The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady of Rohan – Chapter 13- Faramir of Gondor

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“I welcome you all. Come, sit!” I sat between Gandalf, and a young man. The man looked very much like the Gondorian man I saw, rather saw me, in Rivendell. He was as tall as I was, and had light brown hair that rested on his shoulders. I guessed him to be Denethor’s son. He had clear blue eyes and wore his emotions on his sleeve. From the look of his hands, he was quite skilled with a bow.

Denethor had long, grey hair. I thought him rather ugly and quite rude, especially when he ate. He wore long black robes and was quite an unfriendly man.

To dinner, I wore my silver dress. I also wore my tiara for the first time in months. Denethor seemed to like my tiara, a lot. I also wore the ring Theodred gave me, and my hair in a low ponytail. I have to admit, even I though I looked pretty.

“So, my dear, elf maiden.” I turned my head and looked at Denethor, he had a big grin on his face. “I have not been acquainted with you yet. Gandalf failed to mention you in our last meeting.” The servants served the food. I looked at Gandalf, he nodded, I looked back at Denethor.

“My name is Lathrawen, Princess of Mirkwood.” I took my plate from the little girl, she laughed.

“Mirkwood! Is that not the forest of spiders?” The young man said, turning towards me.

“My people live there too, most days.” He smiled and turned around.

“Spiders!” Denethor exclaimed. “You must be escorted everywhere!”

“Well, no. I am quite skilled with bow and blade and am quite capable of taking care of myself.” I corrected him.

“Ha!” Denethor laughed as he set down his cup. “A woman such as yourself, should not fight with anything but words.”

“I am quite capable of doing that as well.” He nodded as he ate some bread. “I was brought up like my brothers.” I argued. “I fight among them!” I stood. “I have died among them.” I looked at my food, I had not touched anything.

“I believe you have gone to far, father.” The young man defended me and stood.

“You should learn to hold your tongue Faramir. Your brother knew how to do that very well indeed.” Faramir was his name. Faramir looked at me.

“Forgive me.” I interrupted for him. “I am not feeling well.” I walked out of the hall.

“I shall walk her to her quarters, if she isn’t feeling well.” Denethor’s eyes followed me out of the hall. Faramir slammed the door behind him. “You are not like the others.” He said. “You have more wit than any other girl I have met. No one argues with my father.”

“Really.” I turned and looked at him. It was night time, clouds covered the sky. “Why is he like this?”

“He has always favored my brother over me. When I found Boromir dead, I knew father would come down even harder on my flaws.” We sat down on the steps.

“Your brother, what was he like?”
“He was a man of great honor. He loved Gondor, and all its people.”

“Does he look like you?” Faramir turned towards me.


“Just tell me!” I nudged his shoulder, he looked straight ahead.

“Yes, I look a lot like he did. He was a little shorter, had darker hair. Why?”

“I saw him in Rivendell.” At this, Faramir stood.

“I loved my brother, he was the only person who cared for me.” I stood and he faced me.

“I must go.” I didn’t feel like talking anymore. He nodded. “See you tomorrow?”

“Yes.” I replied. He walked with me down the stairs, then we went our separate ways. A little later the evening, I had a terrible dream; Faramir was being dragged through the giant doors of Minas Tirith, dead. I stood, put in a robe, and ran to find him. I went to Denethor.

“Where is Faramir?” I was so worried about him, but I did not know why.

“Where?” He stood and walked up to me. “I care not.”

“You care not.” I repeated, turned and left. I closed the door to the hall and looked at the moon. A puff of smoke rose from Mount Doom. I hated Mound Doom! My gaze moved to Bara dur. The eye was fixed upon me. I ran over the long distance of grass on the Citadel to the pointed end of it; it hung over the city. Mordor was right in front of me.

“I see you, you cannot hide!” The fire moved around the eye, he saw all.

“I do not fear you.” I screamed. It increased in size and appeared to devour me. “You shall be defeated! You are the reason of my life collapsing around me! It is your fault Theodred is dead! I blame you for my pain! With what ever strength and courage I have in the end, I will see to it you are defeated!” The intensity of the flames increased and so did the heat. My blonde hair blew around me, or so it seamed. I climbed onto the balcony, liable to fall.

“Lathrawen! Calm down, the men in Osgiliath can hear you!” Faramir pulled me back towards him. I threw my arms around him and began to cry. “What? What is it?”

“Faramir, I saw the Eye!” He grabbed onto my shoulders and pushed me back, hands still on my shoulders. “Sauron spoke to me.” I tried to fight back more tears, no use.

“What happened?” He narrowed his eyes. I told him what had happened, crying between sentences. I don’t know how he understood any of it. “Lathrawen, that’s never a good sign.” I threw my arms around him again. “Lathrawen, its alright. You are safe in Minas Tirith.” He held my face with his hands and gently brushed my tears away with his thumbs. His eyes sparkled in the night. He leaned in closer to me and I closed my eyes. He gently kissed my lips and softly ran his hand through my hair. I pulled back, tears still running down my face, he smiled and said, “Come, I’ll take you to your room.”

