The Undying Lands – (chapter 66)

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When Ariengil woke, her sister’s eyes were open again. Ariengil smiled and greeted her, but then remembered what happened the previous day. She was worried that again Elen would not recognise her. However, Eru must have heard her prayers for Elen gave a slight smile for Ariengil.
`Arri,’ she murmured. Ariengil gasped in delight and hugged her sister, though very carefully for fear of hurting her.
`I’ll be back in one second, I must tell someone the brilliant news,’ said Ariengil, and she ran out of the room happily. The first person she saw was not a person that she knew, but Ariengil stopped them. `My sister is awake,’ she giggled, and ran off again, leaving a bemused elf behind her. She ran towards where she had slept the day before, and found her friends. They looked up in shock and worry, but Ariengil waved at them and they smiled quickly.
`Ariengil, what is the news? Tell me, please,’ cried Elrohir as he ran to her. He grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes.
`Oh, Elrohir,’ she cried. `She is awake. She recognised me.’ Suddenly, she was lifted from the floor and swung in a circle, in Elrohir’s arms. He set her down again and they giggled uncontrollably and ran, still laughing, towards the room where her sister was.
Stepping in quietly, and with huge smiles on their faces, Elrohir and Ariengil walked up to Elen. Elrohir bent down beside her and knelt down. He quickly murmured a prayer of thanks, then turned to his love. Her eyes lit up but she did not move at all.
`Elen, my love. It will not be long until you can walk again, then we can travel if you wish, or stay here, or go somewhere with Ariengil. We can do anything you would like.’
Elen opened her mouth and whispered something, but neither of the elves heard her. She coughed gently and spoke louder. `I want-‘ She stopped to get back her breath, but continued again forcefully. `I want to, to marry you.’ She breathed deeply, and let out a ragged breath at the effort it took her.
Elrohir smiled broadly and looked at Ariengil, then turned back to Elen. `My love,’ he smiled. `Of course we will marry. I love you.’ He gently kissed her on the lips, and squeezed her hand happily. Ariengil watched them unhappily. She was happy for their love, and their engagement, yet she missed Harma so much and she felt that there was a gap in her life where he was. Silently, Ariengil crept out of the room and ran. She ran through the wood, not knowing where she was going, and not remembering the way she went.
After a long while of running in random directions, she realised she would be lost when she tried to return. Crying in exasperation and dismay, she threw herself to the ground and beat it with her fists.
`He has really gone,’ she screamed in disbelief. Her tears mixed with the dirt on the ground and made a little pool of mud, which flicked at her face as she beat the ground. `He’s not coming back,’ she cried tearfully. `I’m alone.’ Gradually Ariengil stopped hitting the floor, but she still sobbed and gasped in ragged breaths. The maiden rolled over on the floor and looked up at the sky. Only parts were shown through the tall, beautiful trees, and the light shone down in patches.
Ariengil suddenly remembered the Lady Galadriel. She had lived here long ago- but it was not particularly long ago. The months, or years, had flown past since Ariengil had reached the Undying Lands, yet she had no recollection of how long ago that was. Ariengil remembered the Lady speaking to her in her mind, urging Ariengil to marry Harma. Ariengil had almost hated Galadriel for this, but now she realised that Galadriel had been trying to help. If Ariengil had accepted Harma’s proposal, she would not have left the Havens. She would probably have at least one child by now, and Harma might not have left her alone.
`Why did I not listen,’ screamed Ariengil. `I loved him. I still do. If I had listened, we would be together. Oh, forgive me Harma,’ she cried. Galadriel’s face was still in Ariengil’s mind, and she was smiling gently, telling Ariengil that everything would be all right. `No,’ yelled the maiden, `no it will not be all right. It is all wrong and terrible. Why me? Why me?’ She sobbed the two words over and over again as her energy left her.
Closing her eyes, Ariengil drifted into a tormented sleep. She saw Tarma’s face, she saw Harma dying, and she saw all of her friends leaving her. Ariengil walked out of the wood and fell over, but was caught quickly. She looked up, into Tarma’s evil, scarred face, and he laughed. Looking around her, Ariengil saw all of the people she knew laughing too. She screamed at them to stop, but they just came closer, laughing as they did so. Suddenly someone pushed through the crowds of people and took Ariengil in his arms. The crowds vanished, and Ariengil looked into Harma’s eyes. They were loving and kind, and he lay her down on the ground softly.
Ariengil opened her mouth to speak, but Harma shook his head and put his finger on her lips. Ariengil lay back in happiness and drank in Harma with her eyes. She unlaced his top and pushed it off his shoulders, stroking his muscular chest. Her fingers rested on a scar on the left of his chest. The scar was about an inch long and she stroked it gently, looking into Harma’s eyes as she did so. He took her hand tenderly and kissed her fingertips.
