The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 3- Night Before the Council

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Do you know what I told her, before I left?” Legolas stood, pacing. I sat on the ground with my arms around my legs. He looked at me; remembering his question, I shook my head. “I told her that I would love her forever, until the end of time.” I looked into his eyes. As he spoke of his undying love for Lomelindi, I remembered the day I first met them.
Two small elves, Legolas and I, were playing in the garden. Legolas was a brave hero. I was a damsel in distress. I always hated that! I was `lost in the forest’ and stumbled into another elf girl, slightly taller and two human years older than her. “Watch were you are going!” She said.
“Sorry.” I said, Legolas came and helped me to my feet. “Why are you here?” I said as I brushed the dirt off me.
“Gardening the royal garden. What business do you have in the garden?” She said mockingly.
“We live here.” I answered. “I’m Lathrawen!” Legolas put his hand to his head and sighed.
“A thousand pardons! I did not realize! Please forgive me.” she looked to the ground.
“Forget it,” Legolas replied. “You mistook her for someone else. I am sorry, I did not catch your name, what is it?”
“Lomelindi.” she smiled and turned. “This is my younger sister, Melriel.” Melriel ran up to the group and instantly glowed with happiness.
“When I look at her, I’m home.” Legolas continued, shaking me from my daydream. I am relaxed, and not afraid to be me. When I am standing in the hall, I feel pressured to be what father wants me to be.”
“He does that to all of us.” I held back the tears of my reality. Legolas sat down next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Another memory came.
“Just remember girls, be careful. I don’t want to explain any of your deaths to the King.” Legendel said holding my arm steady. “I would we as limp as a n old fish by the time he was finished with me!”
“Don’t worry about us!” Lomelindi’s arrow hit the center of the target. “Your turn Melriel.
“I couldn’t in a thousand years make that good of a shot!” with that remark, Legendel went to help Melriel. I glanced down my arrow and released it. “What was that!” Melriel jumped.
“Lathrawen, did you shoot that?” Lomelindi said with astonishment. My arrow had split her’s in two. “Amazing!”
“Never do that again!” Legendel shouted in my face. “You can make a replacement for that arrow!”
“Now, come Legeldel. That was an excellent shot. She deserves some credit. You girls go get your arrows, and head up to the garden. Legolas is waiting, he just got a new sword from the King.” My mothers voice was soft and welcoming. I couldn’t help but smile, it was soothing to listen to her. And when she sang, oh when she sang! Not even the sweet melody of the wind could compare.
“But mother, I don’t think they should be learning archery. It’s not proper, and father would never approve.” Legendel always did that, just to get rid of me.
“Well Legendel, then I shall teach them.” Mother winked at me and sent Legendel to father to help with `royal issues’ that I was too little to understand.
“She is my future.” Legolas finished. I was snapped back into the real-life and started to reassure Legolas that everything would be alright.
“I am sure she misses you equally. After all, what’s mot to miss?” I stood and crossed my arms. Legolas stood and turned away from me.
“Lathrawen, coming from you that is not very reassuring. You are my sister, you have to say that.”
“Oh no I don’t!” I moved in front of him. “I knew you would say that.” I looked to the ground. Legolas laughed at me for a minute. Then stopped and smiled. “What?”
“Strangely enough Lathrawen, you ease the pain.”
I smiled and replied simply with “I try.” Legolas sat down again and put his elbows on his knees.
“I grow weary, I cannot help but feel concerned about what Lord Elrond said.” He looked up at me. “After all, you are my baby sister. It is my job to look after you. If anything would happen to you, I don’t know what I would do.”
“You don’t have to worry about me. I am a decent fighter, and I can look out for myself.” I sat down next to him. “You need not worry.”
“Yes,” He sounded as if he was in a daze. “You’ll be alright.”
“Legolas, look at me.” He did. “You will see her again. I promise you.”he looked away. “You have always been there for me. Hannon le.” He stood and nodded and I left to my room. I ran to my window and watched Legolas disappear into the mist.
The next morning, Legolas woke me up. “Lord Elrond beckons me, you cannot come. Just get up.” That was the extent of our conversation. I got up, got dressed into the dress I wore from home and ran downstairs to look for Arwen…nothing. I walked around Rivendell, looking at the waterfall and stopped near the Shards of Narsil. I heard footsteps and looked to my left. A shadow turned around the corner, I drew my sword.
“Speak! What is your name?” I yelled firmly. My voice began to shake.
“Do you not recognize your best friend?” the shadow replied. I looked at the wall until the figure came into view.
“Melriel! Oh, is it really you?” I dropped my sword and embraced her as if I hadn’t seen her in a thousand years. “You are supposed to be in the Shire!” I was glad to see her though. I never really approved of her leaving with Gandalf.
“I know, but my love wandered to Rivendell.” She smiled and gently loosened my grasp around her. “My, you and I have certainly changed since I left.”
“Come Melriel! We haven’t got all day!” Gandalf was always in a hurry. He pulled his hat onto his head and mounted his steed, Shadowfax.
“Why are you leaving? Why do you leave now? What’s in the Shire that Mirkwood doesn’t have?” I chased after her to try and convince her to stay, it wasn’t working as smoothly as I had planned.
“Hope, dreams, fate, love; take your pick Lathrawen.” She led her horse Unorfindir out of the stables and mounted him. “Tell me friend, why should I stay here?”
“Friendship, people who care about you.” I ran in front of her horse as a last revolt.
“Lathrawen, let her go…” Lomelindi said from afar. She moved out of the woods and shadow in front of a tree. “Why should she stay?” She said in a low voice, softly. “You shall see her again.” I moved to the side and walked into the darkness.
“Your love?” I stepped back remembering the night she left. “What love?”
“I know you will disapprove, but I have given my heart to a hobbit,” I shook my head from disbelief. “Frodo Baggins is his name.” I tried to change the subject.
“Will you be coming back to Mirkwood with me?” I thought of the moment Legolas, Melriel, and I entered Mirkwood again.
“Yes, and I will be bringing Frodo with me.” She smiled. I gently returned the smile. I thought to myself `Elves and Hobbits aren’t meant to be together. What is she thinking?’ Legolas edged around the corner. He had tears streaming down his face, seeing Melriel he brushed them away. “Legolas?” she softly said.
I ran up to him and took his hands. “What is it?” He looked into my piercing blue eyes and I into his.
“I am leaving with the Fellowship, we are going to destroy the ring.” He paused to push away more tears. `That’s not so bad I thought.’ He took in a deep breath and began again. “We have to take it to Mount Doom and destroy it.” I hugged him, partly for him but mostly because I began to cry. “Tell Lomelindi I will return for her, to wait for me. And tell her,” He took me by the shoulders and took two steps backward. “Tell her that I love her. Promise?” I nodded. He rubbed his eyes as he walked away.
The next morning I mounted my horse, Isar, ans Melriel her horse. Melriel was devastated that Frodo would not be coming with us to Mirkwood, but he swore to come find her. We were off, headed home. I didn’t know how I would tell Lomelindi about Legolas, but I knew I had to. I didn’t know how she would react to Melriel coming home. Things were is motion that could not be undone, we rode on.


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