The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Things Look Bleak- Chapter 6

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That morning I was up and dressed before dawn. It was custom for Mirkwood Elves to dress alike in battle, no matter what your rank in the army; we relied on camouflage and had to blend in with our surroundings. Other elves did not understand this and made it so that the higher your rank, more metal was used. They would stick out, like a flame in the dark, in our forest. I sat at the window, watching the sun peek over the mountain side.
Lomelindi popped her head into my room. “Good morning Lathrawen!”

“Good morning.” I got off the window sill and sat on my bed. “Why are you in such a good mood?”

“He is close, I can feel it!” he being Legolas. She ran to the window. “Any day now…”

“Well now,” I quickly brushed my hair. ” today we fight.” I grabbed her hand and we went to the stables, Melriel was already there.
Theodred led us into battle; we surrounded the Uruk-Hai and took them by surprise. It was a small band and we defeated them instantly, more were on the way. “Melriel!” Theodred yelled. “What do you see over the horizon?” he killed the last Uruk and it gave a pain filled howl.
“Well, to put it simply…” she ran over to us. “I don’t think we can hold this field.” Lomelindi, Theodred, Melriel, and I exchanged worried faces. Lomelindi spoke.

“We must try to hold them off!” Just then, arrows started flying past me. Lomelindi turned and faced the arrows. I put up my shield and it quickly filled with arrows, one arrow in particular broke it in half. Then, I heard Lomelindi give out a mournful cry. She stumbled into my arms.
“Lomelindi!” I shouted in disbelief. She had been shot in the back. Melriel ran over and gave me a sorrowful look, then pulled the arrow out; quickly but gently. “Please don’t leave us now.” She looked up at me.

“So this is what it’s like, this is how it feels to die.” She fell unconscious.
Melriel quickly took her from me. “We must take her back to Edoras.”

“Theodred!” I searched for him. “Theodred!” I did not see him. I quickly looked over the entire battle field.

“Lathrawen!” He was behind me. I let out a sigh of relief, then went back to business.

“Theodred, we must turn back! There are too many Uruk-Hai and we have to few men alive.” He glanced around him and nodded.

“Rohirrim! Fall back! Ride to Edoras!” So they did. By the time we arrived in the Golden Hall, Lomelindi had lost a lot of blood, too much. She was gasping for air, Melriel kept her awake at the fear of losing her while she slept. It was just about mid-day.

“My ladies, Sir Gaenry…” Theodred softly said as he entered the room. “We ride to battle, down by the Fords of Isen this time.”

“Can’t Melriel stay with Lomelindi?” Gaenry pleaded. Theodred looked to his right.

“I suppose. You and Lathrawen have to come. It’s a large band of Uruk-Hai, everyone in my company and Hama’s able to fight is riding with me.” We followed him out to the stables and he helped me onto my horse. Eowyn and Eomer watched us ride away. I was riding in the water when I heard a rustle in the trees. The wind was not blowing so it made me very nervous. I quickly rode over to Theodred. “What is it?” he knew something was wrong.

“It’s a trap!” I stopped right next to him. “They are on the other river bank!” Suddenly the Uruk-Hai attacked, an ambush. Cries of pain rode in the wind as both men and orc fell to their doom. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Theodred fighting with another Uruk coming up behind him, just like last time. I tried to run over to help. “Theodred, behind you!” I was too late. The Uruk stuck him in the left side of his stomach and he fell to the ground. The Uruk was just about to finish him off, when I jumped in front and sliced off his arm, then his head. I dropped my sword, ran to Theodred’s side, and turned him over. “Theodred?” I had never been so nervous in all my life.
“Lathrawen? I told you I have to learn to watch my back.” He forced out a smile and fell unconscious. I stood and picked up my sword. A short stubby Uruk waved his sword at me, I ran over and stuck him in the back. It laughed as it fell to the ground. Before I had time to move, a huge orc with a white hand on his head shoved his sword into my right shoulder. He then ripped it out and spun me around so I faced him. My skin tore against his sharp blade as he shoved it into the right side of my stomach. Before he could slit my throat, Gaenry cut down his leg from behind. Another orc cut across Gaenry’s left arm. When none of the men were standing, the Uruk-Hai left.

I lay face up in the mud about five feet away from Theodred. I wanted so badly to crawl over to him, but I couldn’t. The whole right side of my body went numb. I thought of Legolas, and hoped he was alright. I thought of Legendel, Elvithrawyn, and Mar; if they were alright. I closed my eyes and thought of Aragorn, Eowyn, and Eomer. I opened them, everything went black. I saw Lomelindi, Melriel, and Theodred. I closed my eyes again, everything went white. Arwen stood with her arms spread apart. “Lathrawen, lasto beth nin. I am here for you, I shall protect you.” With another bright flash of light, I was in Lothlorien. Lady Galadriel appeared. I had met her as a child and saw her every time we visited Haldir, a family friend of Lomelindi and Melriel.

