The Undying Lands – (chapter 77)

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Every morning, before most elves awoke, Harma woke Ariengil and they went for a walk together. They loved to walk around the lake, which they were shown on each of their first days in the Lands, so long ago. They often held hands, but they had not kissed since they had been reunited. They were still shy around each other, yet they longed for the relationship that they once had.
‘Ariengil,’ whispered Harma as he and the maiden sat by the lake. She had her head resting on his shoulder and she was slowly falling asleep. ‘Ariengil, are you asleep?’ he whispered again. Ariengil obviously did not reply, and Harma just smiled contentedly. He felt very happy- he was back home, he had the perfect girl in his arms, and everything was going well. There was only one thing to worry about; no- two things. The first was Tarma; and the final problem was how, and when, to ask Ariengil to marry him.
Tarma did not seem as great a problem to Harma as marriage, for Tarma had no army, home or help- he was in Middle Earth, and they were in The Havens. But marriage certainly seemed worrying- what if Ariengil said no again? Perhaps she would be upset at the wedding too, for her parents could not be there. There were so many things that could go wrong.
‘But I won’t worry about that now,’ thought Harma. He looked down at Ariengil, whose head had slipped off his shoulder and now lay in his lap. He stroked her hair gently and touched her warm cheek.
‘I love you, Ariengil,’ whispered Harma. The girl did not stir, and he felt sure that she was asleep. ‘I love you, and I want to marry you,’ he murmured. This time Ariengil did move. She opened her eyes and looked into Harma’s.
‘Harma,’ she smiled. ‘Are you asking me?’
‘Well, yes I suppose I am. Will you marry me, Ariengil?’ he asked more boldly, although he felt terribly nervous.
Ariengil sat up and turned to face Harma. ‘Yes,’ she whispered, then crying out loud, she joyously said, ‘Yes,’ again.
Harma took Ariengil’s face in his hands, and he smiled at her. Tears came to his eyes and he smiled broadly. Everything seemed perfect. Leaning towards his future bride, he placed his lips on hers. Nothing had ever felt more perfect to the two of them before, and they knew that their lives would soon be a lot better. As their lips unlocked, they smiled at each other with perfect love.
‘Oh,’ cried Harma, and he quickly fumbled around in his pockets. Eventually he found what he was looking for, and held out his hand. The ring that he had made, what seemed like years ago, was again in his hand. He held it out, and took Ariengil’s hand, then placed the ring carefully on her finger. It fitted perfectly.
‘Come on,’ whispered Ariengil lovingly, ‘let us go and tell everyone the good news.’ And that is what they did. They ran, hand in hand, and told every person they passed that they were betrothed. Tuor was delighted, and vowed that he: ‘Knew it all along.’
Their friends were overjoyed and decided to throw a party that night, much to Ariengil’s embarrassment. She sat among her friends for a while, as they discussed arrangements, just smiling contentedly.
‘Ariengil,’ she heard someone call.
‘Yes?’ she asked. Her friends looked up at her in shock and laughed- none of them had spoken. Ariengil blushed and sat quietly for a while.
‘Ariengil,’ came the voice again. This time the girl recognised it as Galadriel’s voice. She could not see the older elf, but she could feel her presence inside her head. Galadriel continued: ‘Congratulations my dear, and I’m very proud of you.’
‘I’m sorry,’ thought Ariengil. ‘I’m sorry that I didn’t say yes last time he asked- you told me too. If I had, then none of this saga would have happened- you knew that though, didn’t you?’
‘Yes I did, but I cannot tell people what to do. Never mind though, it’s all right now. Good luck with the rest of your life.’
Then, just as suddenly as the voice had appeared in Ariengil’s head, it vanished. Ariengil looked up and saw all of her friends looking at her expectantly. ‘Sorry, did someone say something?’ asked Ariengil.
‘I asked you for a dance, my love,’ whispered Harma.
‘Oh,’ blushed his fiancée. ‘That would be lovely.’ The two elves took to the dance floor, and held each other closely as they waltzed across the room. Everyone stopped what he or she was doing to watch, and it was a beautiful thing to see.


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