The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 16- The Black Gate

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It was quiet, too quiet. I didn’t like it at all. Everyone stood, waiting. I heard Galadriel’s voice inside my head. “I amar prestar aen.” Everything was quiet, I could hear…nothing. My horse shifted its weight, I didn’t hear the rocks beneath it. “The time of the elves, is over.” I waited, listening. “Watch over the King, you are the only one who will be able to save him.”

“Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth! Let justice be done upon him!”Aragorn. I didn’t understand what Galadriel ment. The King? There were three; Legolas, Aragorn, and Eomer. Which one? That, I had to figure out myself. I knew it would be best to stay by all three. That would be impossible, but I would have to try. Everything drew silent and the gate opened, we started to head back to the men.

Eomer put his hand on my shoulder, we were surrounded my the last dark army in Middle-earth. His eyes shifted from side-to-side looking calm, I could feel he was nervous; I was too. Everything stopped, something was wrong. I looked up at Aragorn, he moved away from the group and put down his sword; the eye was talking to him. Watch over the King…

“ARAGORN!” I desperately screamed. I took a step forward but Eomer held me back.

“No,” he whispered. Aragorn slowly turned around to us, a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Aragorn.” I said.

“For Frodo.” Aragorn smirked at me and turned. He charged, yelling. Pippin and Merry soon followed, the rest of us ran also. It had begun.


I fought side-by-side with my best friends , Lomelindi and Melriel, while watching Aragorn. Lomelidi sliced a pig-like orc in two. “I am glad we fight again, together.” she smiled.

“As am I.” I cut off the arm of an orc, Lomelindi finished it right in front of Melriel.

“This is Rohan all over again!” Melriel was frightened. “It is beginning to look hopeless.”

“No! We can do this! Stand together and fight!” Lomelindi was desperate. Just then, the nine flew over the battle field.

“The Eagles are coming!” Someone screamed. The Eagles and Wraiths fought above us, I bet it was quite a sight. Melriel fell to the ground.

“Melriel!” I screamed.

“Lathrawen, look-” I quickly turned to my right in time to see an orc fall. Confused I kept staring. An outline appeared, Theodred! No one else saw him. I stood dazed, he turned and smiled at me. As quickly as he came, he was gone…as if with the wind.

Victory was near, and all hope seemed to be restored; then the worst possible thing happened. The one moment I bend down to help Melriel, a giant attack troll chooses to fight Aragorn. I watched, dazed as Aragorn fell to the ground. I tried to battle my way through, but it wasn’t working. “Aragorn!” he heard me, so did Legolas.

“Aragorn!” Legolas tried so hard to get to Aragorn, but there were too many orcs.

I stood, trying to keep them away from Melriel. The troll stepped on Aragorn, attempting to squash him. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Aragorn took out him elven dagger and violently stuck it in the troll’s foot. A smile came across my face, but was soon interrupted.

My right shoulder, once again felt on fire. I looked down at my shoulder to see my armor was blood-stained, with my blood. I looked up and saw the eye, I could hear him laughing. I hated it. Quickly, I spun around and stopped the orc knife with my bare hand and ripped it out of its grasp. I then shoved it into the orcs shoulder. “How do you like it?” I twisted the knife. Having used all my rage up, I let the body fall. I became light-headed and dizzy.

“Eomer, get Lathrawen.” Lomelindi shouted. Eomer picked me off the ground.

“Alrght?” He inquired. I nodded. “No your not.” He gloomily said. He took out a small knife and cut the rest of the leather straps off the armor I was wearing and ripped off the shoulder pad. “Did that hurt?”

“No.” I said, losing my head. “I can’t feel my fingers.” I calmly said.

“Don’t worry, we’re winning.” I knew he was just saying that, I looked up to the eye. It turned a white sort of color and the tower Bara dur came tumbling down. A huge pressure wave came across Mordor, sending all the creatures into a black abyss. The Towers of Teeth came crashing down around us and Mount Doom erupted, we came to realize and fear that Frodo was still there.

Aragorn stood and turned to me, sorrow covered his face. He looked over the rest of us, so many injured. Legolas picked up Melriel and Lomelindi walked with him.

“Come on.” Eomer said, putting me on Aragorn’s horse.

“We are going to Gondor.” Aragorn said solemnly. We were headed for Gondor and a well earned rest, all of us.


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