The Undying Lands – another song!! (part 7)

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‘Beleg! Have you followed us all the way here?’

‘I have. I couldn’t stay and watch you walk away- I may never see you again.’

‘Of course you will- I am with your brother, he will want to see you again, so we will meet once more.’

‘You are right. I suppose I shall go back home now then.’ He turned and walked away.

‘No, wait Beleg.’ The reverse psychology had worked. ‘I did not mean to offend you, please stay. I liked your singing,’ she said coyly.

‘Thank you, but will you let me sing to you now?’

‘I would love that.’

Beleg led Dînhith to the woods and straight to a small pond. There was light filtering in through a gap in the trees, and it shone on a white marble bench. The ground was soft to their feet but he made her sit on the bench.

Beleg knelt in front of Dînhith and taking her hand, he began to sing.

{I met a young lady, her hair was fair,
Her voice was gentle and rare,
Her eyes were the colour of gemstones,
But they showed she was quite alone.

I approached her softly and she spoke to me,
Her voice opened my heart with a key,
I fell for her right there, right then,
As I suppose, did other men.

We danced beneath the silent moon
But the night ended far to soon,
She was gone with her good friends forever,
My heart was now as light as a feather.

I will not stop until we meet again
Although the search could be my bane,
And when I find her, after so long,
I will sing her this special song.}

As he ended, his last note echoed through the woods, and the birds answered to him. Dînhith sighed.

‘That was absolutely beautiful, what is the song called? Where did you hear it?’

Beleg looked embarrassed and answered her quietly. ‘I…I call it “My Dînhith” and I wrote it myself, on the way here.’

‘Oh Beleg, that is so nice. I feel very embarrassed now.’ They both blushed red, Dînhith was blushing for she had never had a true admirer before, least of all one who composed tunes for her, and Beleg was blushing because of his song. He now thought it was really bad and Dînhith was just pretending that she liked it.

Suddenly, Beleg jumped up and ran away. Dînhith, after the initial shock of him leaving, chased after him, calling to him to stop.

‘Stop Beleg, please wait. Why are you leaving?’ Eventually Beleg stopped, and waited for Dînhith to catch up with him then regain her breath.

‘I was embarrassed, I am sorry.’

‘I was embarrassed too, but I did not suddenly run away.’

‘I know, I am sorry. Will you walk back with me?’

‘Yes.’ They walked slowly back towards where the others were sleeping. The birds were singing to each other, and the stars were shining brightly. The air was warm, but Dînhith shivered.

Beleg stopped, and so Dînhith stopped too. He took off his cloak and wrapped it around Dînhith’s shoulders. He did up the clasp and looked up into her eyes.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered.

‘My pleasure.’ He leant forward and kissed her lips but she pulled away. ‘I am sorry, my lady, have I done something wrong?’

‘No, you have not, I just am not used to it.’ She turned and fled, ‘Goodnight Beleg, thank you, and sorry.’ She arrived back at the little camp and lay down, exhausted. She fell asleep straightaway.

~I know that I said the last chapter was pointless, but I think this one was too, sorry. And, by the way, the song isn’t as good as the Beren and Luthien one, because I wrote it.~


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