The Two Towers – LoTR: The Dark Elf story.

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Title: The Two Towers.
Author: Beth Brownell.
Feedback: Constructive criticism is very much desired.
Archive: Archive is okay, if you ask me first and when this story is done.
Rating: PG13 for violence.
Pairing(s): Not sure at this time.
Main Character(s): The members of The Fellowship, Solaris, my new character and those people in the Two Towers book that Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf encounters.
Summary: I’m not really good at summaries like this. This is the continuation of LoTR:FoTR (The Dark Elf story).

Notes: From what I can see from the trailers for The Two Towers; this story will be dealing with mainly the remaining members of the Fellowship on their hunt for the Orcs who kidnapped Merry and Pippin. I will repeat this is a fanfiction story of the movie version of the book not the book itself!
Disclaimer: I’m borrowing the characters and the whole storyline for a short time. No harm will come to them. Please don’t accuse me of trying to harm them.
To read more on the previous story: The Dark Elf. Please go here:

The Two Towers

It was over a week since they left the river to hunt the Orcs who took their friends. Both Aragorn and Solaris were tracking the Orcs, sharing their own opinions on where they might have gone. They came upon one spot where it seemed that the Orcs fought each other before moving on. They knew they had stopped and rested in the area before running off again. Aragorn kept running as fast as his eyes could see the marks in the ground.

They were not too far off from the spot when Aragorn looked up to see that night was too close to continue on and he ordered them to stop and make camp. They were all tired from running but for the two elves, well, one was still strong with energy. The other one was barely able to continue on but for her will alone she was moving. Aragorn, two days earlier tried to drug her with a sleep draft to at least allow her body to recover some strength but the draft lasted only couple of hours and then she was wake and refused to drink anymore of the drink he had made. Aragorn searched for some plants that he could make into a rub but none came visible to him. He wished he had gathered some before they had left Rivendell, now he was kicking himself for the female of the group was on the edge of death if she kept walking without sleep.

“We rest for the night and start at daybreak,” spoke Aragorn, looking at them. His eyes stayed on Solaris the longest.

Legolas knew that Solaris was tiring and would be useless in another few days if she continued without sleep, even with the Lembas, the elven travel cake, she was starting to fall behind.

Legolas whispered to Aragorn as they watched the elf remove her quiver and bow from her back. “Aragorn, you must encourage Solaris to rest. She’ll listen to you. I know you tried your best to drug her water she drank, but we can resist it. There is a pressure point on her neck right here.”

Aragorn looked at Legolas to see where he was pointing at and nodded. “How fast can I do this before she bolts from me?”

“You will have to move fast when you go about pushing that spot, Aragorn. But if you are unable to get the pressure point pushed, you will have to do the one thing that you don’t do to women…” spoke Legolas.

“Hitting them. Right, if she bolts from me when I push, I’ll knock her out that way.” Aragorn said, as he stood up and went towards the tiring elf. “Solaris, I wish you would rest. You are killing yourself with the lack of sleep. I do not wish to bury another member of the Fellowship.”

“I can’t not till my vengeance is over, Aragorn.” Solaris said, as she turned to look at him.

“All right,” Aragorn stated, as he put his hand on her shoulder only to feel tense muscles underneath his calloused hand. “Solaris, you are tense. Your muscles are so tense. Can I rub them for you?”

“Sure, I know you want me to sleep but I can’t, Aragorn, I just can’t.” spoke Solaris, as Aragorn flashed a smile towards Legolas as he massaged her shoulders working his way up to her neck and to the pressure point. Suddenly, Solaris swung around to face him, her eyes were angry looking. “You are trying to get to my pressure point on my neck! I know it! Don’t force me to sleep! I’ll sleep when I’m good and ready to!”

“Then, forgive me for this,” Aragorn said, as his fist plowed into her face knocking her unconscious and into his arms. He lifted her up and carried her over to the fire where he laid her down on her bedroll. He looked up at Legolas who looked shocked at what he had done to Solaris. He said, “It was the only way to get her to rest, Legolas.”

Gimli looked over and spoke, “It’s true, Legolas. She wouldn’t have willingly slept.”

“But punching her? The pressure point would have worked!” Legolas cried out.

“She felt me looking for the point, Legolas! She knew what I was trying to do! But we will not argue the point anymore. We got her asleep which is what we all wanted in the first place. Didn’t we?” asked Aragorn.

