The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 17- Endings in Gondor

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I stirred to an argument outside my door. I had no clue of how long I had slept for, it must have been a while. “I do not wish to be crowned until they are better. Lathrawen has been my best friend for years, I need her there.” I knew from the first word it was Aragorn.

“We cannot wait forever Aragorn.” Gandalf, of course.

“Melriel shall be well in about three days.” Aragorn suggested.

“Three days is all you have.” Gandalf slowly spoke. I stood and put on a blue dress. It was then I remembered my shoulder; it still hurt, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I sat down and began to write this tale, I’m not sure why. I imagine it will make a great story one day. Before I knew it, it was sunset. I had forgotten that mortals need to eat. I stood and headed for the High Court.

I walked through the streets and saw a familiar face, Faramir. Only, he wasn’t alone. He had met Eowyn. I was happy for him, he had moved on. I kept walking and ran into Legolas, he had food in his hands.

“I was going to bring this to you, see you found me first.” He handed it to me.

“Hannon le, thank you.” I took it and we sat down on a step.

“Feeling better I take it?”

“Yes, thank you. My arm still hurts, but its nothing I can’t live with.”


I walked on Legolas’ left, Lomelindi on his right. It was Aragorn’s Coronation. We slowly approached, then came to a stop, Aragorn met us. He bowed to Lomelindi, she curtsied.

“Lathrawen.” He hugged me. “Thank you, mellon nin.”

“Aragorn, congratulations!”

“I’m just glad you are hear. You have been my strength in many of these battles.” To hear that, meant the whole world to me, I was needed. He put his hand on Legolas’ shoulder. “Hannon le.” He softly said. He looked past and saw Arwen, everyone clapped as they kissed. It all happened so fast.

Together they walked to the four hobbits; the hobbits bowed. “My friends,” Aragorn said, they looked up. “You bow to no one.” We all bowed to the hobbits as they exchanged confused looks. When everyone stood, I looked for Eomer. I looked to see him smiling at me. I ran over to him, avoiding people.

“I thought you had gone home.” I said with relief.

“I received a letter from her,” I knew that wasn’t good. “She wishes for me to return home at once.”

“We will be together again.” I pressed.

“When you begin to give up hope, come to Edoras. I do not know when, if I will be able to come.” I nodded


Lomelindi, Legolas, and I rode back to Mirkwood. Melriel left for the shire with Frodo. Legolas and I went to the Kings Hall, as soon as we entered the room he began to weep.

“Five, five children! And what am I left with? A son, and a daughter that cannot be controlled.” I went to speak, but he silenced me. “I sent them to bring you back, why did you not return?”

“I didn’t come home, because I did not want to return.” I glared at him. “You cannot make my decisions for me!”

“I am your King!” He stood.

“Yes, since mother died you have been my King. But what about being my father?” Everything drew silent. “You have been so busy being my King, I haven’t had a father.”

“Leave!” He yelled, having nothing else to say. I did.

That night, I sat in my room watching the party below my window celebrating our return. Legolas and Lomelindi danced together, it was beautiful. Someone knocked on my door, I answered it; father.

“Lathrawen, I thought about what you said and…you were right.” He sat down next to me on my bed and took my hands. “I haven’t been much of a father to you, can you ever forgive me?” I looked deep into his eyes, they were filled with sorrow. I began to cry, he stood away from me. “You remind me so much of your mother, you look just like her. You have her strength, grace. But I know that you have done something no member of this family has ever done.” Shocked, I looked up at him. “Yes, I know you gave your love to a few men. Now I have even less time to make this up to you.”

“You don’t have to make anything up to me, I can take care of myself.”

“That’s the thing Lathrawen. Elf maidens aren’t meant to be warriors, especially princesses.”

“Isn’t that for me to decide?”

“As your father-“

“I have gone were no she-elf before has fought. I was the first to fight in Gondor, Melriel and Lomelindi were right behind me.”

Everything drew quiet, I knew something big was coming. “I haven’t told the people yet,” fear grew in my heart. He had just started to act like a father, and now he was going to do something big. “I am leaving for the Grey Havens in two days.” My heart sank. “Do not weep, I am leaving Middle-earth for a better place.” Tears formed in my eyes. “We shall see each other again, my Lathrawen.” He placed his hand on my head. “You are princess of Mirkwood, you need to be strong.” I nodded. “I am passing the throne onto Legolas and Lomelindi, you shall be the people’s princess. I leave you in their charge.

I stood next to Lomelindi, watching my father leave the woodland realm; I would never see him again. Knowing this was one of the most difficult thing I could ever imagine. I began to cry, Lomelindi put her arms around me. Legolas looked down at us as she said “Come now Lathrawen, it is alright. Eomer will come for you soon, you’ll see.” She was probably right. Lomelindi was always optimistic, why would she stop now?

A year past, Eomer still didn’t come. I figured it was time. I packed my belongings and headed for the door. “And where are you going?” Legolas took his royal duties seriosly.

“I am going to Edoras to find Eomer.” I proudly said.

“Not alone you aren’t!” Legolas pressed.

“Then I shall go with her.” Lomelindi wanted me to be happy, more then anything at this moment in time. Everyday she told me he would come, to keep my hopes up.

“Fine,” Legolas sighed. “We shall all go together.”


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