`Amin mela lle, [I love you],’ he whispered. Taking Ariengil’s hand again, he tenderly fingered the bracelet she was wearing. `You still have the bracelet I made you, my love.’
`I would never let it out of my sight,’ replied Ariengil. `I never wanted to let you out of my sight either. I love you. Please never leave me again.’ Harma did not reply, but leant down and kissed her passionately. As he leant back again, Ariengil put her arms around his neck and pulled him back, not wanting to let go of him. They caressed one another’s lips and tears flowed from Ariengil’s eyes. Harma rested his hand on Ariengil’s leg, and they rolled over as they lay, laughing merrily, though sadly.
`We were made for one another,’ said Harma romantically. He kissed her again, and rolled them over again. `We should not be separated and will not be. Not while I can help it.’ Ariengil smiled at him, but then remembered something that made her sad. She could not remember it for long, and immediately forgot it, though the feeling of sorrow stayed with her. `What is it, my love?’ asked Harma.
`I cannot remember, but I don’t want you to leave. Please don’t.’ She knew that the time was coming when Harma would go away from her. Even as she thought this, he seemed to be fading away. `No,’ she screamed. `Don’t go. Don’t leave me again.’
But Harma just shook his head and then shook her shoulder too.
`What are you doing?’ she cried to him. `Stay with me.’ But he just kept shaking her shoulder.
Ariengil reluctantly opened her eyes and the person who was shaking her stopped immediately. `Oh, Elrohir,’ she exclaimed.
`No, my name is Elladan,’ replied the elf. `Our mother thought it was funny to call her twins after Elrond’s sons,’ he smiled.
`I’m sorry. But-‘ she began as she stood.
`I’ll take you back to your friends- I saw you run away from that area, and felt an urge to follow you, but you left my sight almost immediately and it has taken me a while to find you. Are you all right?’ he asked sweetly. `You have mud on your face, here, let me help.’ He touched her cheek gently, and brushed away a little dirt, but Ariengil leant back and brushed it off herself.
`Yes, we’ll go back, thank you,’ Ariengil replied, and started walking back. Suddenly she felt herself swept off her feet and she was now lying in Elladan’s arms. She sighed in exasperation and struggled to get out, but Elladan held her tightly. `Let me go, stranger,’ shouted Ariengil.
`But I am no stranger,’ he responded, `I have introduced myself. Yet you have not told me your name.’
`And I won’t until you let me down,’ she replied stubbornly.
`That is fine with me. I won’t let you down- you are not capable of walking yet as you just suffered severe trauma,’ he joked. `So I will ask your friends for your name later.’
`Let go, let go, let go.’ Ariengil screamed and screamed until she was hoarse, yet Elladan did not set her down. In fact, he started walking. In her fury, Ariengil beat Elladan’s chest, with no luck. He just smiled down at the maiden and she surrendered. She crossed her arms and sighed loudly as he carried her.
A while later, they came upon Ariengil’s friends. They were away from their camp, looking for Ariengil. They all cried in delight as they saw her, but then in dismay as they saw she was covered in mud.
`Ariengil, what is wrong? Why can’t you walk? Are you all right?’ asked Dînhith.
`Don’t ask so many questions, my Lady,’ said Elladan before Ariengil had a chance to speak. `She is tired and needs rest, but she is fine.’
`Yes,’ cried the helpless maiden. `I am fine, yet this oaf insisted upon carrying me and taking away all of my dignity. I am not hurt in the slightest way, and the mud is from lying down. I am uninjured, other than my pride, and I wish to be set down this instant.’ She screamed. To her surprise, all of her friends found this remarkably funny, and Elladan still did not let her stand.
`You are going to the healing room,’ said Elladan, and he began to lead her away.
`That is it,’ cried Ariengil, and she started rocking herself from side to side. Elladan was shocked and it took him off his guard, as he could not carry her when she was doing this. She then pushed his chest and jumped down the same time. `Ha,’ she shouted triumphantly. Elladan was now sitting on the floor, looking up at Ariengil dubiously.
A great idea came into Ariengil’s mind, and she quickly leant down and picked up Elladan, though with some effort, and started carrying him to the houses of healing. Luckily, he was quite light, and she reached the door without tripping up. She had no clue how to open the door, but Dînhith ran up, laughing, and did it for her friend.
Once inside the room, Ariengil set Elladan down on a bed, to his embarrassment, and Elrohir stood up, from Elen’s side. He looked utterly confused, but then realised what had happened, and started laughing. Elladan blushed a deep red and opened his mouth to protest, but could think of nothing to say.

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