The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter One- In My Father’s Realm

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“One of you must go to Rivendell!” No one moved. My father, king of Mirkwood, was begging for one of my four brothers to go to Rivendell for the council of Elrond. Of course, I was eavesdropping on the conversation. “Don’t all of you volunteer at once!” I slowly inched around the corner to watch. My brothers looked at each other with blank faces, then the ground. “Why have I been tormented with such lazy son’s?!”
“We are not lazy father, just uneasy to go…” I looked up at my brothers, shocked at what had been said. I looked down the line and saw that it was my eldest brother, Legendel. He was the only one bold enough to challenge my father.
“And why are you so uneasy to go?” father sounded annoyed and irritated. My brothers said nothing. “Elvithrawyn, my second oldest son, surely you shall not let me down! Will you go?”
“Father, no hard feelings, aye? But I would not go to Rivendell if my life depended on it.
Remember the incident with the horses? Elrond wasn’t to happy with me after that…” he giggled and swayed about, looking and Legendel. They laughed together.
“Well, you are, quite right…” Father replied. Looking to the side.
“Might I suggest, that you send Mar?”Mar hesitated and looked at Elvithrawyn.
“Oh, no my lord!” he said. ” Why would you send me?”
“Because your brother suggested it!” Father was getting irritated.
“But um,” Mar searched for an excuse. “the air there makes me so uneasy and sickly! My
stomache aches and when I burp, I get little chunks of…” he held him stomach and pointed to his mouth.
“Please son, spare us the details! Obviosly you cannot go. I won’t send you!” Father gazed down at Legolas, the youngest of the four boys, and closest to my age. He was my favorite brother. He was the one that played with me when we were younger. Also, my friend Lomelindi, was truly in love with him and I could not allow him to leave.
“My lord,” I said “why not send me to Rivendell?”
“Lathrawen, please, stay out of this! Please go…have you been eavesdropping, again?” He looked at me with sad and weary eyes. I could tell that he was growing tired of arguing with my brothers. I stood strong to my course.
“No…of course not my lord.” I meekly replied. My name, in elvish, means eavesdropping maiden. My name suited me very well.
“Lathrawen, please understand. I am not going to risk loosing you like you mother.” My brothers bowed their heads out of respect. “She was killed on the way to Rivendell and that is the last place I am going to send you!”
“But, my lord, she was killed in an ambush 300 years ago! Those goblins are bound to be dead!” I was getting desperate. “I , I am friends with Arwen. Yes, and I havn’t seen her in such a long time! Please father, may I go?”
“No! That is final!” he paused. “I make the decisions.” he looked sternly at me and arose out of his chair from all the fury. “Legolas!” I backed away, in line with my brothers. The one thing I feared the most was my father.
“I, I shall go…” he gulped so hard, even a dwarf could have heard it. He looked at me with his famous “puppy pout” I melted and tears came. “If that is your wish.” He bowed and took my hand.
“Ha, see! I knew one of my son’s would come through for me. Legolas, you leave tomorrow.” Father stormed out of his hall along with a rampage of words. The only word I could decifer was my name. All my brothers went to their bows and headed for the practice range, all except Legolas. He walked with me out to the courtyard were we had played when we were younger. He sat me down on a stone bench and stood accross from me next to a rose bush.
“Do you remember when we were younger, and we would play together back here?”
“Yes, I do.” I looked up at him. “I never was alone.” He smiled and scratched his head.
“I think this is my favorite place, you?”
“Yes.” I could tell that wasn’t what he wanted to talk about.
“Father loves you Lathrawen. I know it might not seem like it sometimes, but he does.” He narrowed his eyes and fixed them on a rock. Gathering thoughts.
“I know.” I wasn’t quite sure were he was going with this converation, but I had a bad feeling about it.
“Why did you ask to go to Rivendell in my stead? Why would you do a thing like that?” he sat down next to me. I could not meet his gaze, so I stood and looked at the rose bush.
“I did not want you to leave me.” I meekly answered.
“You would have left me! Why did you ask Lathrawen?” he stood and took my hands. “Tell me the truth.” I took in a deep breath and two steps backward. “Please Lathrawen! Do not do this to me!”
