The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter Two- Rivendell: Lord Elrond

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“Welcome! I have called you all here for a special council. The topic of which shall be revealed in due time. I welcome you fellow Elves, Men, and Dwarves. My servants shall show you to your quarters.” Elrond greeted us as we entered his domain. I walked beside Legolas, looking at all the other creatures that had answered Elrond’s call. I tall man, with brown hair watched me as I did so. On his vest, was the tree of Gondor. He smiled at me, shocked I turned around. Legolas saw this and glared at the strange man. I was frightened of men, so dirty and mortal! Why should this one be different? I looked and saw Aragorn, his smile I welcomed.
Legolas began to walk, so I followed. Lord Elrond saw us and began to speek at he outstreched his arms. “Your father send word of your engagement. She is a fine Elf.” He and Legolas embraced. We had always considered Elrond an uncle. “She will make you very happy.” It was my turn. I ran into his arms. “I have had many visions of you both.”
“Please tell us!” I said looking at my brother.
“If I told you, something might happen to change them!” He replied with a twinkle in his eye. “But I can tell you this. Lathrawen, you will meet up with someone you have not seen in quite a long time. You and your brother shall go your separate ways from my halls. Why, I cannot tell you. Do not be troubled, for you are bound by friendship and love, you shall not be seperated for long. You shall be reunited again someday.” Legolas glanced down at me and went to his room. “Lathrawen,” Elrond said as I was just about to go to mine. “Your end, shall be an unexpected one. Men can be deceving. May the grace of the Vala protect you.” His twinkling eyes became frosty. He patted my shoulder and was gone. I sat down on a nearby bench and thought of home. I would go back with Legolas, and everything would be alright.
“Lathrawen? Oh Lathra- Is it really you?” a voice said from behind. It was feminine, yet strong like Elrond’s. “You have grown! It has been such a long time!” I twirled around.
“Arwen!” I ran into her arms. “I have missed you so!” Arwen was like my older sister. She played with me in Rivendell, when my brothers were off riding horses with her brothers.
“And I you!” Arwen twinkled like the stars, she always did. “Travel was well, I hope?”
“Yes, yes! Everything was fine!”
“Good.” We sat and talked together for the longest time, the sun was setting over the waterfall. “Come!” She finally said. “Father is having a party tonight and I want you to look wonderful!” We ran up to her room and she gave me a dress that was as blue as the sea. My long blonde hair looked like rays of sun light when it fell upon the dress. My dark blue eyes pierced the rays of sun that fell into Arwen’s room from the setting sun. I fixed my tiara and put on the ring Elrond gave me the last time I came to Rivendell; Angol, the ring of Lathrawen. Before I left, I found my sword. Lord Elrond had given it to me for my Birthday as a young girl. Urul k , fire-dragon, was what I named it. I gently ran my fingers up and down the sheath. “Lathrawen,” Arwen thouched my shoulder. “Come.” As we walked down the stairs, she mentioned that she would always protect me, were ever I was. I did not see how she could do this, but I thought it sweet of her to say such things.
“Are you not joining us tonight?” I politely asked, she had done everything for me!
“No, I dine with my father this evening. And..” she started to continue, but I knew who she was talking about. Arwen was deeply in love with Aragorn, a ranger from the North. Aragorn was like a brother to me. I know his destiny, and I do not think he will be ready when the time comes, unless he has changed over the years. I walked down the stairs by myself and looked for Legolas, he was no were to be found. I sat down on a bench.
“Waiting for someone?” I heard from behind me. This voice was not familiar to me so nervously I turned to find the tall man from earlier.
“Yes.” I arogantly replied to him. I turned back around to signal I was done talking, he ignored this.
“Can I help you find them?” He walked so he stood in front of me. And leaned forward, to close for y comfort. I stood and began to walk.
“No, thank you.” I said bitterly as I walked away. I moved to a different part of Rivendell, not wanting to go to the party. I sat near the stables.
“Well, you are the last person I would expect to see here Lathrawen.” Aragorn said mockingly as he walked closer into the light.
“Same here. What are you doing here? There is a party, why aren’t you there?” I inquired.
“I was just about to ask you the same question.” he crossed his arms and leaned back on one foot.
“Well,” I paused, trying to gather my thoughts. “I really don’t know why.”
“Then we shall go together!” he smiled
“But Aragorn, what about Arwen?” I looked around and saw her in a window. She put her finger to her lips, and motioned me to go with him. “Alright.” I was hesitant. He took my hand and we ran to the party and danced in a large group. Then Legolas came, so I danced with him. Aragorn left to go “read”. I bet he left to be with Arwen. Legolas moved away from the party and motioned for me to come along. He wanted to talk about something serious. I sighed and followed.


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