The Twist Of The War Of The Ring Part 2 – A new twist to all stories!

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Elfen kept walking, only stopping when she was tiered or hungry. Rufus, who was either walking beside her, or on her shoulder, hardly complained for he had lots of rest and food.

“Well Rufus what do you say can we make it to that village tonight or should we wait until morning?” Elfen said stopping to look at the cat (who had jumped off her shoulder and on to the ground) Rufus let out a yawn and plopped on a patch of grass. Elfen smiled softly and took out her video camera, journal, and flashlight and began to write. After she had finished she turned her glance to the village. It was a very odd village. If there were no lights on she would have guessed it was just a bunch of hills. The sound of music and laughter also gave it away that it was a village. Elfen picked up the video camera and began to record the little village, talking every other minute about the songs they sang. Not to far away was a little hill with smoke coming out of the top and a little window with a dim light just showing four silhouettes moving around. After a half an hour of filming Elfen put away the camera and got out her sleeping bag and lied down beside Rufus.

Morning came at what seemed like two seconds after Elfen had fell asleep. She yawned for a moment then rolled up her sleeping bag and got out some food before she and Rufus set out. Elfen made for the little hill where the smoke had come from. Judging by the sun, Elfen decided it was around 9:30-10:00. It was a very long journey, only taking around an hour or so. The town all seemed to be in the earth and all of the doors seemed to be small and circular. Elfen slowly walked up to the little circular green door on the hill, where she had seen the silhouettes, and knocked. There was no answer. She looked around and slowly opened the door. She walked in. Rufus, who sneaking behind her, touched her leg and made her jump and hit her head on the low ceiling.

“Owe! Oh Rufus you startled me. You would think this house was made for a very short man and or woman.” She laughed as she sat her bag down and brought out her camera. She turned it on and looked through the lens around the little house.

“As you can see by the low roof and doors this house was made for a very small person.” She walked into the study still talking. “This must have been or still is the study. Obviously it’s been along time since this place was last clean.” She turned off the camera and opened her bag. She pulled out a small brush and some whitish powder and began to dust around for fingerprints.

Outside four small people walked up to the door of the house in the hill, but these weren’t just small people. No. These were Hobbits and they were walking to their good friends Hobbit hole (along with the owner of coarse).

“Hey didn’t you close the door?” one of the hobbits said. He looked like the youngest and the smallest.

“I thought you did Pip.” The second oldest said.

“Wait a minute I remember that the door was closed. Then that means…” The oldest and tallest one said running up to the door. Everyone else ran after him. The oldest hobbit walked in first and he grabbed his walking stick.

Elfen sat there still dusting for finger prints sensed that someone was behind her and just as the hobbit went to strike her she grabbed the walking stick and threw it across the room. She looked at the four hobbits in front of her. From their big curly feet, to their curly hair. She gulped then let out a small scream. Forgetting that there was a low roof Elfen stood right up, hit her head on the ceiling, fell back onto the floor. The youngest one spoke first.

“Who are you and what are you doing in Bag End?” Elfen looked around the room again.

“I had no clue this was Bag End. Please my dearest apologizes. My name is Elfen, and may I ask who you four young hobbits are?” The four hobbits looked at her. Finally the second oldest hobbit spoke.

“I am Mr. Samwise Gamgee.” Elfen looked shocked at the name. She smiled and spoke before anyone else could.

“Then that makes you Peregrin Took, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and you must be Frodo Baggins.” The four hobbits looked again at her.

“How do you know are names?” Peregrin asked her, but she began speaking again.

“But if you’re them then that means I’m messing up the whole story. This isn’t very good. Uh Oh!” She exclaimed ignoring Peregrin’s question.

“Excuse me, but I think my good friend Pippin asked you a question.” Meriadoc said to her. Elfen looked up and around at the hobbits.

“I’m sorry Pippin. Could you repeat your question please?” Elfen said looking up.

“Yes, I asked how do you know are names? I’ve never met you before and I don’t think they have either.” Pippin said.

