The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter Nine- Truely Refuge?

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Over the hustle and bustle, a guard yelled “Make way for Theoden! Make way for the King!” At this time, Lomelindi had fully recovered. She was a bit sore, but would soon feel better. She, Melriel, Eowyn, and I ran down to meet the surviving men.

“So few, so few of you have returned.” Eowyn searched the men for Aragorn.

“Our people are safe. We have paid for it with many lives.” Theoden gave her a solemn look. I placed my hand on her shoulder and she smiled at me. A dwarf walked up to Eowyn, he was supposedly friends with Legolas; Gimli was his name.

“My lady.” He said as he took his helmet off.

“Lord Aragorn, where is he?” She nervously replied. I moved up next to her, Gimli took a few steps back.

“He fell.” Gimli lowered his head. I glanced at Eowyn, a tear rolled down her cheek and she ran off. My brother walked up to Lomelindi and kissed her softly. With his hand on her shoulder, he glared at me. I looked into his eyes, I saw nothing but fury; was he still angry with me for what I had done? I ran to the wall and folded my arms on it. I threw my face into my arms and cried.

“Lathrawen?” Melriel came over and glared and placed her hands on my shoulders, holding me against the wall. Lomelindi gave Legolas a stern look.

“Is this how you treat your sister?” Lomelindi backed away from him.

“That girl, is not my sister!” He defended himself. I looked up at them, my face had tear streaks. It was heavy from all the tears and my head light from crying so much.

“She has been sitting with me, praying for your safety, she loves you!” Lomelindi came over to me. “You have changed Legolas, not her.”

“Why defend her?” He frowned. I walked up the stairs with Melriel. Lomelindi moved back over to Legolas.

“It pains me to see you like this.” She took his hands. “She is your sister Legolas! She has depended on you all these years, you show up in Rohan and cast her aside. She needs you.” She kissed his cheek. “Please, go talk with her. All it is, is a misunderstanding.” She followed us up the stairs.
A few hours later, I closed the door to my room. I finally gathered enough courage to talk to Legolas and apologize for anything I had done to make him this way. I walked down the steps outside the main hall. Aragorn ran up to me. I jumped into his arms. “Lathrawen!” He put me down. “Alright?” I nodded.

“Oh Aragorn! I feared the worst!” He laughed. I moved back. “Don’t ever do that again!” There he stood dazed, then broke out into laughter. Legolas came over and Aragorn stood to face him.

“Le abdollen.” Legolas said. “You look terrible.” They laughed, then Aragorn went to talk with King Theoden. “Lathrawen.” I turned away from him and crossed my arms. “I understand if you are angry with me. I said things I shouldn’t have.” I began to walk away. “Lathrawen, please!” I stopped. “Won’t you look at me?”

“And why should I?” I shouted as I turned towards him. “Aren’t I not your sister?”

“No!” He ran up to me and took my left arm. “I was wrong.” He took both of my hands. “Will you not forgive me?”

“In time.” He frowned. “I cannot stay mad at you forever.”

“You know Lathrawen, you have changed.” I tilted my head from disbelief of what he had just said, then he finished. “You are much more forgiving.” With that, he left.
That evening Legolas, Lomelindi, Gimli, Melriel, and Gaenry, stood together. I stood next to Aragorn. “Farmers, farriers, stable boys…” Aragorn shook his head. “…these are no soldiers.”

“Most of them have seen too many winters.” Melriel giggled.

“Or too few.” Legolas added. “Look at them, they are frightened. I can see it in their eyes.” He spoke in elvish with Aragorn so no one would understand. “Boe a hyn. Neled herain dan caer mening?”

Aragorn answered. “Si berithar hyn ammaeg na ned Edoras.”

Legolas narrowed his eyes. “Aragorn, men I ndagor. Hyn u ortheri. Natha daged aen.”

Aragorn switched back to common tongue without realizing it. “Then I shall die as one of them!” I left after that, I could take no more. I went to my room and gazed out the window. Eowyn ran through the hall below, looking for Aragorn. Legolas helped women and children into the caves below. I dressed for battle in my normal outfit, then added some chain mail. That was all I needed. If I was to die, so be it.
A horn echoed on the Keep. I had not heard this horn in over 300 years, yet it sounded familiar. I rushed to my window, Elves! I ran down to the balcony in front of the main hall; Lomelindi and Melriel were already standing there. Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli ran past me. The elves were making their way to the stairs in front of me. King Theoden went down to greet them. I looked up the ravine and saw little white lights; the orcs were coming, they would be here soon.
“How is this possible?” King Theoden stood in awe. I looked at the Caption of the elves, I gazed hard trying to identify him. It hit me, it was Haldir! These elves were from Lothlorien, and some from Rivendell. I glanced around still and saw three familiar faces; Legendel, Elvithrawyn, and Mar had come to fight as well. There were no other elves from Mirkwood, unfortunately. We could have used their help. I listened in on the conversation again.

“We are proud to fight along men once more.” Haldir said with a grin, Legolas stood behind him. “To your posts! Follow Ki-” Aragorn stopped Haldir. “Follow Aragorn.” Haldir saw me on the steps and bowed. I ran down the stairs, in front of him and lifted his up. “My lady, I-”

“Haldir, you need not call me `my lady’.” I hugged him.

“Lathrawen then, where are the girls?”

“Lomelindi and Melriel?” I asked.

“Who else?” Haldir looked nervous and tense.

“They are up on the balcony, why?” I pointed to the stairs.

“Thank you Lathrawen.” He began to move past me. “Ill news at home.” I wondered what it could be, I stopped myself; it wasn’t my problem, it was theirs.

“Lathrawen! Why did you leave? We have been worried sick!” Legendel embraced me, unusual for him. I was reassured that he cared for me.

“Aye, father has too.” Elvithrawyn picked me up and twirled me around.

“It was foolish of you to leave home!” Mar said as he hit me, on my bad shoulder. I fell to my knees from the pain, it was not fully healed. I gripped my shoulder as my brothers fell beside me.

“Lathrawen?” Legolas knelt by me. “What is it?” The rest of my brothers did the same.

“I fought with Theodred by the Ford of Isen. We were ambushed, so many men fell.” My brothers glanced around at each other from disbelief. “Theodred was fighting with another Uruk coming beside him. I tried to help him, but I…” I began to cry. “I was too late!” I rubbed my eyes with my left hand. “After I killed an Uruk, another stuck his sword all the way through my right shoulder and then my stomach.” I looked at Elvithrawyn. “I think a piece of the blade fell into my shoulder.”

“You aren’t fighting.” Mar picked me up and began to carry me up the stairs, I quickly jumped out.

“She will choose.” Elvithrawyn sided with me.

“She is too weak.” Legendel protested.

“Weak? She just jumped out of my arms!” Mar convinced Legendel. Now I only had to persuade Legolas. We all looked at him.

“No! I will not loose you.” He stood alone.

“Legolas, I’m not a little girl anymore. I can make my own decisions and fend for myself.” I gently turned his head towards me. “I am going to fight.” He nodded. I could feel my heart break in two as a tear softly rolled down his cheek. I wanted so much to tell him everything would be alright in the end. The truth was, it wouldn’t be alright. I could feel it; this tale was not going to have a happy ending.


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