The Undying Lands – friends (part 15)

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At the evening meal Nárfin managed to sit next to Thaliondil, to his utter regret. Throughout the meal, she pestered him with questions and if she did not ask him questions, she would comment on small, pointless things. Mereth found Nárfin very funny, but Nárfin found Mereth funny for they both talked almost non-stop unless they were told to be quiet. When Ariengil entered, Nárfin was in the middle of one of her pointless speeches; this one was to do with vegetables.
`These peppers are delicious, did you know that there are four types of peppers? No? Well there are, my village have perfected the fourth type- there are red, orange and green peppers, and then there are brown ones too. They look fairly like potatoes actually. We also have perfect potatoes- very large, never with much dirt and are always, always delicious. My favourite dish of potatoes is the Pretotoe dish- I was taught how to make it from a very early age, you have chopped and boiled potatoes with peppers- the brown peppers of which I was talking of earlier- it is very simple to make. Would you like me to teach you some time, Thaliondil?’ Not wanting her friend to become upset from Thaliondil’s expected answer, Ariengil interrupted at this point.
`Hello my friends. Are you enjoying yourself?’
`No,’ came Thaliondil’s reply, `You may have my seat.’ He stood up and left, oblivious to Nárfin’s complaints. As Ariengil sat down next to Nárfin, there came a very loud sigh, which was meant to be heard by Ariengil, and it worked, as Dînhith stood up and left, obviously annoyed at something.
`Does anyone know what the matter is with Dînhith?’ she asked when she thought her friend was out of hearing range. Dînhith stopped just before the door, turned around and shouted at Ariengil.
`Oh, you do not know then? I do not believe you! I thought you were supposed to be my best friend- no wait, you have a different one of those now, got bored of me, did you? Well fine! I am obviously not worth the bother.’ She strode out of the room in a very concluding manner as Ariengil sat, completely confused among her other friends.
`What does she mean?’ she asked, more to herself than to anyone else, but Nárfin answered.
`I think she means me,’ she whispered quietly. `I am so sorry, I have messed up your close relationship with your best friend.’
`Oh, do not be so silly Nárfin, you are my best friend as well as Dînhith,’ she gave Nárfin a quick hug but it did not seem to cheer her up.
`My point exactly Ariengil, Dînhith is- jealous. I am sorry, I could always go back home if it will sort everything out.’
`I see, no! You cannot go home just because Dînhith is being spoilt. She is so much like her brother at times like this- stuck up and spoilt.’
`No, Thaliondil is not like that,’ objected Nárfin.
`I am glad someone thinks that!’ The two friends laughed together and the problem with Dînhith was soon forgotten.
Later on Ariengil was walking in the gardens when she met three friends- Kaltar, Quesse and Melaniel. The three friends were talking about how handsome Thaliondil was and how stupid Ariengil was for turning him down when they looked up and noticed her. `I am sorry, we did not mean for you to hear that, we just think you made a mistake,’ said Kaltar.
`Not to worry, I think Nárfin agrees with you!’
`Nárfin is very nice, isn’t she? She seems like such fun to be around,’ said Quesse.
The others agreed and soon left to see whether Nárfin would teach them to make the Pretotoe dish, for they were very interested in it. Ariengil continued to walk through the gardens when she heard crying. Meaning to comfort the person, she crept closer and saw that it was Dînhith.
`Dîndîn?’ asked Ariengil gently.
`Oh, it’s you,’ spat Dînhith.
`Dîndîn, what is the matter?’
`Mmm, let me think… oh yes, it is that little best friend of yours. What is her name? Naugfin?’
`Dînhith, I know that you do not like her because you are jealous, but to call her that! That is very mean.’
`I think it suits her- dwarfhair!’ laughed Dînhith.
`Stop it!’ cried Ariengil.
`Why? Are you afraid she will hit you with her axe if you do not stand up for her? Is that it? Dwarfhair!’
`Stop it right now!’ shouted Ariengil loudly, so loud in fact that the birds in the nearby trees flew off in shock. `She is my friend! And a better one than you at present- she does not call you Delhoth, does she? I think that name suits you too, Horrorhost!’
`Do not call me that, Atargûl- father of sorcery!’
`How dare you Delhoth! You seriously are horrible.’
Dînhith screamed loudly and grabbed Ariengil’s hair, pulling it backwards. Ariengil, in return, slapped Dînhith across the face hard. Both cried but continued to call each other names as they ran off to their own places.
Ariengil proceeded to her room but ran straight into Thaliondil. He grabbed her before she fell to the floor and looked into her eyes. `You are hurt, in more than just physical ways, what is the matter?’
`Oh, Thaliondil,’ sighed Ariengil, `Dînhith and I just argued for the first time ever and I seriously doubt that we will ever be friends again- I slapped her and called her Delhoth.’
Thaliondil laughed at the idea of his sister being a horror of hosts but Ariengil told him off and he became more serious. `Why did you slap her?’
`She pulled my hair, called me Atargûl, called Nárfin Naugfin and was laughing at her.’
`There there, do not worry, I will have a word with her, but she does have a point about Nárfin-‘
`Do not even think about insulting my friend!’
