The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – “When You Fall In Edoras.”- Chapter 19

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Legolas, Lomelindi and I stood watching Lathrawen fall upon Theodred’s tomb. I could have ran down to her in a heartbeat, the way wasn’t long. Lomelindi must have read my mind. “She must do this on her own Eomer.” I hated to hear those words, but they were true.
Lothiriel walked down to Theodred’s tomb and withdrew her sword. I could hear every word.
“Lathrawen.” Lathrawen looked at her, but did not move. “Get up.”
“Why kill you now? You have your whole life ahead of you.” She stood.
“It is you who shall die princess.” Lothiriel unsheathed her sword and held it to Lathrawen’s chin.
“Fine.” She stood, and it began. They fought for their lives, intensely. I could tell that all Lathrawen wanted to do was finish it. Lothiriel took a hard blow to Lathrawen, but she stopped it. Lathrawen had nearly escaped. She used what energy she had left to cut off Lothiriel’s right hand. I knew it wouldn’t be good from there.
Lothiriel fell from the pain and began to weep. Lathrawen took time to catch her breath and gain some more time. During that moment, Lothiriel had stood and had stabbed Lathrawen through the stomach. I panicked, wanting to help her. Lothiriel broke into laughter, Lathrawen on her knees trying to breathe.
“I am going to kill Eomer and rule Rohan! No one is going to stop me, not even the princess of Mirkwood! Do you really think Eomer loves you? He married me!” Lomelindi stood in shock, tears started to flow down her cheeks. Lathrawen had been her best friend, all she had left since Melriel left with Frodo. “Do you love Eomer this much?” Lothiriel finished. “To die for him?”
Lathrawen pulled the sword out from her and shoved it into Lothiriel. “Yes.” Lothiriel fell to her knees as Lathrawen stood. “I do.” Lothiriel fell dead. At that time, I ran down to Lathrawen, who was lying on the ground.
I knelt down beside her and lifted her head. “Lathrawen!” I didn’t want her to go, I loved her with all my heart. “Please don’t leave me now. You have done so much for me.”
She opened her eyes and quickly smiled. “I give you my heart Eomer, King of Rohan.” She paused. “I love you.” With those words, she was gone. I wished I could take everything back: the fight, Lothiriel, my son. I wanted to take back my son, just to have Lathrawen here with me. I learned how I could make things right, and I promised Lathrawen silently what I would do.
I sat, holding Lathrawen in my arms. I felt a hand on my shoulder, Legolas. All was silent, by looking at him I knew he was hurt. A single tear rolled down his cheek; nothing more, nothing less. With that, he kissed her forehead and walked back to Lomelindi who sat on the ground holding her arms she was crying so hard. What had I done…


The sky went grey, the clouds where rolling in. It seemed as if the Vala were weeping for the loss of their child. Her funeral was the hardest thing I had ever been through. More painful then the War of the Ring. Everyone she had touched came to the occasion: Aragorn and Arwen, my sister and Faramir, and Legolas and Lomelindi. Lomelindi had wrote her lament. No one there wanted to sing it; it was too painful, s she sang it. She fought back tears as she sang for her friend. She sang as Lathrawen was carried into Theodred’s tomb, I thought it only right. After all, she loved him with all her heart; he loved her with the same passion. I included the Lament below; first in elvish, then in common tung.

Namarie van Lathrawen en Mirkwood
u i vetned na eden fael onnad
Herenen Lalaith, legar cromsen Ennar
Le innad lend na i Thamas en Mandos
Na Theodred mi lin rainc
A ohtar na beleg curu
Cu lagur a megil astaldo
Le thalion micuil a rodwen ore
Lin lama melui a lim
Lim laer engell a hwin
Neth gael thirwen en minai alata
Yan hin miriel
Nir min Arenal en Mirkwood
Hin i oneth en uired meleth
A an sen hin delu mi na fuin
Glaer le na idh nae lin fea innas bedi bo
Namarie Lathrawen, mellon nin

Farewell fair Lathrawen of Mirkwood
This is not the end…just a new beginning
Lady of Laughter, you have left this Middle Earth
You will journey the Halls of Mandos
With Theodred in your arms
A warrior with mighty skill
Her bow was swift and her sword valiant
You were strong in life and noble at heart
Your voice was sweet and clear
You sang of joy and gladness
A young pale face maiden of unique radiance
Fair eyes sparkling like a jewel
Weep of the Princess of Mirkwood
She was the giver of eternal love
And for this she fell into darkness
We lay you to rest alas you spirit will go on
Farewell Lathrawen, my friend.

I lifted my head in time to see them close the door to the tomb. I didn’t want her to go, but something told me she was still there. Lomelindi excitedly pointed. “Look! Look! Atop the tomb! It is her, it is Lathrawen!” We all looked up to see the tomb, sure enough she was there. Her ghost appeared to wave to us all, and smile. She ran down and hugged her brother, kissed Aragorn on the cheek, and embrace Arwen and Lomelindi. She kissed Faramir on his forehead, and hugged my sister; she came down to me.
“Namarie, Eomer.” she smiled and took my hand. Before my eyes, Theodred appeared by her side. She let go of my hand and took his, they floated to the tomb. She laughed and he said “Farewell my friends.”
Lathrawen finished, “We shall meet again in the halls of Mandos.” A gust of wind came trough the valley and carried them away and they kissed slowly. The wind seemed to say “Namarie.” Maybe it was just me. This encounter shall never leave my head, nor anyone else’s. We all know what we saw. It was her. Now I know we shall all be together, in the end.

After the death of Lathrawen, King Eomer did all he could to preserve her in the world of the Rohirrim. Various banners, flags, and paintings were made in her honor. If you flew the banner of Lathrawen, you were the warrior of warriors. He raised his son, Elfwine the Fair, to know nothing of Lothiriel. He was told only of Lathrawen.
Melriel and Frodo were wed in the Shire. Frodo wished to go to the Grey Havens alone, but Melriel would not leave his side. They sailed into te West, together.
Faramir became the next Steward of Gondor and married Lady Eowyn of Rohan some days after Lathrawen’s death. They had one son whom they named Theodel, in honor of King Theoden. They lived in Minas Tirith together to the end of their days.
Lomelindi and Legolas returned to Mirkwood where they were made King and Queen. They ruled with kindness and mercy.

So ends the tale, of Lathrawen


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