The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 14- War in Gondor

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The next day, when I awoke, I heard “Come on, Quickly now!” rise over the city. I threw on a red dress and ran to the Citadel. When I arrived, Denethor was running around screaming
“My line has ended!”I moved closer to the group of men huddled around the tree.

“He needs medicine my lord!” Pippin was there too, though I couldn’t see him. I ran over and shoved my way through the huddle. I saw Faramir, dead, with three arrows in his chest.

“So my vision has come true.” I whispered as I ran my fingers through his hair. Denethor screamed above the crying, I ignored it.

“What?” Pippin gave me a dazed and confused look.

“I dream of the future.” I calmly told him. I bent down and kissed Faramir’s forehead. “I’m sorry my friend. I should have told you!” Then, Gandalf yelled above the noise and clatter for everyone to prepare for battle. I ran to my room and grabbed my elven sword, put on my tiara and ring, and ran to Gandalf. “I fight were no elf maiden has fought before Gandalf.” He smiled at what I had learned.

“So you shall. Go patrol and make sure the men fight.” I nodded and ran like I never had before. Orcs broke through from above and made their way to the bottom of the city, were I was.

“Fight!” I screamed, no one listened. I began holding the orcs away from the men. ” Fight! You are men of Gondor!” No one moved. I sliced an orc in two. “Don’t just stand there!” Still no one moved. While fighting another I yelled “Think of Faramir!” They all ran to help me, finally. After two days of fighting, the Mordor armies broke through the main gate. We all tried to retreat to the second level, some didn’t make it. We all stood anxiously waiting for death. I then decided to be the first one to welcome them when they broke through the gate. I ran and got Isar, my horse, and made my way to the front. Soldiers kept filling in front of me, I never got to the door. The orcs broke through and began fighting, I fought mounted on Isar. Suddenly, a noise rang over the city and battle. It soared n the sky low, soft, mellow; the horn of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand. With a smile on my face, I looked at Gandalf who nodded. I began my long descend to the field of Pelennor. I could see the Rohirrim fighting with their hearts on the other side of the field, inspired I began to attack the orc from behind; single-handed.

I made quick glances over the orcs between killings, searching for those I loved, and Eomer. I saw his helmet and knew it was him. I also managed to see Elvithrawyn. A sharp pain went through my body, and orc had hit me with a club an the back, I fell off my horse and stumbled trying to and ground, trying to gain balance. Another drew its sword, everything would end there. I had a small vison, Galadriel’s face popped into my head and then out again. “Lathrawen!” Eomer yelled. He rode over and protected me. He gently picked me up onto his horse and held me up, everything went black.

When I regained my senses, the Rohirrim had beaten the orcs back to Mordor. I hopped off of Eomer’s horse and called for Isar. I got on him and rode, looking for Melriel but couldn’t find her. King Theoden yelled “Rally to me!” So I did.

Bellows were heard through a massive cloud of dust. We made a barricade between Minas Tirith and the oncoming…danger. With the loss of my heightened elven scenes, I feared. This was a life-or-death situation, I was needed but I wasn’t who I used to be. I worked my way to the front line; if I didn’t make it, the man behind me would. “Lathrawen?” I looked to my left, it was Melriel! “Thank Eru! You are alive!”

“As are you mellon nin! My heart grows weary, I fear we ride to battle together for the last time.”

“Scared?” She asked.

“You?” I said mockingly.

“No!” We screamed together. Laughing we faced forward together. At that moment, an Easterling horn road above the dust and into my ears, killing what hope I had left.

“Lathrawen, what is it mellon nin?” Melriel touched my right shoulder that still ached from the battle in Rohan.

“Mumakil.” My voice shook with fear. I had never battled a foe like this, but I knew I had to be careful.

Six tusks emerged from the dust cloud, the first Oliphaunt. I stared into its eyes; evil had residence, he was mine. The Easterlings began to chant and Eomer worked his way in front of me. “Stay close.” He yelled. Gamiling sounded the charge and we were off.

Charging head on, we met the Mumakil with whatever strength we had left. The Easterlings had tied giant spikes to the tusks. Neither of us swayed; we were prepared to die, so were they. I pulled out my sword and readied for an attack. “Eomer!” I screamed. “Help me!” He nodded and readied his sword. Together we rode underneath the giant beast, slitting its skin. The animal kept walking. “Nothing!” I yelled.

“Go along the outside now!” Eomer pointed and was on his way. “See you at the front!” I rode along side the Oliphaunt, piercing the skin with my Rohirrim blade. I rode to the front and waited. Eomer hurled a spear at the driver and the Oliphaunt sharply turned to the right, running into another. “Two down.” He said and smiled. I turned my head and saw men shooting at their legs.

