The Undying Lands – (chapter 79)

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That evening, after their meal, Ariengil tried to find Frodo and Sam. She couldn’t find them, even after searching for hours. Eventually, she saw Tuor and Elrond, so she ran to them and asked them where the hobbits where.
`I’m very sorry to tell you, my dear,’ Tuor began, `but they passed away not so long ago. You were away when it happened. I am sorry.’
Ariengil lost her smile immediately and she cried aloud. Her face screwed up as she tried not to cry. Tuor gave her a brief hug, and then left with Elrond, who also looked very upset.
Ariengil wandered back to her room sadly, and lay down on her bed. She had succeeded in not crying, but she felt terrible. The maiden rolled over onto her side, and looked at the flowers by her bed. They were Elanor flowers and Nimrodel flowers, which she had picked in Middle Earth for her dear hobbit friends. The flowers had died, and seeds were dropping from the centre of the plant. This finally triggered Ariengil’s emotions, and she burst into tears.
Although there was so much that was good in her life, Ariengil suddenly saw all the bad points. She cried and screamed as she lay on her bed, not caring who or what heard. `Frodo, you sweet hobbit, why is it so evil that you must suffer so much? You should have been an elf- you saved us all and yet you are unable to experience immortality. It is not fair.
`Mama, where are you? I want to see you and I want you here. Elure, why can’t you be beside me now? Pa? Who took my family? I will kill them and rip out their heart. It is not fair; I hate it all.
`Tiuka, the poor dear, had her life unfairly taken for her. Why? Iluvatar, why? Are you even there? Do you even care?’ she carried on crying, disbelieving in Iluvatar more and more by the second. She then remembered Tarma. With a scream, at such a high pitch that it even hurt her own ears, she sat upright. `No,’ she cried, `no, no, no. He’s alive, he’s going to come back and kill me. He will kill everyone- all of my friends, and Elen, and then me finally. No, I have to leave. I have to run away. He’s alive,’ then she sunk to the floor as her knees gave way. She sobbed on the floor until Harma ran into her room.
He stopped as he got through the door, and he looked at his love sadly. She looked up at him and screamed, backing away from him. Harma hated it when this happened, for it happened at least once a week, and he nearly always cried. At this moment, he just sat on the floor and put his head in his hands.
Ariengil realised that she was not about to be attacked, and realisation came through the paranoia, and she finally saw that it was Harma, not Tarma, in front of her.
`Harma,’ she whispered quietly. He looked up slowly, with tears dropping from his eyes. They crawled, on their hands and knees, towards each other, and knelt up. The two elves hugged each other and whispered loving words to one another, and then their lips met in the middle.
`You have to get over this,’ said Harma sadly. `There is only one possible way. I have to return to Middle Earth and find Tarma. I need to end your misery.’
`But you can’t leave me,’ cried Ariengil. `I need you here. Anyway, we’re getting married in a week. You can’t, you just can’t leave me.’
`Ariengil, I’m sorry, but this is something I have to do. Let us marry first, and then I will leave. I won’t be gone long, I hope. I would ask you to come with me, but I doubt that it is safe, and you would not want to see what will happen.’
`I’m coming, and you can’t stop me. Either you don’t go, or I come with you. Anyway, I wish to see Tarma pay for what he has done.’
Harma looked at Ariengil in surprise, for her stubbornness and also for this sudden violent streak that he saw in her. But he nodded slowly in agreement, and Ariengil threw herself on him and gave him a kiss. Harma chuckled and returned the kiss lovingly.
Later that day, Ariengil asked Harma to accompany her to the graves of Frodo and Sam. He went willingly, and supported her when she began to cry. She took with her the seeds of the plants, and sprinkled the Nimrodel seeds on Frodo’s grave, and the Elanor seeds on Sam’s. She silently said a prayer to Iluvatar, and then later said another prayer, asking to be forgiven for her sudden outrage and thanking Eru for bringing Harma back to her.
That night, Ariengil needed Harma by her side all night. She twisted and turned in her sleep, and often cried out. She only relaxed when she was in her love’s arms, and this was how she woke up in the morning, though she had tears on her face.


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