Legolas nodded as he knew she would have just faked it to please them but now with being punched unconscious she would get enough sleep to be at least be strong enough to fight if it came down to it to free Pippin and Merry from the Orcs. He watched as they fell asleep on their bedrolls before he started to patrol the area. He sang in his native tongue a song softly sung as he paced. The stars shone brightly over where they had settled in the grass for the night.

Morning came; Solaris was awake and was not really happy about being punched as she glared at Aragorn.

“Aragorn, I don’t like being punched like that!” snapped Solaris, glaring at him.

“I’m sorry; Solaris but I had no other choice. It was either watch you die in battle for you would be too tired to even fight two Orcs…if we found them or get you some sleep which you have received already. I couldn’t lose another member of this group,” said Aragorn. His gray eyes revealed his troubled mind.

“I should have known that you were trying to get me to sleep. There is a pressure point on my back that is more successful in making an elf sleep.” Solaris showed it to them on Legolas who collapsed right into her arms as he was forced into unconsciousness. She pushed the same location and watched as he woke from it. He didn’t like being used as a dummy. Solaris laughed as he glared at her. “Legolas, nas bain ir [frown]-os be [that]. (Legolas, you are cute when you frown like that.).”

But then she froze as she gazed towards the distance as did Legolas. Aragorn stood and looked in the same direction but he couldn’t see anyone. Aragorn asked, “What do you see? Are the Orcs heading our way?”

“No, riders! Many horses galloping at a nice clip.” said Solaris.

“How far are they?” asked Gimli, looking at Solaris and then to Legolas.

“About three leagues away,” Legolas stated calmly.

“You are wrong, Legolas, they are only five leagues distant from us,” spoke Solaris, looking at him.

“Five or one,” said Gimli, “We cannot escape them in this bare land. Shall we wait for them here or go on our way?”

“We shall wait,” said Aragorn, as he knelt down in the now head high grass. “I am weary, and our hunt has failed. Or at least others were before us; for these horsemen are riding back down the orc-trail. We may get news from them.”

“Or spears.” said Gimli.

“There are two empty saddles, but I see no hobbits,” said Legolas, as he glanced towards Aragorn and then to Solaris, who bowed her head. He placed his hand on her shoulder and gives a slight smile.

“I did not say that we should hear good news,” said Aragorn. “But evil or good we will await it here.”

They sat there for several minutes; Gimli could hear the distant beat of galloping hooves. The horsemen, following the trail, had turned from the river, and were drawing near where they were at. They were riding like the winds. Gimli could see the horses all gray and strong legged.

The host had almost passed when Aragorn suddenly stood up, and called out in a loud voice: “What news from the North, Riders of Rohan?”

Within a matter of seconds, the riders checked their mounts and were around them with spears pointed directly at them. Aragorn was unfazed by the scene as he stood there calmly. Solaris gazed at the riders as some had arrows pointed at them as well as spears. She knew that Legolas and she were not fast enough to fire off their arrows if they fired off theirs first.

The riders parted as another rider approached them dismounting from his horse throwing the spear to another rider and removing his sword from his sheath and pointed at Aragorn’s chest.

Legolas grabbed Solaris’s arm quickly before she grabbed her dagger from her quiver. “No Solaris; trust what Aragorn does. He would not let him harm him.”

“But they could kill him and us easily!” Solaris whispered.

“Nay, Aragorn knows what he’s doing.” whispered Legolas.

The Rider looked at Aragorn and spoke using the Common Speech of the West and in the manner and tone like that used by Boromir at the council many months back, “Who are you and what are you doing in this land?”

“I am called Strider,” answered Aragorn. “I came out of the North, I am hunting Orcs.”

“At first I thought that you yourselves were Orcs,” he said; “But now I see that is not so. Indeed you know little of Orcs, if you go hunting them in this fashion. They were swift and well-armed, and they were many. You would have changed from hunters to pray, if ever you had overtaken them. But there is something strange about you, Strider.” he gazed at the Ranger. “That is no name for a Man that you give. And strange too is your raiment. Have you sprung out of the grass? How did you escape our sight? Are you elvish folk?”

“No,” said Aragorn. “Only two of us are elvish. Legolas is from the Woodland Realm in distant Mirkwood and Solaris of Lothlorien.”


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