loose strands of hair out of Nieninque’s eyes and wiped dust from her lips. Mereth picked her up gently and took her to Nárfin’s horse. He placed her sideways on the horse and mounted himself.

Harma whistled for the other two horses and heard a neigh. But three horses appeared instead of two. The new one was chestnut, then, obviously there was Orudruin’s horse and Ariengil’s horses.

Harma mounted Orudruin’s and Ariengil mounted hers. Harma spoke to the army of elves; `I would like a volunteer to ride with us to Gondor.’

One elf, tall and handsome, stepped out. He had lovely blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. `I will go,’ he said and looked directly at Ariengil. She gasped quietly, but no one other than the new elf heard or noticed.

Harma thanked him and many people went to pat him on the back, while others packed bags for the riders and still more said goodbye to Mereth, Ariengil and Harma. No one noticed that Ariengil and the new elf were staring at each other intently.

`Thank you, sir, what is your name?’ asked Harma.

Ariengil muttered to herself, `Nimtheryn- white eagle,’ and bit her lip. But no one heard her through the commotion. Nimtheryn, however, noticed Ariengil saying his name and looked up more intensely than before.

`I am Nimtheryn and I would be honoured to travel with you.’ His words made Ariengil’s heart burn up with love and hate as one.

Harma addressed the elves staying behind, `You must go to Gondor as quickly as possible, and we will meet you there.’

Ariengil thought of all of her friends and realised that one was missing- Nárfin- there was no time now though to find her. She leant down to Dînhith and they hugged goodbye.

`Find Nárfin, won’t you, Dîndîn?’

`Of course. Travel well… don’t worry about Nimtheryn- it was the past,’ whispered Dînhith confidently. Ariengil smiled in return and waved as the four riders set off, Nieninque with Mereth, being supported.

Thaliondil, who did not love Ariengil anymore, was looking around frantically for Nárfin, but presumed she had run off to be alone. He wandered into the depths of the forest, for he too wished to be alone, and he thought about Nárfin.

He started humming and developed it into a song:

My feelings for you are as deep as the sea,
Only I know my love for you.
My eyes have only been opened,
Only opened recently.
Why do you run from me?
I need to tell you of my love,
I know I’ve been wrong before.
But now you need to see.

My love for you has grown and grown
Since I first met you.
I never realised what I had in front of me,
Someone to love for my own.

I know now that I was immoral,
I should not have been so mean.
Now I have little or no chance
Because we have quarrelled.
I wish you would forgive me
And understand what went wrong
Then we could be together.
Please, I beg of you to listen to my plea.

For my love for you has grown and grown
Since I first met you.
I never realised what I had in front of me,
Someone to love for my own.

Tears had come to Thaliondil’s eyes as he sung these words from his heart. `Why did I think of her as an annoying child before my eyes were unclouded and I saw her truly?’ he shouted to the trees. `Why?’ he shouted again, then he asked quietly once more, `Why?’ before he sunk to his knees in defeat.

A noise above him made him jump out of his thoughts. Looking up, he saw nothing except the lush green leaves and, above those, the clear blue sky. This only made him think of Nárfin’s lovely blue eyes though and he sighed as he lay down and looked through a gap in the trees at the clouds. Thaliondil wondered whether Nárfin could see the same clouds right now. Slowly he shut his eyes and wished. He prayed to the Valar that Nárfin would understand and would love him too.

Nárfin, however, was shaking and rocking herself backwards at the top of a tree- the tree that Thaliondil had just looked up. She had heard him singing and she knew that he was singing about her.

My eyes have only been opened, only opened recently. *But had they?* she asked herself. *He would only sing like that if he thought he was alone.*

I know I’ve been wrong before; but now you need to see. *Was this is apology? If so, then she did see that he could love her.*

I know now that I was immoral, I should not have been so mean. *Too right!*

I wish you would forgive me and understand what went wrong then we could be together. *I will forgive you Thaliondil, my love. We will be together.*

Someone to love for my own. These words made her shiver with delight- Thaliondil wanted her. He wanted her to be his own- his love- and she wanted him to be hers.


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