The Tenth Companion – Chapter 1

by Apr 9, 2003Stories

In a ordinary town, there is a ordinary high school, but in that high school there is a girl who is anything but ordinary!

Our story starts at the end of last period, when a 15 year old girl named Jenna is leaving class. She is talking and laughing with her friends. If you were to see her then you would never have thought that she was anything like the girl she will turn into in the end! What was about to happen in a few hours time will dramatically change her life.

When she arrives home she is once again greeted a note from her father it reads as follows

Sorry honey Once again I was called back into work. Sorry I won’t be home till around super. Could you please cook it for me? Your mother well be home around super time also. Hope you had a nice day at school.

She smiles at his excuse this time he always has some excuse but she knows he’s at the bar. Again. So she goes on up to her room to do homework.

But the whole time she is up there she is thinking about how mean it was of her boyfriend, Karl to have dumped her. She had been going out with him for almost 6 months. He had dumped her threw a e-mail, not even in person. She was so mad at him. But she knew that in her heart she still wanted him. But also she knew that he hated her now. Once again she started crying.

She tried to stop herself from crying but he is all she could think about was Karl ! She lyes down on her bed and wishes she had a different and more exciting life. Her wish will soon come true!

A hour or so later she drifts off into a uneasily sleep.
But when she awakes she finds out she is in a different room, a different house, and a different world. She finds herself in a room in Rivendell. She is on the floor so she gets up.

“Where am I ?” She asks herself

She is unexpectedly answered by a ruff but friendly voice.

“Your in Rivendell fair maiden” replies a man of Gondor.

” Who are you? ” She asks him.

” My name is Boromir, man of Gondor the Steward
Denethors son. May I ask whom you are? He replies.

” My name is Jenna daughter of Robert. ”

” That is a interesting name, I hadn’t heard of that
before, Nor have I heard of what was it? Robert? He says.

” Umm.. Where is Rivendell” She asks

” Middle Earth” He replies

” Middle earth? I must be dreaming! Pinch me!”

” Pinch you Never! Gentlemen never pinch ladies nor men for the matter.” Boromir says.

” Oh I’m sorry I’m not from around here.” Says Jenna

” Well can I show you around then fair Jenna. ”

” Sorry not right now Boromir but may you please tell me where the nearest phone is? ” She asks

” A what?” asks Boromir

” Oh well can you please show a place where I can

” Alright follow me.”

She follows him you a rest area. Boromir leaves her to rest, promising to see her tomorrow.

” Oh my gosh this can’t be happening! Where in the world is middle earth! She says to her self

Then once again she falls asleep.


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