`I was not going to; I was just going to mention how annoying she is- she will not leave me alone. She follows me the whole time.’
`And you are not flattered? She likes you Thaliondil! That is a compliment and you just shun it to the side.’
`Like you do when I, or Mereth, flatter you. But come, I wish not to lose you as a friend, I will go now and talk- gently- with Dînhith. I will see you soon.’ He bent down to kiss her but she moved out of the way, thanked him and left.
Dînhith was crying in her bedroom, face down on her pillow, running through all the horrible things she had said and done to Ariengil in her mind. She heard a knock on the door but shouted `go away!’ The person did not leave, but instead entered the room.
It was Nárfin. `Dînhith, I wished to speak to you-‘
`I do not want to talk to you, go away.’
`I have not even got to know you yet and you hate me, I did not wish for any of this, why can you not just give me a chance?’
`You-,’ she spat, `You are taking my best friend away from me- if I wish to talk to her, you are there, if I wish to spend some time with her, you are there and if I wish to give her something, you would be there, most likely asking for a present too. Well, face it- you are not my friend and you will never be unless you stop being best friends with MY best friend.’
`I did not realise that I was like that- am I really there all the time?’
`Every single minute. And, when Ariengil walks in, who does she say hello to first? You. Who does she sit with? You. Who is she friends with? YOU! Why? You are nothing special, I am though- we have known each other for- for ages, we were brought up together and we have a special connection. Do you? NO! So just go back to the fire whence you came and leave us alone.’
`Dînhith, I do not know you, but I doubt this is the true you- this is your bad side coming out, why? I have done nothing wrong except to comfort a stranger in her time of need.’
`Oh, comfort a stranger in her time of need? Is that what you call taking away someone else’s friend? I think not! Now go away and leave me alone.’
`Go away?’
`NOW!’ Nárfin left very shaken- she had never had such a confrontation before and was very upset that there was nothing she could do to make Dînhith like her. Nárfin, in such a daze, was not looking where she was walking and knocked into Thaliondil who was walking the opposite direction.
`Can you not watch where you are going? Honestly! You are like a small child- always needing to be looked after and always needing help.’ Sighing, he walked towards his sister’s room and knocked.
A shout arose from inside. `I said go away! Nobody here likes you, just go home!’
Thaliondil looked at his sister as he entered and said cheekily, `Very well then, but this is my home now- my home is with my family.’
The two siblings talked for a while about their home, their parents and their friends. At this point, Thaliondil turned the subject towards Ariengil and they sat together as Thaliondil comforted Dînhith. `I think you should apologise,’ he said.
`Not until that little friend of hers leaves,’ replied Dînhith stubbornly.
`I cannot make you, but I suggest you do.’ He left his sister in silent thoughts and proceeded to the main hall. Halfway to his destination, he saw a commotion at the entrance to the havens. Tuor and Elrond were arguing.
`We should, it would be wrong not to,’ shouted Tuor.
`I do not wish to go against you grandfather, but we live here now, it is wrong to make anybody.’
`No it is not! If you were still in Middle Earth, you would.’
`Perhaps, but I am not in Middle Earth.’
`Samwise says that we should.’
`And Samwise is a hobbit- we are elves, it is not up to him to decide the faring of us.’ Thaliondil continued to the entrance hall now where there was a second commotion- Samwise Gamgee, rumoured to be a ring-bearer at one point, had arrived in the havens. Frodo Baggins, now an old hobbit, was hugging the new arrival and the two had tears flowing from their eyes.
`Oh, Mr. Frodo, I do so wish I still had the Red Book to record `Samwise Gamgee travelled to the Havens in the year 59 of the fourth age,’ but I cannot, for Elanor will do that. She is a lovely lass Mr. Frodo, I do wish you had seen her at her wedding- she was a fair sight.’
`I am sure she was Sam, I am sure she was.’ The two looked at each other again, but tears could not be contained and so they cried into each other’s shoulders once more. Thaliondil approached and asked to be introduced to Samwise. Sam seemed very shy around elves, but was greeted well by everyone.
The strange conversation between Elrond and Tuor became clear at an important meeting which was called later that day. `The King Elessar has died,’ announced Tuor sadly. Many people gasped or bowed their heads as Tuor proceeded, `and King Eldarion has become King. A rumour has arisen, though, that there will be a war- King Eldarion is not yet used to ruling and is still learning, and an army has set out to attack Gondor. They are led by an elf by the name of Faroth. The problem to be debated is whether we help or just let it go by. We shall have a vote now. Who thinks we should stay in the Havens?’
He paused and waited for people to stand; about twenty or thirty stood, then he asked, `And who thinks we should help our friends and fight for them?’ Many people stood- men and women alike- stood and a cheer arose in the hall. `So be it!’ shouted Tuor above the noise, `We go to war!’
Ariengil looked up at Harma, Mereth, Thaliondil, Beleg and Dînhith. All five were standing, cheering, shouting and hitting their fists on the table. A chant began- `To war to fight, to war tonight!’ Ariengil’s five friends were chanting this louder than anyone else with a strange look in their eyes.
`To war to fight, to war tonight! TO WAR TO FIGHT, TO WAR TONIGHT!’


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