The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter Five- A Night To Remember

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“Melriel…are you awake?” Lomelindi sounded worried. “Come on, you can pull through this. I am here for you.”
“The nasty orc sliced all the way up her arm, she’s lost a lot of blood.” There was a man, tall and had brown hair. He turned and saw me, stood, and kneeled. “My lady Lathrawen.” Lomelindi greeted me with a hug and introduced me to the young man. His name was Gaenry and he had been helping Lomelindi care for Melriel. He had met her earlier and fallen in love, naturally, he wanted to make sure she was alright. I decided everything was going well and left the room for my own. Very little to my surprise, Theodred was standing by the door.
“Lathrawen, I want to thank-you again for helping me. I have to learn to watch my back when I battle.” He smiled. “It might be the end of me someday.”
“Do not say that! I am sure that with a little practice, everything will be perfect.” I offered a reassuring smile.
“Isn’t everything already perfect?” He put his arms around me and leaned closer. I quickly turned my head to the side, and he kissed my cheek. I pushed him away and without looking back, walked past my room into the main hall. I ran into Grima.
“You Elves are nothing but trouble! Why help the horse men? They have nothing to give you in return.” He said, grabbing hold of my wrists. I broke free.
“Why not help them?” He took hold of my arms this time.
“I shall see to it, that you three are destroyed!” His pale blue eyes searched my face for fear, and found some. He grinned and continued. “I shall see to it myself, that you die a slow and painful death, unlike the rest of your people, princess.” Theodred came around the corner, then suddenly stopped. He looked past me, so I quickly looked in the same direction. There stood Eomer.
“You shall not touch her again.” Eomer moved over and grabbed Grima around the throat, gently pushing me back. I watched with delight as he threatened Grima over and over again. “You lay one finger on her, and I shall do far worse things to you than you could ever dream. Lay but a hand on her, and you shall die an untimely, painful death. Grab hold of her hand, and I shall ease your passing from this world. Touch her again, go ahead…” I looked over at Theodred with a smile on my face. He was hurt, but how? Did he think that Eomer…loved me? He turned and left. “That was a command! Are you scared Grima?” Eomer finished. He let go of Grima and took my hand. “Do not touch her, ever again.” He led me to my room and reminded me of dinner. I began to get ready.
That night I sat next to Eowyn, Eomer’s sister. I also sat next to Lomelindi, Eomer sat across from me, Theodred across from Eowyn. “A toast!” Theodred said as he stood from the table. “A toast to the Elf maidens from Mirkwood, that came to our aide in a time of need.” He wouldn’t look at me, I left my eyes cast down.
“Such a fine proposal indeed, my dear coz!” Eomer raised his glass, looking at me. “To the Elf maidens?” With that, everyone yelled “To the Elf maidens!” I folded my hands and put them in my lap. Eowyn put her hand on my shoulder with a smile. “Let us eat.” Eomer ended the conversation and the feast began. It was nothing compared to the parties back home. Melriel and Gaenry entered late into the feast. She had healed well with Lomelindi by her side, Gaenry popping in when he had the chance, and occasional visits from Eowyn and me. From the wound, she acquired a long scar that ran from her wrist to her shoulder. She always wore long sleeved dresses, so no one would notice anyway! She came in, hand-in-hand with Gaenry. I didn’t get it. I thought she loved Frodo Baggins, a hobbit! But she was laughing at his ridiculous jokes and smiling, all signs of love. Melriel ran up to me and sat down.
“I know you didn’t approve of Frodo.” She took my hand. “Be honest mellon nin, what do you think of him?”
“I think Gaenry is a fine man. Elves do not belong with hobbits, it would never had worked. Stay here with Gaenry.” I was scared of falling in love and becoming a mortal. I was fearful to die. I forced out a smile and decided to talk to Theodred. I left the table and went to my room to dress for the party. My dress was silver, and sparkled like Mithril. My long blond hair had grown to my hips, was still straight, and as soft as a feather; I left it down. Lomelindi wore a lilac colored dress that was long and flowed over the ground as she walked. Her deep blue eyes played off the dress beautifully. Melriel wore a dress that was the color of the sun that sets over the sea, a dark red. It hung loosely off her shoulders. She had braided her brown hair, it was as long as mine.