“Eomer,” he looked at me. “One perfect shot is all they need. It will save time and arrows.” I reached for my bow, aimed.

“So where do they shoot?”

“Their eye.” I said as I released my arrow. It flew and hit its mark, the eye. The beast instantly fell to the ground, dead.

Eomer was shocked, he shook his head. “Aim for their heads!” He shot an arrow also. With that I rode off looking for Melriel. She was fighting on the ground with Easterlings on their Mumakil. I rode up next to her and shot down an enemy.

“Having fun?” I laughed. All she did was smile at me. The Mumakil was headed straight for another one and Melriel and I were going to be flattened it I didn’t think quickly. “Melriel move underneath the Oliphaunt!” She did, but it was too late for me. The huge spike caught my lower leg. I dangled upside down. “MELRIEL!” I screamed, about to cry from the pain. She rode out to help me. I took out my sword and thought of what to do. I slit the bottom of my pants to see the wound, only an inch. I closed my eyes and cut. I fell to the ground, and stood. Melriel threw a spear up into the animal’s face and it fell to the ground next to me.

“Lathrawen come on!” She stopped her horse and turned to face me.

“I…I can’t really move right now.” My leg froze. She started for me. “NO! Go on without me. I will be fine.” She hesitated, then left. Once again, I fell into darkness.


I slowly sat up and saw Lomelindi. “Where? How?” All she did was smile. I turned to the right and saw Legolas. He smiled at me. I stood, ignored the pain and looked for Elvithrawyn. “Legolas,” he ran up to me. “Elvithrawyn, have you seen him?”

“Lomelindi, Gimli, Aragorn, and I went away from the rest of the group onto the Paths of the Dead. He stayed to fight with Eomer.”

“Great.” I grit my teeth and I searched among the dead, I could feel more blood run down my leg, slowly. Then I saw an Elven spear, stuck in an elf. “No…” I tried to ignore the painn and ran to him, but fell. So desperate, I crawled to him. “Elvithrawyn!” Tears started to form. I looked down at the blade that had so cruely been stuck in his chest. He had died with his eyes open. I hated myself for not being there to save him. Why now? Why him? Why not me? Then I looked at my leg. I had been wounded. It had been me, but Eru saved me. I heard fire and looked up, Mordor. The eye stared at me and seemed to narrow. Sauron laughed. I took the spear out of Elvithrawyn’s chest and used it to stand. I reached down and took the crown from his head, it was now Legolas’. I turned, Eomer stood behind me with his helmet off. He looked up at me, tears streeming down both our faces. “Eomer.” Was all I had to say. He dropped his helmet and hugged me. I slowly regained myself and stopped crying, for him.

“He was a great warrior, and friend.” Eomer sobbed.

“Eomer if there is one thing I have learned in this journey,” he listened to me, looking deep into my eyes. “Don’t carry the weight of the dead.” I gave him a smile, and he returned it. I realized that it was Eomer I was supposed to love now, not Faramir, not Theodred. He looked down.

“Lathrawen, your leg!” Oh no…not now; I thought to myself. “What happened?”

“Nothing, nothing happened.” Lying was not my forte.

“Come on, you can’t stay here any longer.” He picked me up and took me to the Houses of Healing.


“So I am so easily cast aside?” Faramir was not to thrilled to see Eomer visit me every day.

“Faramir, would you just listen to me?”

“Why? You are just like everyone else! I thought when you stood up to my father you were different. I thought you were strong and had spirit. Now I see you are like everyone else.” He began to head out the door. I ran in front, blocking his way.

“Now it is my turn.” He moved back and turned away from me. With a sigh, I began my tirade. “Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe we aren’t meant to be?”

“No.” he turned towards me.

“What do you see when you look into my eyes?” He stepped closer to me and starred into them.

“Stars. A lot of stars, and distance. As if,” he turned his head to the left. “As if you’re far away.”

“That’s not what you are supposed to see, Faramir.” He looked back at me, tears in his eyes. I began to cry. “I know it hurts, but I cannot give you what you are looking for. My heart is taken.”

“By whom?” He put his hands on his hips.

“Eomer.” I looked at his shoes.

“Eomer of Rohan?” He looked at the ceiling.

“I love him Faramir.” I moved out of his way and he left. A tear rolled down my cheek and I turned to close the door. Eomer stood in the door. “Eomer?”

“I heard everything.” He grinned.

“You did?” Embarrassed, I folded my arms.

“Yes.” He took me in his arms. “The feeling is mutual. I smiled. We kissed and the sun set in my window. Everything would be alright, I knew it.


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