The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 15- Ill News in Gondor

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I climbed the stairs up to my room, changed into my black dress. Black, I wore that color a lot in Gondor. For me, it was no happy place. “My lady, you have a visitor!” One of the guards yelled as I closed the closet door.

“Let them in.” I turned and fixed my dress. “Eomer.” He face looked stressed. “What is it?”

“I am to be crowned King upon my return to Rohan.” He played with his thumbs.

“That’s not a bad thing Eomer.”

“No, you- you didn’t let me finish.” Then, the hope I once saw, faded from his eyes. “King Theoden has chosen me a Queen.” I angrily starred at Eomer.

“Theoden wishes me to be unhappy? That is his sole purpose, isn’t it? Isn’t it?” I shouted.

“Lathrawen please!” His voice roared and echoed in my chamber. Frightened, I looked away from him. He caught his breath. “Lathrawen, I- I am sorry.” I nodded. “Lathrawen, I, come here.” I slowly backed away from him out of fear. “Lathrawen, you love me right?” I nodded. He took this opportunity. “Then know this,” he took my hands. “We will be together again. I promise this. If not here, Mirkwood! If not there, Rohan! I don’t care where it is, we shall be together.”

“Eomer, sometimes I wonder if I am supposed to be happy during life.” Never hearing these words from me before, he held me close. “Sometimes I fear I will only be happy in death.”

“No Lathrawen, that’s not true.”

“But what if it is!”

“I wasn’t around when you thought that, was I?” Knowing he won the battle, he left.


“He is to be married to another girl.” I said to myself. I ran down the steps to find someone who knew who she was. I found Lomelindi.

“She is a little taller then you, blonde hair, and rosy cheeks. Oh yes, and she has green eyes.” She pulled her hair back and tied a scrap of cloth around it. “She’s nothing compared to you.” She smiled and made her side of the bed.

“What’s her name?” I helped her.

“That, I do not know.” Legolas woke and made his side of the bed. I left to search for someone else.

“You have nothing to fear! She’s no where near as pretty as you.” Aragorn winked.

“Yes, but what is her name?” I asked again.

“Don’t know, I didn’t catch it.” He laughed, I groaned and set off again. I found Gimli.

“I don’t see what is so special about her, no beard.” he chuckled.

“Gimli, did you catch her name?” I mumbled, there was no hope.

“Yes, I did! Now let’s see,” he paused for the longest time. I waited. “I can’t seem to remember it.” He looked dazed. I walked around for the longest time and found Gandalf, along with everyone else. I heard Aragorn say something about a battle and Black Gate. I waited for Gandalf to come then it hit me, Eowyn would know! I ran into her room, she lay on the bed.

“Eowyn, what is the name of the girl Eomer is to wed when he returns to Edoras?” I slowly said.

“Lothririel.” She said, and went back to sleep. I stood and turned to the door, Faramir was leaning on the door.
“Lathrawen.” he grinned.

“Faramir, she is sleeping!” I moved closer.

“Eomer would visit you when you slept.” He shoved me aside and went to Eowyn, I closed the door. Lothiriel…I would never forget that name.


I sat in the dark tower “my room” once more, waiting for something, someone. I knock was on my door. I stood and smoothed my dress. “You may enter.” I said, it was Aragorn.

“I need not come in, I only bring you a message.” My eyes met his, he looked anxious for something. “We ride to the black gate, I want you with me because I know I can count on you. Prepare yourself.” I nodded and he left. I put on my armor and ran down to the stables, then heard a small voice behind me.

“You are leaving my lady?” Lyssa was standing there, tears running down her face. “Pippin is leaving too.”

“Aragorn needs me. I must go.” I fixed the saddle on Isar, I was ready.

“Who will play with me? Why do you have to go?” She grabbed onto my leg.

“Lyssa, I cannot stay!” She looked at me with teary eyes. “I am going to make a name for myself, when I die my name will live on.” She wiped a tear away. “When I die, you can say `I knew her! I knew the She-Elf Warrior!’.” She smiled and I left. In the main square of Minas Tirith, I ran into Eomer.

“You know who she is?” How did he know these things?

“Tell me, do you love her?”

“No.” He faced forward, watching Aragorn. “I could never.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I did! Don’t you think I tried my best? Don’t you think I fought for what was right?” I looked away from him. “I am sorry.”

“Eomer, you and I have seen so much death. Let us not grieve ourselves more over this matter now.” He nodded.

“It will work out alright, I promise.” We exchanged smiles, then the horn of Gondor ran through the air. “Here we go.” Eomer jest.

We began to move, it had begun.


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