The Tragic Tale – A Story

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Please forgive me of any errors I made in this story. I wrote it because I believe the idea is original

Disclaimer: I own all unfamiliar names.

The Tragic Tale

The young river-hobbit’s head broke out of the water, and he took a deep breath, readying himself for another dive under the water. Just as he was about to submerge himself, he heard his mother calling him.

” Precious! Do come, it’s time for supper!” Blowing bubbles in the water, the hobbit-lad waded out of the water reluctantly. He walked over to the outside table, and sat down, dripping water everywhere.

The lad was homely, with large eyes, and a pale complexion. His thin straight black hair hung loosely, but he was lovable. All who saw him, and heard his tone wanted to help him in every way possible.

He was an only child, and his mother loved to affectionately call him ‘ her precious’ because he was so dear to her heart.

That night, his cousin had come over for dinner and supper, for the next day was the lad’s birthday. He would be turning 19.

His cousin, Deagol, wasn’t just his cousin, he was his best friend. Deagol and he did everything together, fished, ate, and told riddles to each other. Deagol, however, could not swim. He didn’t mind boating, but he couldn’t swim a stroke if his life depended on it.

The lad, his name Smeagol, loved riddles. He would lay awake at night, making up ones he was positive his mother or Deagol would never guess.

” Smeagol, how’s the water?” Deagol asked.

” Scrumptious!” Smeagol cried happily. He loved to swim, and swam as much as he could. He was, undoubtably, the best swimmer in the family. His father, who had been born in Hobbiton, was nervous about water, and always worried he would drown.

His mother brought over a plate of all Smeagol’s favorite foods. Fish, rabbits, rolls, and more. Smeagol grabbed a bit of the rabbit meat, and began to gnaw on it.

His mother laughed, ” My precious, don’t be so greedy.” she chided, pinching his cheek. Smeagol blushed, and began to eat slower.

” Oh, Rose-sweet, ” Smeagol’s father boomed, ” let him eat all he wants, tomorrow is, after all, his birthday.”

” My precious is going to be so grown up!” Rose declared, hugging her son. Smeagol reddened again at his mother’s affectionate ways.

” Can Deagol and me go fishing all day?” he asked hopefully. His mother was thoughtful for a moment, then smiled and nodded.

” Oh thank you Aunt Rose.” Deagol cried, and excitedly, turned to Smeagol, ” We can pack some food, and be out in the boat all day!”

Smeagol grinned at the prospect.

After dinner, Smeagol and his family plus Deagol sat on the porch telling riddles. Smeagol had come up with a clever one the night before, and decided to test it.

” Alive without breath,
as cold as death;
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
all in mail, never clinking.”

The family pondered this one for awhile. Then Deagol happened to look at the river just in time to see a fish leaping from the water.

” Fish! Fish, it’s fish, isn’t it?” Deagol exclaimed happily. Smeagol frowned, disappointed it hadn’t taken him longer.

His mother congradulated him on such a poem, the Deagol cleared his throat and began,

” What has roots as nobody sees,
is taller than trees,
Up, up it goes,
and yet it never grows?”

Smeagol grinned, ” A mountain.” he said simply, yet triumphantly. His father said the last riddle before they went to bed,

” What do you make every day,
cannot hold, cannot take,
yet the more you make
the more you leave behind?”

” Footprints!” Rose called, beating Smeagol, who instantly knew the answer.

” I think it’s time for bed.” his father said, standing up. Wishing the night would continue with riddles, but anticipating the next full day of fishing, Smeagol crawled into bed.

In the morning, Smeagol lept from his covers, and stepped on Deagol, who was sleeping on the floor. Deagol cried out in startlement.

” Sorry!” Smeagol said, ” Wake up! We get to fish all day today!” Deagol scrambled out of bed, and the two hurriedly dressed.

They went outside, where Rose had made a special breakfast. As Smeagol sat down, his father pulled a present out and handed it to Smeagol.

Smeagol looked happily at the new fishingpole, and thanked his father. Remembering his presents, Smeagol got up, and ran to his room. ( A/n: remeber, at parties, hobbits give other people presents at their own birthday.)

He pulled a small box out from under his bed, and ran back to his family. He handed his mother a new paddle for the family boat proudly, for he had carved it himself.

She kissed Smeagol lightly on the head, and cradled the present. To his father, Smeagol gave him a spade he had also carved from wood.