The three of us walked outside together. There was a band of minstrels playing the music and singing that night. Melriel immediately ran off with Gaenry, and Lomelindi sat down in a big chair. I knew she missed Legolas and longed to be with him. I could see it in her eyes. Eomer gave me a wink and walked up to her. “Are you alright, my lady?” He sat down next to her.
“Yes.” she looked up at him, he wanted a reason for her to be so melancholy. She took in a deep breath. “My fiance is on a quest. I am waiting for him to return for me.” she wiped a tear from her eye. Eomer stood.
“Come!” He held out his hand. “Dance with me!”
“No Eomer, I’d rather not.” She slid further into her chair. Eomer would not accept this for an answer. He took her hands and led her over into a big group of people, all dancing. That was the first time since Legolas left that I had seen her smile. I was so happy for her, I stood and watched her dance.
“My lady?” I jumped, It was Theodred. “I want to apologize for earlier this afternoon, out side your room. If I said or did anything that startled you, I am sorry.” He put his hands behind his back, turned away from me, and looked to the ground.
“No, do not be sorry.” I gave him a smile and He looked up at me. His figure stood out from the setting sun and his brown hair blew in the wind that was constantly kissing my cheek; I could not look away from him. He tilted his head to the side, his eyes softened and were fixed upon me. “What is it?” I gently enquired. The wind flowed through the valley and my hair left my face, blowing to my left and my dress did the same.
He smiled. “Nothing.” He walked closer to me and held out his hand, I took it. We ran up the stairs in front of the golden hall. There was an enormous barrel of fire, we danced next to it. The sun was gone, but gave a glow above the mountains. The night sky was colored as if the purples and dark blues were twirling and could not stop. The stars slowly crawled out from behind the clouds. It looked as if day did not want to give way to night, but night insisted it was its turn to shine down on Edoras. As we danced, I looked up into his eyes; endless circles of brown color that were glazed with light from the fire. The flame’s glow seemed to jump across his face, we danced on. He lifted his arm and twirled me around and slowly brought me back around to face him. He gently put his arms around me, and mine on his shoulders. Then, I realized that I did love him. A kiss sealed my fate, I would become mortal and gladly embrace it. He leaned closer, I closed my eyes.
“Theodred!” Grima’s voice bellowed and rang through out Edoras. It startled me, I pulled back away from Theodred. He took my hands.
“He wont give me a moment to call my own.” He said under his breath. “Be prepared to battle tomorrow. It has been a few days since we last fought Uruk-Hai, I suspect something.” He softly kissed my cheek. “Sleep well,” he looked into my eyes. “my Lathrawen.” With a smile, he walked off to find Grima and his father. I slowly walked down the stairs and found Lomelindi and Eomer. Lomelindi ran up to me and embraced me with a hug.
“I saw you up there, how romantic!” She smiled and stepped back. Eomer joined in our conversation.
“Lathrawen, Lady Lomelindi has told me of your lovely voice! Wont you sing a song for us all so that we may hear? I would feel privileged to hear you sing.” He had a grin of his face.
“Well, I can’t think of any songs.” I looked at Lomelindi.
“Come now!” she laughed. “You always sing at home! Just once for Edoras?”
“Promise not to laugh!” I ran up to the minstrels and told them I was going to sing. I turned to face the people, Melriel clapped for me. I took in a deep breath and began my song.
Gil-galad was an Elven-king.
Of him the harpers sadly sing:
the last whose realm was fair and free
between the Mountains and the Sea.
His sword was long, his lance was keen,
his shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heaven’s field
were mirrored in his silver shield.
But long ago he rode away,
and where he dwelleth none can say;
for into darkness fell his star
in Mordor where the shadows are.
The whole time, everyone watched me. Melriel ran up to me and asked me if I wanted to sing with her, I nodded and we began.
Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!
O Queen beyond the Western Seas!
O Light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees!
Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!
Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the Sea.
O stars that in the Sunless Year
With shining hand by her were sown,
In windy fields now bright and clear
We see your silver blossom blown!
O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees,
Thy starlight on the Western Seas.
We decided not to sing the rest in Elvish so the people would understand. After the song, I retired into my room. I sang the song of Beren and Luthien to put myself asleep.


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