The Tale of Minuial – Chapter 2 – Minuial’s Beginning

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Minuial fell deep into her thoughts, recalling times long ago. She thought of her mother, Nimrodel, and how they used to wander the woods of the north together. She often asked her mother about her father, but Nimrodel’s face would be overcome with sadness and she would say “Ask me not of your father for it is too sad of a tale to tell. I was young and foolish and had a heart to roam free, and your father knew not of my longing.” She knew her father’s name was Amroth and he was from Lothlorien, the enchanted golden wood. The stream just outside Lorien was named for her mother. It is said that if you sit quietly about the stream you can still hear her voice singing in the trickle of the water. Nimrodel loved the stream and was often seen singing by it’s side. She was one of the fairest of the elves. Her long flowing hair was white like snow. Her eyes like reflection pools of the very stream she held so dear. She was long and slender of build and seemed almost like a vision of purity.

Amroth an elf lord of Lorien, fell in love with Nimrodel as he often watched from his flet in the golden wood, high above the stream. His heart would dance as she sang with a voice that rivaled her physical beauty. He would say her songs were like silver droplets of morning dew upon the mallorn blossoms of his realm. He wanted her always to remain near so he had a dwelling built in the bows of the great trees of Lorien just above the stream for her. He wanted her for his bride, but she would never set to making it so. She had a wandering spirit and did not wish to be held to one place. Though they lived for many years together above the trickle of the stream, the day had come when Amroth awoke to find his love gone. She had left her lover and beloved stream without a trace.

Nimrodel would wander the woods and mountains with a small legion of other elvish women who had the same propensity of spirit to travel without destination. For several years they roamed the forests of the north, never lingering too long in one place. But as free as Nimrodel desired to be, her heart remained with Amroth, for once an elven heart bound to another, it was forever intertwined. When Minuial was a small child Nimrodel left her in the care of an elf woman they traveled with so she could seek out Amroth once more. She missed him terribly and finally felt the longing to return to him as his wife. It is said that she found him rather quickly in Fangorn forest. Although she does not know all the details of their meeting, she later learned that Nimrodel was to collect Minuial and bring her to Lothlorien. Instead of taking to the task at hand, her mother’s wondering spirit in all of her happiness overtook her and she roamed too far and lingered too long in the woodland realms. Her return to the woods of the North did not come until some months later.

She returned to her daughter and took her on their last journey. She was at last taking her to Lorien to finally meet her father. The journey was long and when finally they reached her father’s home they learned that Amroth had left for the Bay of Belfalas. He was sailing to Valinor. He had awaited Nimrodel’s return to the Golden wood for nearly a year. As each day passed, he grew sadder and his hope diminished. He feared that since so much time had passed, the shadow of evil that was befalling the land swallowed his lover and she had perished. His heart was broken and his hope lost. Believing his dearest Nimrodel had met her end in the ever growing shadow, he decided to return to the undying lands in desperate desire of finding her again.

Nimrodel was distraught at the news. She left Minuial in the care of Haldir at the gates of Lorien and set out to find her lover. Nimrodel was angry with herself for tarrying in the woods for so long, but she was always foolish that way. Legend says that Nimrodel found Amroth already sailing on the great grey ship across the sea and called out to him. He heard the call of his lover that traveled on the wind. He tried to turn the ship to go back for his dear Nimrodel, but its course was already set. Distraught, he dove into the great sea in a desperate attempt to return to the shore, but the sea was stronger than he. Seeing her dear Amroth in peril she rushed into the water towards him. That was the last that any eye ever saw of them. To Minuial’s knowledge, Amroth never knew of her birth.

Later the young orphaned elf learned her father was the Lord of Lothlorien and she would have been it’s princess, could her bloodline be proven. However the only one who could account for the identity of her father perished in the Bay of Belfalas with him.

Haldir, the guard of the gates of Lorien took in young Minuial and raised her as his own. In many ways, he was the father she never had. He gave her all the love a father could give to his own child. They remained ever close. Haldir was the captain of the Lorien guard, and was of the strongest character. He was not what anyone would consider affectionate, or warm with anyone. Many thought of him as arrogant and detached from the lives of others as far as they fell outside the bounds of his duty. But to his adopted daughter, he was very caring and doted upon her always.

Haldir educated his new daughter in the ways of the elves. He taught her songs that told of elven lore. Together they wove cloaks, and tended gardens. He showed her how to weave rope, hurl arrows from a bow and wield a sword. He passed to her the knowledge acquired during his life and made her a happy home. He reveled in her thirst to learn ever more. When she was old enough, he traveled to Rohan and returned to Lorien with the finest horse he could find. He was a strong graceful steed as white as the mountain snow. She thanked Haldir with an affectionate embrace and kissed him tenderly upon the cheek.

“Hannon le ada” she said lovingly.

Nothing warmed his heart more than when she called him ada. Haldir was proud of the beautiful young maiden that blossomed before him. When the day came he would marry her well to one of the fine guardians in his charge. He knew she was of a higher caliber, but it could not be proven.

Minuial smiled as she patted her new friend “Oh Ada! He is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon!”

He could hardly contain the joy he felt as he watched her, “What will you call him my dear? He has yet need of a name.”

She paused for a moment in thought. ” I will call him Aeglos.”

The horse whinnied with approval. Haldir laughed as he put his arm around his daughter, “It would seem he likes it…. Come, let us go, Aeglos has journeyed long and it would serve him well to rest. Tomorrow we shall ride together among the wood.”

Many years passed, and Minuial grew into maturity. Haldir found himself away from Lorien on duty more and more. She missed him terribly when he was gone. In the spring of her three hundreth and forty-seventh year, her Grandmother, Galadriel, came to Lorien. She came with her husband Lord Celeborn. They had come to dwell in the highest bows of the golden wood as Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. Her Grandparents were both elves that crossed the great sea long ago. Noldorin in origin, both were very wise and powerful. Particularly her Grandmother. Galadriel was exquisite in beauty and kind of face though a strength and might seemed always to linger just below the surface of her skin. She seemed to glow with an aura of white light. When Minuial asked Haldir where her radiance came from, he explained that she was the Lady of Light, a great elven sorceress and the keeper of one of the rings of power bestowed upon the elves.

After a short while, Galadriel summoned Haldir to her. “Bring me the child who is said to be that of my son, for I wish to look upon her face and into her mind.”

“Yes my lady.” Haldir returned quickly with Minuial at his side. “May I present to you my lady, Minuial of Lorien.”

Minuial bowed her head respectfully. Galadriel gazed long upon the young elf before her. Although no proof existed, and many thought of her as Haldir’s daughter, Galadriel, knew that Minuial was truly the daughter of her beloved son.

“You have done well Haldir. Her mind is strong, filled with thought, and her heart with love. I have no doubt now that she is my kin.” She paused for a moment as she probed their minds further. “Haldir, do not trouble your heart, she is as much your daughter as she is my son’s, I will not take that from you, for that is a bond that can not be broken.” Haldir heaved a great sigh of relief, for he had feared long that she would be parted from him. Galadriel smiled knowingly at Haldir and spoke to his heart with words that could not be heard.

She taught Minuial a great many things. She spoke of her father and all of his greatness. She never spoke unkindly about Nimrodel, though others had. They cared for the trees and gardens together in the bows of great golden realm for many long years.

(I know it ends kind of abruptly, however please note that this chapter will be further developed at a later time)


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