Lastly, Smeagol handed Deagol a book of riddles Smeagol had written himself. After many thanks, they began to eat.

Smeagol was so excited about fishing with his new rod, he ate faster than usual, and made Deagol hurry too. They went back inside and made a lunch, then went back outside.

The two friends bade their goodbyes to Smeagol’s parents, and hastened to the boat. In it, was all the fishing supplies nescessary(sp.?)

The pushed the oval boat into the water, and jumped in. Smeagol realised as the neared the middle of the river why he had given his mother a paddle.

It was because they had lost the previous paddle for the boat. Smeagol told Deagol this, who grinned, ” We get to drift with the current, then.”

Shrugging, Smeagol agreed, and they began to fish.

Time went swiftly for the laughing and joking hobbits, and soon they had drifted farther and farther from Smeagol’s home, and closer to foreign waters. Deagol reeled his hook back in, and gave a cry of suprise.

” Look Smeagol! Look what I found!” He called, looking in wonder at the large gold ring that hung from his hook.

Smeagol suddenly felt a sensation he had never experienced before. His mind went blank, and all that mattered was the ring.

He stared at the ring, feeling himself being tugged towards it. ” Give it to me.” Smeagol ordered, in a voice that didn’t sound like his own.

Deagol look startled at his cousin, and replied, ” No, I found it.” Smeagol glared at Deagol, not even noticing the rough rapids that were growing closer.

” Give it to me.” Smeagol demanded. Then his voice grew softer, ” Come on Deagol, it’s my birthday.”

” I found it. I want to keep it.” Deagol insisted.

Smeagol lunged at Deagol, grabbing the ring from his cousin. Deagol was taken aback in suprise at Smeagol’s rude action, and reached over to grab the ring back.

As the two were struggling, the boat hit a rock due to the rapids. Deagol and Smeagol stopped fighting for a moment, and looked at what was ahead.

They gasped when they saw the large rocks and swiftly moving current. The boat hit a larger rock, and violently jerked to the side. Deagol flew from the boat, and landed in the water. Flailing about, he shrieked for Smeagol to save him.

Smeagol, however, was busy looking at the ring. He slipped it on, and looked at Deagol. His cousin’s eyes widened as he looked at Smeagol. Smeagol looked down, and was also in shock.

He couldn’t see himself! He was invisible!

” Smeagol!” Deagol cried in distress. Smeagol took off the ring at glared at Deagol, infuriated at his cousin for trying to keep such a valuable ring to himself.

Deagol, who had found a rock and was clinging to it, cried out again. Smeagol dove into the water, and began to swim away from his drowning cousin.

Nothing mattered except the ring.

Smeagol’s strokes were faster and faster until he reached home. He crawled out of the water, and was going to show his mother the ring when he stopped.

A long, piercing scream reached his ears. It was stopped abrubtly, and the silence was worse than the scream itself.

Rose came running from the house, and looked at Smeagol.

” My precious! What was that sound?”

” Look mother, look at the ring Deagol gave me.” Smeagol said, thrusting the ring at his mother’s face. She brushed it away, ” What was that sound?” she repeated.

Sighing in frustration, Smeagol replied, ” Deagol.”

” Where is he?!” Rose asked frantically.

Smeagol looked at the ring, mad that his mother didn’t care about it. ” Dead.” he said simply.

Tears falling, Rose asked softly, ” What happened?”

” He fell in rapids and drowned.”

” Precious! Your an excellant swimmer! Why didn’t you save him?” Rose asked even softer.

” I was looking at the ring. When I saw Deagol, it was too late.”

” You more or less killed your friend!” Rose shrieked.

Smeagol was silent, gazing at the ring once again.

” Leave now and don’t come back!” Rose screamed hysterically, tears staining her face.

” What?” Smeagol asked, perplexed.

” Leave now and don’t come back!” Rose cried, hitting Smeagol hard on the back.

” Fine!” Smeagol yelled, and dove into the river.

He surfaced in the middle of the river, wondering where to go. He put the ring back on, and decided to swimm upstream, and explore places he had never been.

Endlessly, the young hobbit swam until the water ran colder, and he reached the base of a mountain range.

He crawled about the base, and found a small spring coming from inside the mountains. He writhed his way through the tunnel, and found a chamber, after miles of swimming.

There he lived. Catching fish as he once did with dear Deagol, stroking the ring that tainted his mind.

Nothing mattered except the ring.


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