“I cannot and will not tell you Legolas. It would surely be the end of me to break such a promise.” I’ve said too much! I ran back into the palace and out the front door. Strangely enough, Lomelindi was standing there. She was deeply in love with my brother Legolas. I had known this for quite some time and had promised not to tell Legolas about her love. I took a deep breath. “Legolas suspects something.” I softly said.
“You didn’t tell, did you?” she immediately replied. Starting up the steps.
“No, never!” I shouted. Just then, Legolas burst through the front door.
“Mae govannen Lomelindi.” He gently said. I could tell, he loved her as well. “You look lovlier each and every day.” She turned her head at me and blushed.
“Thank you, my lord.” she softly replied.
“Please,” he started. “call me Legolas!” They exchanged smiles. I decided to leave them alone to find my brothers. Sure enough, they were where I said, at the target range, they were practicing.
“May I practice with you guys? Please?” I moved in front of them so they would listen.
Legeldel was first born and heir to the throne of Mirkwood. Of course, he had the rest of my fathers life time to prepare for that, elves live for a long time. Legendel was the boss, you never did anything without consulting him first. He aimed his bow in between my eyes.
“I don’t know.” in his voice, I could tell, he didn’t want me to. “Ask them.” I turned to Elvithrawyn and Mar.
“Well,” Mar said. “we could have her be a moving target!” That remark got a laugh out of Legendel, but a beating from Elvithrawyn. Elvithrawyn was the only one who would challenge Legendel. Legendel knew everything and anything about sratagy, Evlithrawyn with the sword.
“Stop it!” Elvithrawyn yelled as he punched Mar to the ground. He stood and looked at Legendel, who nodded his head.
“She can join, I guess.” Legendel didn’t sound too happy. Elvithrawyn smiled and nodded. I ran and got my things. Legendel and Elvithrawyn had fought during the second age, the first war of the ring, on the very slopes of Mount Doom. Mar was still to young, father wouldn’t let him.
Our father had married only once. Lady Beledien of Lorien was her name. She had long blonde hair, and was as pale as the snow. My brothers and I all have those traits. She loved to sing, and was very good. I got that characteristic. Beledien was an accomplished fighter, she fought with four times the strength of any man could. She had the same passion I do, she loved her life and was proud to be our mother and Queen of Mirkwood. She taught my friends and I many of the fighting skills we know now. Father wouldn’t allow it. `They are young girls!’ would be a famous reply, mother believed in allowing us to do what ever my brothers did. I love my mother. When the word spread that she was dead, I naturally tried to find and kill those who had taken her from me…my king disapproved. My brothers then began to include me more, watch out for me more carefully. I just wish my father had done the same. Instead, he drifted away from me, asked me to call him `my lord’ and `my king’ instead of `father’. He always hid me in the shadows, I was thankful to have my brothers and friends who cared.
That evening, Father called me to his hall. “Lathrawen!”
“Yes my lord?” I meekly replied, remembering not to call him father.
“I realize what you did was for your brother, and I forgive you.”
“Thank you my lord.”
“I also realize that you are growing up.”
“I know my lord.”
“Therefore,” he looked at me with teary eyes. “I have decided to allow you to accompany him to Rivendell.” I jumped up and down from the excitement. Realizing what I had just done, I glanced around to see that no one was there.
“Thank you father.” I smoothed out my gown.
“Don’t tell anyone yet.” He sounded annoyed with me already.
“Yes my lord.” I calmly walked out. As soon as the door closed behind me, I ran to find my brothers and tell them the news. Only three of my brothers were sitting at the table. Legolas was somewhere with Lomelindi. Legendel spoke.
“There are trolls on that rode, or at least there were.”
“Spiders lurk among the trees in the shadows…” Mar was trying to scare me.
“Rumor has it, that a mighty dragon killed the trolls and ate the spiders.” Elvithrawyn said as he glared at Mar. I loved the attention! I thought about the dragon, what a foe that would be! I tried to hide my excitement.
Just then, Lomelindi ran over with Legolas. They were running to father’s hall, they were asking for his blessing! I knew the next spot would be Lomelindi’s home. I waited for them to return so I could go too. Sure enough, they came out with smiles across their faces. Lomelidi ran up to me and hugged me. Legolas approached and crossed his arm’s.
“Don’t follow this time.” he said. I nodded and he kissed my cheek. “I don’t want you around all the time!” he was trying to be funny, it didn’t work. I went back to the party to talk with my brothers.


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