The Two Towers. Chapter Two of many.. – LoTR: The Dark Elf story.

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“Solaris of Lothlorien, I assume he is the one who taught you the trick of hiding in plain sight?” he said.

“I am no male elf, Eomer. You know me quite well, son of Eomund.” spoke Solaris, as she stood up as did Legolas and Gimli.

Eomer’s face smiled instead of the cold look on his face, as he stretched his hand out to her. “Solaris, you fine beauty of an elf! I was hoping to see your fair face again. Why have you traveled so far with these strange companions?”

“Do you wish for the short tale or the long one?” asked Solaris, grasping Eomer’s outstretched hand.

“Short for you look rushed and worried about something,” said Eomer.

“If your men shall sheath their weapons, I shall give what I know and perhaps you shall shed a clue on our quarry.” spoke Solaris, eyeing the men cautiously.

“Done! Put your weapons away! They are friendly.” commanded Eomer, as he sheathed his own sword. The other men followed suit as Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli looked surprised at Solaris for knowing Eomer, who they didn’t even know.

Aragorn watched as Solaris explained their situation with Eomer. He realized he was staring and turned his attention towards Eomer who was speaking with Solaris about something, which he overheard the Ruling Ring. Eomer’s face grew cloudy and then stood up.

“We didn’t see the Hobbits that you spoke of Solaris. Maybe they were taken elsewhere and you and your friends followed the wrong tracks.” said Eomer. “But for you three to move swiftly over this land you need the fastest horses.”

“We need about three horses if you can spare them, Eomer.” Solaris stated, looking at him.

He waved couple of the other riders over and spoke again, “These two are our fastest horses. Use them. They shall not fail you on your journey.”

With that said, Eomer turned to his own horse and leapt upon his back and signaled his men to gallop onward, leaving them standing there with two horses and four riders. Aragorn looked at the two horses that they had and grumbled.

“I am not going to get on the back of those those horses! Dwarves are to keep their feet on the ground of Mid Earth! I will not ride them!” screamed Gimli, as he backed away from them.

Legolas turned to look at Aragorn who was now at odds with himself as there was a huge problem with how many riders they had to horses. “What do you want us to do, Aragorn?”

“We have no choice but to use them and ride double,” stated Aragorn. “You will have Gimli on your mount and I’ll have Solaris.”

“Aragorn, is that wise? You and she do not like each other?” questioned Legolas.

“We have no choice in this, Legolas. It is either she runs and waste what strength she has gained or rides and conserves the strength for battle,” snapped Aragorn.

“Aragorn is right, Legolas.” spoke Solaris, turning to look at Legolas and then turned to Aragorn and Gimli. “I could ride with Legolas and Gimli could ride with you Aragorn.”

“No, I’ll have you on my horse and Legolas can take Gimli.” Aragorn spoke; his voice told them there was no other choice in this matter.

Gimli grumbled under his breath. He growled off looking at both Aragorn and Legolas, “All right, I’ll ride with Legolas. You better not have the horse throw me.”

“Have no fear, my friend, I shall not have him throw you off, for if he threw you off I’ll be next to you on the ground,” said Legolas, as he held his hand to Gimli who took it and was helped onto the back of the horse. Legolas then, mounted the horse and turned towards Aragorn and Solaris who was having a bit of a problem with Solaris’s sharp bladed bow. Aragorn was all ready on his mount’s back.

He gently nudged his horse into a walk. “Let me hold her weapon till she mounts. That way it will not injure the horse.”

Solaris looked at him and before Aragorn could say a word otherwise, the bow was off her quiver and in the hand of Legolas. Solaris picked Aragorn’s boot out of the stirrup and grabbed the saddle horn and was right behind him before he even knew what had happened. Legolas handed her her bow back as she got it to where it wouldn’t hit the horse while running and plus two leather cases covered the blades of the bow.

Aragorn knew they were ready as Solaris was behind him and quickly encouraged his horse to gallop which made him smile as he felt Solaris quickly grab his waist with her hands to keep from falling. He chuckled as they rode up the same path which the riders of Rohan had come from. A few minutes into the ride, he felt Solaris collapse against his back, he started to pull his horse to slow gallop so he could twist in the saddle to see if she was all right but do to so would throw her off the horse.

Legolas and Gimli were riding near them when Gimli directed his attention to Aragorn and his horse slowing down.

“Looks like something’s wrong with Aragorn’s horse, Legolas.” Gimli said.

“True, he wants us to get to his side.” Legolas spoke as they rode their horse near to Aragorn whose arm was around Solaris’s waist and she not moving to remove it.

“Aragorn?” asked Legolas, riding closer to them.

“Legolas ride to my left and see if Solaris is all right, I can not tell if she’s all right or not?” requested Aragorn.

Legolas rode around to the left and placed his hand in front of Solaris’ face to feel…

“She’s alive if that is what you are worried about, Aragorn.” Legolas stated to Aragorn as he looked up at him. “She’s asleep. Do you want to stop here and rest till she wakes?”

“No, we continue onward till we reach where the Orcs were at last when they met up with Eomer and the Riders,” spoke Aragorn, as he encouraged his horse to gallop onward.

Legolas and Gimli watched as he rode onward. Gimli spoke in a low tone. “This does give Solaris the rest she needs to get stronger. The nights and days without sleep have weakened her to this point, Legolas. Having her sleep behind Aragorn is a blessing in disguise. She’ll regain her strength for the battle we will enter soon.”

They reached the forest as Eomer had stated that there was and slowed their mounts down as Solaris stirred behind Aragorn. He glanced back at her before he allowed his hand to go away from her waist and stretched out his arm. She hopped down from the horse and went out of their sights for several minutes as Aragorn dismounted from the horse and noticed that there was a small faint pile of burnt Orcs exactly where Eomer had stated it would be.

Aragorn started to turn back towards the others when something sparkled on the ground; he knelt down and picked it up. “Gimli, Legolas, Solaris! I found something!”

They went rushing over to his side as he held out the brooch that he held.

“That has to be from Pippin or Merry!” cried Solaris, as she looked at the brooch. “They were here!”

“But where are they?” yelled Gimli, looking around the area.

“I do not know, Gimli.” Aragorn stated, as he fingered the brooch.

“Then, we need to search around the area of where you found the brooch, Aragorn for any signs of where they headed. If Merry or Pippin is still alive, they would make sure to leave us a trail of sorts for us to follow,” whispered Solaris.

Aragorn looked at Solaris and knew she was right. He quickly started to move from where he had found the brooch and soon he found a branch of a tree broken and then another tree branch broken. He motioned to the others to follow him. Solaris and Legolas went to get the horses when they spooked and raced away from them.

“Aragorn, the horses!” yelled Legolas. Solaris tried to catch them but the horses ran even faster away from her. She stopped and returned to Legolas’s side empty handed.

Aragorn turned around to see the horses gone. He growled softly. “We’ll walk. I found more broken branches left by Merry or Pippin. Let’s go.”


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