The tale of the Dorwakes. (An Elvish family trapped in a human’s world) – Chapter one, Yellwen’s death.

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“What is my life for? What am I worth? Is this felling a felling of loneliness or is it a felling of desperation and cold lies that surround me and haunt me till my life has gone and past, till my life is out of reach from my two hands? Or is this life a life of a cold young elvish girl enslaved from the out side world by her deranged dad and depress mum?” I pleaded with my dad who wouldn’t not let me out, who would not let me be a normal girl. “For those who hear me cry in the night are those who are slaving me till my day is done, till my heart has lied down for the last time.” I added to the already desperate sentence.

“You are my daughter and I will not let harm come in your way, the Orcs make camp and goblins two” He replied with a stern look as he clenched his fists.

“I am no normal girl in this city, I am a solder…” I was swiftly interrupted.

“Solder you are not, you are a lady of the royal family” he yelled waving his fists around.

“I’m not even a Human, I am a elf” I got up and sprinted out of the room and swiftly turned the corner and up the stairs and pelted at the door that had enriched with golden in lined letters “Yellwen’s Room”. I ripped at the door with my feet and hand and grabbed the handle pushing it in and the door swung opened. As I entered I felt a chill, I walked over to the balcony and peered out, looking upon the open space of the city and up to the walls. But the wall wear covered in Orcs, Goblins and fouler beasts. “What on the name of Ilabernining the mighty power of the…” I was interrupted by a boulder hoisted up to my towering room by the catapults approaching the open gates. I peered up and saw a dragon like head peering down. Only then did I realise its rider was the dreaded witch king. It was a fell beast might and strong.

I made a break for the door but fell over the wooden plank that fell from the roof. “Back you beast” I yelped kicking the snarling mouth of the angry creature that showed his sharp teeth. I rolled down to my golden-rimed box and yanked it open and swung out a sword of my fathers trade and swung around waving to warn the beast off. “Stay back or die,” I warned as I got up and slowly approached the door. Then to my amazement it took to the air and swung off. I took to the door and yanked it open to be met by sharp teeth of the fell beast. “Not you again” I cried spinning around and heading for my half a balcony.

I had made it but rash decisions also did, I plunged out of the window and rolled down the rocky hillside and landed on the rocks bellow my window. I hopped up and limped to the middle of the concrete wall and to a commander of Elpone a white walled city of Gondor in the 4th age it had its glory but it was taken away now, now that finally they had broken in. “Sir what is going on” I pleaded.

“Nothing for you to know miss” he replied. Then an entire band of Warg riders leaped around the corner and headed for us. The men stood the ground as the sides clashed I gripped my sword as hard as I could swinging it at random Orcs. Then the war cry of the Gondorians came from behind me and made he jump out of my frail skin, and then I was knocked off the wall and tumbled to my death.


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