“Um. That would be a little difficult to explain you see um, I wasn’t expecting any one to be here and I’m not even suppose to be here.” The four hobbits looked at her puzzled and curious.

“Where are you from? What part of Middle Earth?” Frodo asked her.

“I’m not really from Middle Earth. I’m from a place called London England; I was born in Canada in a place called Stonewall, Manitoba, then after I was a month or two old I moved to a place called Canterbury, Kent, I moved to London when I was 14. And I’m confusing you because you would have no clue where all these places are.” Elfen looked down at her feet. She spoke again after a moment looking back up, “To make it easier, I’m from west of here. Very far west from here. Wait a minute!” Elfen’s eyes widen as she asked, “What is the date?” The hobbits looked at her in amazement. How could she not know the date? Merry answered her slowly,

“It is August 23, 3018.” Elfen looked shocked,

If it’s August 23, 3018 then I’m in super big trouble. This would mean the ring of power is not destroyed and in a months time Frodo will leave Bag End. I’m in big, big trouble! Elfen thought to herself. Rufus came out of hiding and Elfen looked down at Rufus and smiled. She was glad Rufus had come with her she had someone to talk to. All the hobbits looked down at the small kitten. Rufus walk over to Frodo and purred as he rubbed against his leg, then Rufus walked back to Elfen and jumped onto her shoulder.

“Where are you staying tonight?” Frodo asked her.

“Um. I have no idea.” She answered moving so she could be eye level with the hobbits.

“Well I guess you can stay here for a bit until you know where you’re going.” Frodo said. It was almost lunch and Elfen was getting quite hungry. She hadn’t eating anything for a while.

“Thank you for your offer. It would be possible if I could get something to eat?” Elfen said to Frodo nervously. Frodo smiled and went to the kitchen. A few minutes later he had lunch ready and was brining it out. Elfen put away all her things that were out except for her recorder. She had gotten all of there conversations. All lunch they talked about the weather, gardening you know the usual friendly conversations. Sam had finally asked Elfen,

“So what do you do for a living?” Elfen looked up from her tea and smiled.

“Well, I was a researcher for a few years. Then I became an archeologist/lecturer, and my last lecture before I came here was on Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and Wizards. I was sort of laughed at, but I have just proven my colleges wrong.” She smiled.

“Why was your lecture on us Hobbits?” Pippin asked. Elfen paused for a moment not knowing what to say. How was she going to tell them that where she comes from that a lot of people don’t believe in them?

“Um. Well, where I come from a lot of people don’t believe in different races of, how can I put this politely, creatures. Especially magic ones like Elves.” She saw the look on their faces and quickly changed the subject, “So Frodo this is a nice little Hobbit hole you have here. It was Bilbo’s right.” Frodo nodded his head. Elfen started to look around again while the four Hobbits continued to eat. Realizing that Frodo was not eating, she looked at him. Their eyes met and they starred at each other. For some odd reason, Elfen thought she knew Frodo from somewhere other then the book like they have always known each other. Sam’s voice could be heard, but it seemed at a distance.

“Mr. Frodo? Mr. Frodo? Elfen? Elfen?” Elfen and Frodo both shook their heads and looked at Sam.

“What was that Sam?” Frodo asked. Sam shook his head and went back to eating. Rufus started to paw at Elfen’s leg wanting more scrapes. Elfen gives him some and watches Rufus with interest. Frodo started to watch her again. Frodo felt the same way about the mysterious stranger Elfen. He wanted to know more of what she knew. Did she know about the ring? And if she did was she going to take it? But yet a strange feeling of trust came over him. Did he know her from before? Sam looked at Frodo again. Frodo shook his head and looked out side.

“I got to get home to my Gaffer. He will be wanting help,” Sam said getting up from the table. “Bye Mr. Frodo. Pippin, Merry. Good-bye Elfen.” He started to walk out. Pippin and Merry followed after him.

“Hold up Sam!” Merry shouted, “Me and Pip have to get back to Buckland.” They waved good-bye and walked out with Sam, leaving Frodo and Elfen alone.

