The Tale Of The Forgotten Lady. – Chapter Two.

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No one knew where she came from, she had just appeared one day, on the steps of Rivendell. The Lady Arwen had begged Lord Elrond to keep me, as I was just a baby. They named me Lessien. I was dotted on as a young child up until about the age of 10, then the elves started getting more and more distant from me. It wasn’t as if I was openly despised, it was as if, I was invisible, I did not exist. I was not spoken about, nor was I spoken to. I suppose it is the way she looks that sets me apart from the others. At Rivendell, all the elves had dark brown or golden hair with blue, brown or hazel eyes. In Rohan, they have flowing golden hair and blue eyes. But me, I have bright red hair, with eyes the colour of emeralds. That and the fact that I do not belong anywhere. After being shunned for 8 years, I decided it was time to move on. I did not know where I would go, nor how I would survive but I went anyway. I packed a little food, some spare warm clothes. I took my horse, her name is Arien, and in the middle of the night, I snuck out, never to return. I slowly made my way to Edoras, living of fruits and berries that I found along the way. When I got there, I was thin, almost starved, and weak. They took me in and fed and clothed me. I was given rooms and servants. I became the Lady Éowyn’s companion/servant; it was through her that I met Éomer. We began to meet more and more often, until finally we married, it was a secret wedding with only Éowyn invited as we knew that the King would not approve. He found out, and it turned out that he had chosen someone to be Éomer’s wife, a distant relation. He was very displeased to say the least. I was given the smallest rooms, as far away from Éomer as possible. It was happening again, I was invisible, I was easy to forget about as I did not, and do not, come out of my rooms much, I keep my distance and they keep theirs, As I sat reflecting on my past, there was a loud knock at the door, I was jolted back to the real world. I wiped the tears from my eyes as my maidservant, who had been quietly sitting in the corner sewing, opened the door. It was a messenger from King Théoden, to say that he, and the Lady Éowyn were coming to my rooms. I thanked him and then started to get ready, I washed my face, getting the last tears out of my eyes, and pulled on a fresh green dress. I brushed my long red hair and put on a silver girdle. I put the silver band on my head, which symbolises that I am a lady from the house of Eorl. There was another knock on the door, again my servant opened the door. This time, King Théoden and Lady Éowyn entered.


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