The Two Rings Of Middle-Earth! – Chapter One

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This is my first story so it might not be that good.

Once upon a time about sixty years ago there were three rings for the eleven kings under the sky. There were seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone. There were nine for the mortal doomed to die. One for the dark lord on his dark throne in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.

Sixty years later in the town called The Shire, there lived two hobbits named Frada Baggins and Frodo Baggins. Hobbits lived very peacefully. Frada and Frodo Baggins were brother and sister. They lived with their heir Bilbo Baggins. Frada looked like her brother but Frada had long brown curly hair.

Frada loved to sing, fight with a sword, and fight with a bow an arrow. Frada had a good personality, she was kind, sweet, and sometimes bad. Frodo had short brown hair. Frodo had the same personality like his sister. He had also liked the same things except fighting with a sword and fighting with an bow an arrow because he didn’t know how to.

“To night is the night of Bilbo’s birthday!” remarked Frada.

“I know!” replied Frodo. Frada and Frodo were sitting under a tree talking. When all of a sudden they heard someone singing. They had known how it was.

“Gandalf” they both said. Gandalf was a wizard. Frodo and Frada ran till they got to the end of the woods.

“Your late!” remarked Frodo.

“A wizard is never late Frodo Baggins.” Replied Gandalf.

“Something is going on.” Said Frodo and Frada.

“You will find out if there is anything going on.” Gandalf commented. “I will see you both tonight.” Gandalf said. That night something happened that the hobbits did not intend. When Bilbo announced he would be going now, and all of a sudden he disappered. But Gandalf known were he had gone. Bilbo had left two rings, one for Frada and one for Frodo. Gandalf had explained to Frada and Frodo that they had to destroy them in the land of Mordor.

“You must go and get out of the Shire.” Commanded Gandalf.

“What must we go?” they asked Gandalf.

“Take the rings to the inn of the Prancing Ponie.” Gandalf said.

That night they had left the Shire but they ran into Merry and Pippin. Merry and Pippin were Frada and Frodo’s second cousins. Pippin and Merry helped Frada and Frodo escape. All four of them made it safe to the Prancing Ponie. A stranger named Aragorn(but noone knew that they knew him as Strider). Strider was sent to help them get to Ravindelle.

Strider took them into the wild. That night the ringraiths came to attack. Frada and Frodo were trapped in a corner, they both had the rings on. They had been hit in the chest by a third molical blade by the ringraiths. Merry and Pippin were crying, Strider carried Frada and Frodo off to find a safe place to camp. Strider was looking for a plant to stop the poison when all of a sudden a woman came riding on a horse and helped Frada and Frodo onto the horse.

“Strider they need elven medicen.” Arwen Evenstar replied.

“You look over the inklings I’ll take them to Ravindelle.” Strider replied. “I’m like the wind Strider I will go.” Commanded Arwen. Arwen had ran into five rindraiths but she defeated them. They got to Ravindelle safely. Gandalf and Elrond sent out for many elves, men, and dwarves to go to Mordor. Ten people agreed to go to Mordor to destroy the rings.

They were Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Buffy, Zeppie, Spick, Frodo. Frada, Merry, and Pippin. They were off. In Helm’s Deep Merry and Pippin said “Z’are hungry!” they said.

“You’s had breakfast an hour ago.”Aragorn and Legolas replied.

“We know’s that we had breakfast just an hour ago.” They said. They were all in Moria caves when Pippin toched something. Orcs were all around them.

“Aragorn tack the inklings!” Gandalf screamed.

“I’M not an inkling!” Frada shouted. Legolas followed them for they would have more protecton. When the others had come out the only one who didn’t come was Gandalf.

“Were is Gandalf?” the inklings aked.

“He has fallin.” Zeppie replied. The inklings were cryin, they didn’t want to move. Zeppie, Legolas, Aragorn, Spick, and Buffy carried the inklings to Luitherin. When they got to Luitherin they met Galidraia and Grazel.

“Were is Gandalf I wnt to speek to him?” Grazel asked.

“He has fallen into the shadows.” Galidraia replied.

“I see.” Grazel said.

“You will stay the night, you look very tired. Galidraia insisted. “Thank you>” Zeppie replied. That night Frodo and Frada could not sleep. So they followed Galidraia to see her seeing mirror. Galidraia said

“Look into it and you will see what will happen to those you love and you are with.” So thee did and found that if they don’t destroy the two rings the earth will be destroyed. The next day they continned their journey to Mordor.

“Are we there yet?” Merry and Pippin stormed.

“SHH there are orcs around here.” Replied Legolas. No sooner they were attacked by orcs. They had to fought all the orcs but Buffy had been killed. They went on sadly. But they didn’t leave Buffy there, they took her a mile away for she could rest in peace. They were about a mile away until they had to destroy the rings.

“We has to be there by now.” Boomed Zeppie and Spick.

“We are… Now!” Aragorn and Legolas said together.

“Frodo, Frada you know what to do right?” Spick asked.

“Yes.” They said together.

“Ok then go ahead.” The rest of them replied. Frada and Frodo walked up to the volcano and stood there.

“Ready?” Frada asked. “Yes on the count of three.” Frodo commented. “1…2…3!” The rings were destroyed forever.

“Yes!” they all said together. “Look!” Spick shouted.

“Gandalf!” the inklings shouted.

“Yes, it is me little ones.” He had replied.

“I think it is time to go home to Rivendell and rest.” Commented Gandalf. “That’s fine with us!” they all shouted.

“Until another time my friends, until we go on another adverture we will have to come back here.” Gandalf said. The people of middle-earth were safe once again thanks to The Fellowship of The Rings.


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