The next morning I quickly put on my brown dress and ran to find Faramir, I found him. “Your hobbit friend is getting ready to make an oath to Gondor. I have to be there.” He began to walk away.

“I shall accompany you.” I ran and took his arm.

I stood next to Faramir while Pippin made his oath. I listened to him speak, he was nervous. Denethor stood and said something, but I was not paying attention. The servants mumbled to each other and Pippin came over next to me. One of the servants dropped a silver plate.

“You wish now that our places had been exchanged. That I had died and Boromir had lived.” As Faramir spoke I switched my gaze from the servants, to him.

“Yes that is what I wish.” Denethor took a sip from his silver goblet. He had no heart, if he did it was a heart of stone. I looked at Denethor in shock.

“Since you’re robbed of Boromir, I will do what I can in his stead.” He bowed and turned to face me. I gently shook my head as a tear fell down my cheek, he looked to the ground, then back up at me. With a smile, he began to walk away; I glanced down at Pippin, who stood in awe. “If I should return, think better of me father.” He headed for the door.

“That would depend on the manner of your return.” Denethor icily replied; Faramir walked out the door and I followed, running.

“Why do you follow?” Faramir said as he walked around the tree of Gondor.

“Why are you doing this? Think about it, Faramir. What would your father do if he lost you?” He turned and walked up to me.

“He would bask in the glorious life he has created.” He yelled at the top of his lungs, I stood in shock. “He would forget me.” He turned and began to walk away again.

“Faramir.” He stopped. “Please, don’t leave.”

“I do what I must. You would not understand.” With that, he was gone. I ran into the High Court where Denethor was about to begin to eat.


“Lord Denethor to you!” He stood from his table, I didn’t let that stop me.

“I shall call you what I will.” With that he stood in shock.

“You try to test me girl?” He yelled. Girl? He was a lesser being!

“How dare you! You send your son out with no regard to his life, tell me what to do, then call me GIRL?” I began to weep, tears fell down my cheek. I tried as hard as I could to wrestle him to the ground; Pippin stopped me. “You monster! Foul thing!” All I could do was slap him across the face. The sound echoed through the hall.

“How dare you.” He said slapping me across the cheek. I fell to the ground on my shoulder and screamed from the pain. “Let that be a lesson to you, I’ve shown you mercy.”

“MERCY? All you have shown me, Lord Denethor,” I stood and stood tall. My face red from the blow. “…all you have shown me is that you are a cruel, self-centered, power-hungry, slave.”

“How dare you insult me amongst my servants!”

“You have no heart!” I screamed. It echoed through the hall and out the windows, all through Minas Tirith. This is when I left. No longer could I stay with him. I ran across the Citadel to the edge of the wall. I looked down and watched Faramir ride to his doom. I watched as his men followed him to the end. The orc Captain gave the signal. “NO!” I cried as I leaned over the cliff. I starred at the ground below and watched as the cavalry fell to the ground.

I could take it no longer, thoughts of death raced through my head. I ran to my room and pulled out my sword, holding it to my chest. “Theodred, you shall be alone no longer!” I screamed. Gandalf burst through the door and grabbed the sword from me.

“Lathrawen! What are you doing, fool!”

“Be quick teacher, I long to die!” I pulled out my Rohan sword and held it to me.

“Lathrawen, rash actions will not help you now. I understand your Lord is dead. I also understand you insulted Denethor, and watched as Faramir and his men fell. You have seen much Lathrawen, but please.” He took the sword from me, gently. “Lathrawen, we will need you before the end. Save yourself from yourself. Stay here.” I cried on my bed and Gandalf sat down next to me, stroking my hair. “Elf maidens are not meant to wander from home and fight in men’s clothes. You have done this. And have saved a great many people.”

“Gandalf, oh Gandalf! I am sorry.” I held back tears while others fell into my hands. “Please, forgive me!”

“Calm down my lady. You shall be alright. Just remember, I am here for comfort.” I nodded and he left.

“Oh Theodred.” I stood and walked to the window. It began to rain and I put my fingers on the window. I ran down the stairs to the street, it was night time now. “Theodred!” I yelled. “I weep for you my Lord! I have missed you so, but tell me now; what do I do? Were do I go?”

“Lathrawen.” There Theodred stood behind me. I stood and jumped into his arms, my clothes and hair completely wet. “Many nights have I watched you sleep, and dream, and cry. It needs to end now my love.”

“Yes, but what do I do?” He put me down on the ground.

“I am dead Lathrawen, whether you accept it or not. I love you, I always have, and always will. I promise you, we shall be together one day. When you die, we shall live together forever.”

“So what do I do?”

“Listen in the hills for that answer, my love.”


“Yes?” Our eyes met. And our lips met softly as we kissed in the pouring rain. He stepped back from me and smiled. As swiftly as he came, he left as if with the wind.

“It was just a dream.” I said as the rain continued to fall in my hair. “It was just a dream!” I screamed and it echoed in the streets. I ran up to my room again and cried. I would never forget that encounter. I dreamt that night, that it wouldn’t be our last.


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