The Undying Lands – (chapter 85)

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`Are you all right?’ Harma whispered to his wife. She looked very pale and had said nothing for the whole boat journey. She looked at him and nodded. The happy glint that was normally in her beautiful blue eyes was gone, and the cherry red blush of her cheeks was almost faded. He touched her hand and felt it was cold. `Ariengil, you will see them again, I swear.’
She nodded slowly and sadly, and snuggled into his chest. He wrapped a blanket around them and soon she fell asleep in his arms. His thoughts turned to his friends, and how they would both miss them all so much. He imagined Tarma as one of his friends- what if Tarma had never hurt them so badly, and had actually been part of their group? There would be no trouble and no reason for them to leave the Grey Havens.
The thing that was most worrying was that Harma had decided that he had to kill his twin brother. He knew he would not be able to do it, for his heart was too pure and good, unlike Tarma’s, but if Tarma had the opportunity to kill Harma then he was sure to do it; unlike Harma, who was almost positive that he could not kill his own brethren.
`But he’s hurt Ariengil and wants to kill her,’ he thought. `I have no choice but to kill him.’ He looked at the beauty sleeping in his arms, and nodded. If Tarma threatened Ariengil, then he would have to pay.
`Harma?’ Círdan spoke out of the gloom. `We’re nearing the land.’ Harma looked around and saw that the fog had almost vanished and the night sky had taken its place. Ahead was the ominous black land that they were to set foot upon again. He gently shook Ariengil awake, and gave her a kiss. She looked up, into the gloom that was Middle Earth, and shuddered.
Presently, they were settled on the cold, hard ground with their bags. They had no clue where to go from here, as it was pitch black and they had not thought of where to shelter. Luckily, Círdan had a little hut nearby, and he let them in for the night. The married couple settled down in the single bed, hugging each other. Círdan slept on the floor, claiming to be oblivious to the cold, during his old age.
That night, Ariengil tossed and turned far worse than she normally did in her sleep, crying for each of her friend’s in turn. She woke up hot and sweaty, calling for Elen and screaming at some imaginary person.
`Ariengil, my love, what is it?’ asked Harma in shock. Círdan was already up and making hot drinks for them. He peered inside and sympathetically shook his head.
`Tarma killed Elen, he killed her,’ she sobbed.
`It was only a dream, sweetie, it was only a dream.’ Harma rocked Ariengil in his arms until she fell asleep again. He knew it would be a long, long stay in Middle Earth.


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