The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter Ten- So It Begins

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I stood between Haldir and Melriel as I saw the Uruks get closer and closer. Gaenry stood near the King. Lomelindi stood next to Legolas, and he next to Gimli. It began to rain, my breath hung in the air. The Uruks stopped, everything went still.

“Frightened my lady?” Haldir said, never taking his gaze off the enemy. They began to pound their spears.

“I fear nothing.” I fingered my bow.

“Is that true?” Haldir smiled.

“Aye, it is.” I looked at Melriel, she never took her eyes off the enemy.

Aragorn began drilling the elven troops. “A Eru chin, u dano I fealas a hyn an uben tanatha le faelas.” In the common tounge, that means “Show them no mercy for you shall receive none!” Everything drew silent. The men of Rohan readied their weapons. All of a sudden, an Uruk fell dead with an arrow in its neck. “Dartho!” Aragorn yelled. The Uruk army ran towards us. Aragorn yelled above the clatter of the armor, “Leithio I philinn!” The Uruks were showered with elven arrows as Aragorn walked up and down the lines yelling “Tangado a chadad!” so we did. Ladders started crawling up the wall, slowly. I drew my sword, Rohirrim as it was, among elvish.

Haldir put his hand on my shoulder. “My lady,” he smiled. ” we fight!” He ran in front of me and killed the first orc up the ladder, a Bezurker. I looked over at Lomelindi, I had time.

“My friend!” She yelled. “Your sword is unstained!” She held up hers. “Two by blade already!” She stuck her sword right past my head, I whirled around to see an Uruk fall dead. “Three!” I tried to make my way to my brothers, we fought best in a group. There were too many Uruks, elves were falling dead to my left and right. I decided it was time.

I embedded my sword in the chest of an Uruk, he dropped dead. Another came up, I sliced off his head. I took two steps forward but stopped, an arrow flew right in front of me. I turned my head to follow its path. It ended in an elf with a green cape, Legolas! I ran over to the elf that lay face down on the ground, turned it over, it wasn’t Legolas; it was Mar. “Oh Mar!” I buried my face in his shoulder.
“Lathrawen.” He smiled. “Mother is calling me home.” He groaned from the pain.

“Mar, don’t give in!” I realized then that it was hopeless, he was going to die. I started to get up.

“No, don’t leave! Not yet.” He grabbed my leg.

“Mar, they need me.” I knelt beside him.

“No please!” He coughed his last. “Lathrawen.” That was the last thing my brother ever said to me.

“Go now. Be at peace, my brother.” I kissed his forehead and took his sword, that was the only thing my family would have to remember him by. I sheathed my Rohirrim sword and fought again with elvish blade. I glanced across the bridge for Melriel, I found her. I sprinted over to her. “Mar, he has fallen!” We pushed a ladder over together. “We must hold the Uruks back!”

“More and more are coming! It is hopeless.” She and I tried to catch our breath.

“Do not lose hope!” Aragorn ran over. “The defenses have to hold!” With that, he was gone. Melriel and I continued to fight together. After a little while, I heard Aragorn yell “Tago hon dad, Legolas! Dago hon!” Then, in a flash, the wall burst a few feet away from us.

Theoden called out “Brace the gates! Hold them, Stand firm!” Melriel and I ran to the edge of the wall and looked down. Aragorn was leading his company in a charge against the Uruks. We could not help, we were in Haldir’s company.

We ran over to Haldir, and the three of us fought, I have to say we made a fairly good team. Aragorn yelled up to Haldir. “Nan barad! Haldir, Nan barad!” Haldir nodded.

“Nan barad!” He yelled, many elves turned and fled. “Go!” Haldir shouted and he killed an Uruk. “I’ll cover for you so you can leave safely.”

“But we can help!” Melriel shouted.

“Go now! Before it is too late!” We started to run, but heard him scream. I spun around, he had been hit in the arm and stumbled from the pain. He saw us and was just about to follow, then an Uruk hit him in the back with an axe.
“Haldir!” Melriel cried. I grabbed her arm to keep her from running to him. We watched as he fell to the ground.
“The fortress is taken, it is over.” King Theoden said as one of him men wrapped his shoulder in cloth.

Aragorn ran up to him. “You said this fortress would never fall while your men defend it. They still defend it, they have died defending it!” Legolas flipped over a table to barricade the door.

“So much death, what can men do against such reckless hate?” I looked and glared at king Theoden, tears formed. So many of my friends have died, was the battle lost?

“So many of my elven kin have died, your men have died! How can you forget them that easily?” Everyone looked at me. “They have given their lives for you, can you not win this battle for them?”

“This is not the time or place, daughter.” He scolded.

“What do you propose we do then my lord?” Elvithrwyn said mockingly. He was always on my side, no matter what.

“Ride out with me.” Aragorn said. “Ride out and meet them.”

King Theoden replied. “For death and glory?”

“For Rohan, for your people.”

“Yes, yes! The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep, one last time!”

Legolas came over to me. “You must stay behind.”

“No, I can fight!”

“No, you should stay here.” He sounded sad, I nodded and watched as they all rode away.

“What is wrong?” Elvithrawyn was leaning on a table, crying. I had never seen my brother tis way before.

“Oh my sister, my baby sister, my only sister! Our brother, he has fallen!” He looked up at me, tears streaming down his face.

“Here.” I held out Mar’s sword. “I took it as something to remember him by.”

“Oh no Lathrawen, not Mar too! Say not the he has fallen!” Elvithrawyn took the sword.

“Lagendel too?” He nodded. “Oh cursed be this day, that I should loose not one, but two brothers! Oh I pray for my dear Legolas, for Lomelindi, Melriel, and Aragorn! I pray for their safety!” Elvithrawyn and I embraced like never before. Death, had brought my family closer together than ever before.


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