The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Distress in Rohan- Chapter Four

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“But Rohan needs our aid!” I was standing with Melriel and Lomelindi, trying to convince my father to allow us to help Rohan fend off the Uruk-Hai that were killing innocent people.
“No! I will not send forces and that is final!” the king had no good reason to decide that.
“My king, we must help the bordering lands! We cannot just sit back and watch.” I took a step closer to him. He put his hand up, motioned for me to stop. I took another step forward, against his will. “You want to sit and watch them suffer, don’t you…” With that, he stood, Lomelindi moved infront of me.
“My lord, I shall send them out.” She showed us to the door. “What are you trying to accomplish Lathrawen?” She grabbed my arm. “Are you trying to get exiled?”
“We are only trying to help those in need.” Melriel answered. Lomelindi let go of my arm. “As lady of the court, you should realize that.”
“It is foolish to go! If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re selling something.” She turned to go back inside. “Listen to what I said.” she opened the door. “No, understand what I said.”
Melriel and I began walking in the forest. We came to a little river with a log for a bridge. I began to walk across it, Melriel followed. We walked on a little further, there was a small party. We sat down together, had some food, and discussed our situation. It began to get dark, so we headed back. We came to the river again.
“I think we should go together, just you and me.” Melriel took two steps onto the log, I began to follow. “Think of it! You and I fighting together, just like old times. It would be fun!”
“Yes,” I let out a soft sigh. “it would be fun. You really want to go?” I slipped but caught my balance. “I mean, we could just do as Lomelindi said…stay here.” I wobbled back and forth.
“No! I think we should leave tonight!” She turned around to face me. “Please!” She turned around again. “Let’s goooooooo!” I quickly looked up, she fell in the river! I dropped down onto the log and looked for her. I saw a light shining from underwater, her ring, I grabbed her wrist. Her head came above the water and she gasped for air as I pulled her onto the log. I stared into the water, listening to her breath. After a few minutes, she spoke. “Lathrawen?”
I turned and looked upon her face. She really wanted to go, I hesitated. “Alright,” I gasped. “we will ride in an hour. Let’s get out of here.” I pulled her to her feet and we walked home. I tip-toed past my king and made it to my room unseen. The people in the palace were not as keen on security with Legolas gone. I packed things that were necessary : my ring, my tiara, my hairbrush, two dresses, two pairs of shoes, and this journal. I wore my green tunic, with brown pants and a brown belt. I closed the door to my room for what I thought, the last time ever. I snuck down the hall to the kitchen. I grabbed some lembas bread, enough for ten people.
On my way to the stables, I heard footsteps behind me. I drew out my sword and turned around with a loud “Heya!” and to my surprise, it was Melriel. She told me to be quiet because someone would hear us. I laughed as I put my sword back in the sheath. I mounted Isar; Melriel, Unorfindir. We were ready. Isar hadn’t made it two steps out of the stable, when I heard Lomelindi. She was on her horse, Amelas.
“Were do you two think you are going? I thought I told you to stay here.” Her dark blue eyes twinkled from the torch on the stable wall, I could see she had been crying.
“Lomelindi, where are you going?” I inquired. She smiled.
“With you.” Amelas jerked his head, someone was coming. With that, the three of us turned and headed out.
“I thought you said that-” she stopped me and began her explanation.
“I would rather die swiftly by the blade than slowly by grief,” she ducked underneath a branch. “waiting for my love.” The three of us rode to Edoras together.
“We send for aide, and I get three Elf maidens?” The welcome was not exactly pleasant but, he was the prince of Rohan, we had to show respect. His name was Theodred, son of Theoden. King Theoden was fairly old for a human, you could tell just by looking at him.
“We can fight as well as any man can, or better!” I said with rage. Lomelindi put her hand on my shoulder.
“If you would rather us leave, you can fight alone. Let me warn you, our king will not send you any men. You are alone, we can help you.” She winked at me. “We came on our princess’s will.”
“Three Elf women are not going to make that much of a difference.” He crossed his arms and looked to the floor. We turned around and started to leave. “Wait!” He yelled, we turned around. “You may stay, it’s worth a try. Many of my people are dying, we need any help we can get.” I smiled at him, and he at me. “Who is your princess my I ask? I would very much like to meet her.” I looked at Melriel, she smiled. I turned my head to Lomelindi, she nudged me forward.
