The Undying Lands – (chapter 56)

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`I have not told you everything I know about you. The prophecy does not involve me, and it should not involve me.’
`Who cares about the prophecy? We can change it together Eldarion, please. At least tell me what it is.’
Eldarion led Ariengil back downstairs and into another room, one of great finery, but she did not notice any of this as she sat down in a comfortable chair with Eldarion by her side. Her eyes were filled with tears and she clutched to Eldarion’s hand for dear life. He began the prophecy in a deep, and sad, voice.
`There will be one who has responsibility,
And she will lose her love someday.
From somewhere, he will return to her,
Which is impossible for all others.
He returns due to bereavement and sacrifice.
There will be another, with great powers,
This one will be their own daughter,
But they will lose her,
Though not through their own error.
For a second time, the first will lose the same,
But he will not return again.
There will be a betrayal, unbeknownst to the betrayer.
The one of great power must choose.
She will choose between life and death of Middle Earth
Though she will not know how to choose.
This one will hurt the one she loves,
Though not intentionally.
Her final choice could save or ruin all.’ Eldarion finished and looked at Ariengil. He was calm, but obviously affected by Ariengil’s tears and her shaking hand in his.
`I’ve lost Harma and Nimtheryn. I don’t want to lose you to,’ she whispered as she drew in a ragged breath.
`You will not lose me, for we shall be friends forever Ariengil. “He will return to her,” is one of the lines of the prophecy. You will have one of them return to you, and you will not think twice about me. Please calm down Ariengil, for you will be fine when you see the one you love again.’
`No,’ she cried aloud. `I love you now, and I do not love them, listen to me when I say that. I love you.’ She shook and her voice shook too as she spoke.
Eldarion put his hand on Ariengil’s arms to steady her, and he tried to calm her. `There would be no chance for us anyway, Ariengil, for I am a King of men, not of elves. You would not wish to give up your immortality for me, be reasonable. You still love Harma, do you not?’ he asked. But again Ariengil shook her head. `Ariengil, I love you, for it is hard not to love you, but you must listen to me. The prophecy is not about me, and it cannot change to be about me.’
Ariengil seemed to accept this, but she still looked at Eldarion with longing eyes. He leant forward and stroked her cheek gently, brushing away the tears. They stood together and walked back up the stairs in silence, to Ariengil’s bedroom. Eldarion kissed Ariengil’s cheek once, and again. He kissed the tip of her ear as he brushed back her hair, and he kissed her again and again. Their lips caressed each other’s mouths and their hearts longed for each other. Soon Eldarion drew back.
`Goodnight Ariengil,’ he whispered, and he kissed her a last time. As he turned to leave, Ariengil spoke again.
`Please don’t leave me Eldarion, please stay with me. I need you with me.’
`Ariengil,’ began Eldarion, but he changed his mind and brought Ariengil to his chest and held her in his arms. He opened the door to her room and they went in quietly, Eldarion first checking outside that no one was near.
They promptly lay down, fully dressed, exhausted as they were, and slept arm-in-arm until morning.


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