“I’ll help you clean up shall I?” Elfen said and began to pick up dishes. “They are right when they say Hobbits love to eat.” Frodo laughed slightly,

“Especially Pippin, and Merry. Elfen what else do you know besides our names?” Frodo asked. Elfen shot a sideward glance to Frodo, then looked around making sure no one could hear, and then said,

“I know about the ring, and I know that you are going to leave the shire soon.” Frodo looked at her in amazement and fear. Quickly she said, “I’m not about to take that evil thing away from you. It’s your destiny. It’s your responsibility now. Guard it well.” That closed that discussion. Neither Frodo nor Elfen brought it up again.

A month past and Elfen saw most of the sites of the Shire. Taking notes of the people and the gardens and everything like that. Today Elfen had stayed at Bag End helping Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin move everything in Bag End that was left in to a cart. Merry went ahead with the cart while Elfen stayed back with the other three. They celebrated Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday and waited for the Sackville-Bagginses to arrive. When they did arrive Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Elfen all set out for Buckland. It would take a three-day journey on foot. It was uneventful for the first day and Rufus happily ran through grass and chased after bugs. Elfen started to laugh and Pippin asked what was so funny and Elfen simply answered,

“You remember what Bilbo use to say? It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step out onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Frodo looked at her and started to laugh. Sam and Pippin joined in. All of a sudden the atmosphere changed and Rufus turned around and jumped into Elfen’s arms. She knew what was coming and said in a panicky voice, “Quick! In to the bush! Hide! Asca! Nurta!” Frodo, Sam, and Pippin followed her into the bush. They waited when finally a rider in black rode by. He sniffed the air as if he could smell something. The Hobbits waited with fear as Elfen put her hand on Luinil. The rider rode away and Elfen slowly came out of hiding. The Hobbits followed.

“The sooner we get to Buckland the better.” Frodo said with a worried expression.

They walked on with out any more encounters with the rider in black. They reached a farm which Frodo dubbed Farmer Maggots. Elfen was excited and pulled out her camera again filming everything on how Hobbits farm. She did an interview with Mrs. Maggot and found out a lot of useful information. Frodo had told Elfen of when he use to steel mushrooms from here and Elfen just laughed saying she knew that.

They had supper there before Farmer Maggot gave a ride to Bucklebury Ferry. Farmer Maggot told Frodo how wonderful it was that he was moving back to Buckland and away from all those Hobbiton folk. Sam scowled, but didn’t say anything.

Before they reached the ferry, a mist settled over the land. Farmer Maggot kept on saying that a rider in black came by looking for Frodo, but he said he shooed him away.

“Very eerie fellow glad he left.” In the distance at the ferry they saw a figure that made them all tense up. The figure approached them. It looked as if were riding on a horse; it got closer and closer when finally said,

“Where have you been Frodo?” It was only Merry riding on a pony. They relaxed a bit and Farmer Maggot left them there to cross.

“Merry you had us frightened.” Frodo said as they crossed the Brandywine. Merry smiled a bit as the fog lifted up a bit. They reached the other side and walked the rest of the way to Frodo’s new house. Only another black rider blocked the rode. Elfen told them to hide in bushes near by again. Merry was puzzled by this request. Elfen held Rufus again who shivered in her arms by just the mere present of the rider. The rider left and the five of them slowly got out of the bush. They arrived at Frodo’s new house in no time and Frodo told both Sam and Elfen that he would have to leave tonight.

“We’re coming too Frodo.” Pippin said overhearing them.

“No you can’t.” Frodo argued.

“I’m going with you Frodo. There is no use trying to stop me. And I don’t think there is any use in stopping them.” Elfen told Frodo in a lowered voice. Frodo had to ask,

“How do they know that I was leaving?” Pippin and Merry smiled and Sam frowned. “Sam you didn’t did you?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Frodo they wanted to know.” Sam looked at the ground.

“Besides we can’t let you go alone with those things that we saw on the rode out there.” Pippin exclaimed. Frodo thought for a moment and looked around and said,

“We will have to leave for Bree right away.” Pippin, Sam, Merry, and Elfen all smiled. They packed up there things and left with little Rufus tagging behind them.


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