“Lathrawen, my child.” She smiled and held out her hand. “It is not your time now. You have so much to be, and to do. Your fight for love, shall be in vain. Red as blood, shall be the stain. And all shall turn, to silver glass. When you fall, in Edoras.” My world went red.
When I awoke in Edoras, my stomach wound had fully healed; thanks to Lady Galadriel. Immediately I had thoughts of my friends. I got out of bed and tried to ignore the pain in my shoulder. I walked to Lomelindi’s room. Melriel lay sleeping on the floor. I walked by Lomelindi’s bed. She was still bleeding a little and was crying. Moving on, I found Gaenry. “My lady!” He was in a cheerful mood.

“Thank you Gaenry, for saving my life.” I said, clutching my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it!” he laughed. “Any friend of Melriel, is a friend of mine. You are a good friend if I’ve ever seen one.” I smiled, nodded, then headed to Theodred’s room. Grima was leaving his room with an empty vile, he grinned upon seeing me. I peeked in Theodred’s room, nurses were hurriedly fixing up his room, turning up his bed, and fluffing his pillows. I heard Eomer’s voice, it sounded like he was angry. I peeked around the corner and saw him. He held Grima around the neck, one foot above the ground against a pillar. A sharp pain went through my shoulder and down my arm. I listened in on their conversation.

“How long is it since Saruman bought you? What was the promised price Grima? When all the men are dead you take your share of the treasure?” He paused. Just then, Eowyn walked by. She stopped and looked at the scene. Grima moved his gaze from Eomer to Eowyn, she stormed off. “Too long have you watched on my sister.” Eomer started again while tightening his grasp aroud Grima. “Too long have you haunted her steps.” He paused again and Grima grinned. Eomer turned his head to see the guards of the hall coming up behind him. They grabbed his shoulders and he looked around in amazement as they ripped him off Grima.

“You’ve seen much Eomer son of Eomund.” Grima moved closer to Eomer. “Too much.” Eomer swayed and tried to get free of the guards’ grasp. Grima kicked him and he gave a cry of pain. I put my hands over my mouth and backed around the corner my shoulder was the only thing preventing me from challenging them. “You are banished forth with from the Kingdom of Rohan,” Grima said. I waited for the opportune moment to jump out and beat Grima to the ground. Remembering my shoulder, I just peeked around the corner again. ” and all its domains;” Eomer moved violently, trying to break free. He shouted from fury and anger. Grima finished with a solemn, “under pain of death.”

“You have no authority here! Your orders mean nothing!” Eomer used as a last protest, Grima kicked him again.

“But this order does not come from me, it comes from the king.” Grima pulled out a piece of paper. “He signed it this morning.” It was I signed banishment document, Eomer’s name was at the top. Eomer looked up at it, sadly and stopped struggling. The guards pulled him back. Eomer gave an outcry of rage as they dragged him out of the hall.

Grima smiled and started to roll up the paper. Forgetting my shoulder, I ran out to him and reached for the banishment paper. He threw it behind him and grabbed my wrists. A sharp pain slowly danced up my arm. “Who are you to come here and ruin these people? Times are hard enough as it is! They need Eomer, Theodred is slowly healing but not fast enough! They need Eomer to lead them into battle and rule them.” I struggled to break free, my arm hurt too much though.
“Don’t you see? That is exactly why I got rid of him!” He threw me to the ground and I slid across the floor. Tears ran down my cheek my shoulder hurt so bad. He began to walk away.

“What did you do to Theodred?” I demanded. Grima turned around and rolled the empty vile at me. I sat up and it rolled into my shoe, I lifted it up to my face.

“He was healing, like you said. I can’t have that.”

“You poisoned him!”

“How else should I have killed him?” He grinned and walked away.
“You can’t!” I screamed. Grima turned around.

“And why not?”

“Because I love him.” I stood and threw the vile at Grima. It hit the wall and shattered into a million pieces, falling to the ground like rain.

“What a pity.” He left the room. I ran back to my room and cried the afternoon away.
That night I went to see Theodred. The air was as still as he was. “Theodred?” I kneeled by his side and crossed my arms.

“Lathrawen, on the table…” He tried to lift his hand but barely could. I walked over to the table and found a ring. “It was my father’s, mine…I want you to have it.” He opened his eyes.

“Hannon le, thank you.” I walked to his bedside and took his hand. “Your hands are cold.”

“I regret, that this is the end.” He smiled. “I would have liked to kill more orcs beside you in my lifetime.” I laughed. “And who would have thought, I would die with the elf princess of Mirkwood by my side?” He coughed, the poison was taking affect.

“No! The grace of the-“

“No, Lathrawen.” He gave me a sympathetic look. “No, my time has come.” He put the ring on my finger. “Remember me, my love.” With one last exhale, he was gone.
“Ferou, Theodred. Westu hal. Namarie, Theodred.” I kissed his forehead and went to my room. I cried my self to a mortal sleep that night, the life of the Eldar was leaving me.


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