“I am Lady Lathrawen, Princess of Mirkwood.” I curtsied and lifted my head to see his face. He raised his eyebrows and gently smiled. “We are glad to help.” Prince Theodred looked 24. Theodred had shoulder length, brown, wavy hair. His skin was not fair, tan, you could tell that he spent a lot of time outside. His hands looked rough from throwing spears, that’s what Rohirrim do, ride horses and throw spears. I would soon discover, that Theodred would change my life forever.
I roamed around the palace, looking for my room and things to do. I found a strange looking man, Grima Wormtounge. A chill goes about the air when he is near me. He is altogether evil, I can feel it. He followed me were ever I went. Getting tired of it, I quickly ran behind a corner to loose him. Some one grabbed my arm and I jumped. They put their hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, a man. “Are you lost Elf maiden?” he said. He gently let go of me, I spun around. The man had light brown hair and light brown eyes. His armor was red and silver colored leather. I quickly looked away from him.
“Were is my room?” I firmly requested. He pointed down a hall and told me which room. “Thank-you.” I softly said. “I’m sorry, I did not catch your name.”
“Eomer.” He leaned closer, just like the man in Rivendell. “And your name is?”
“Lathrawen.” I moved away and walked down the hall.
“If you need me,” I stopped walking and turned around. “come find me.” He smiled, I returned it. I walked into my room and sat down on the bed. I drew out my sword and went through motions. I heard clapping, so I spun to the door to see Theodred. I put my sword in its sheath.
“My lady, it is time for battle.” He held out his hand, I did not take it. I ran out to my friends, and to my surprise Eomer was in the stalls too. He lifted me onto my horse, and I was off.
We met the Uruk-Hai with a clash. Blood flew every were and I was covered. I heard men gasping for air, sighs of pain, and death floated above us. Swords clanged on my left, and horses cried on my right. I slashed an Uruk arm off and bashed it on the head, saw Melriel and ran to her. “Too many orcs for us to kill.” She inhaled heavily.
“No! Just keep fighting!” I stuck an Uruk. In a split second, Melriel was lying on the ground holding her arm and blood was trickling down her fingers. “Melriel!” I was shocked. “Lomelindi!” she looked up. “Get Melriel!” I ferociously fought off more orcs to protect Melriel.
“Cover me!” Lomelindi ran over and picked up Melriel. She got on Amelas, and made sure Melriel was securely on the horse. “I will be waiting in Edoras!” She was off. I turned and saw Theodred. He was battling an Uruk infront of him, with another coming up behind him. I ran over and prevented the Uruk from killing Theodred, while he finished the one infront of him.
“Thank-you.” he said.
“You are welcome.” I smiled.
“Lady Melriel was injured, were is she?” Theodred looked straight at me. Uruks were frantically running away, trying to escape. We had won the battle this time.
“Lomelindi took her back to Edoras. Why?” I put my sword in the sheath.
“Just making sure.” He had a twinkle in his eyes. We walked back to our horses and rode to Edoras together.
Lomelindi sat with Melriel in her room. She moaned from the pain, I would have too. I decided to let them be. I walked around the palace, and heard Theodred talking to himself in his room. I walked to the doorway, his door was open. I gently knocked on the door. “May I come in?”
“Lathrawen, I um…” he turned toward me, nervously. “Sure.” I laughed and stepped inside. “It’s not much of a room, compared to what you are used to I bet.” He hurriedly fixed his bed.
“Are you nervous? I heard you talking to yourself.” I walked around his room. He had a bear skinned rug, and beautiful tapestries hung all around. I could feel that he was watching me.
“Well, I just want to say…” I moved over to him and sat down in the bed. “I am sorry. I underestimated you and your friends. The truth is if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here.” I smiled at that and he sat down next to me. “Do you forgive me?”
“Or course I do.” He returned my smile and stared into my eyes. I stood and walked back to my room for a few minutes. But not for long, I could hear Lomelindi yelling to Melriel and the next room. I knew I had to help comfort her.


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