The Tale of Lathrawen, Lady fo Rohan – Chapter Twelve- Minas Tirith

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We went through the giant maze of Minas Tirith to get to the top. There dwelled Denethor, Steward of Gondor. Gandalf asked me to wait outside while he and Pippin talked with Denethor, so I did. I sang a song to calm my nerves; they were in there for a while.

I ngîl cennin erthiel
Ne menel aduial,
Ha glingant be vîr
Síliel moe. I ngîl cennin firiel
Ne menel aduial,
And-dúr naun i fuin a galad firn
Naegriel moe. An i natha
An i naun ului
A chuil, ann-cuiannen
Am meleth, perónen.

One of the Citadel guards looked up at me. “That was beautiful my lady. Are you lady Lathrawen of Mirkwood? Your gift is treasured all over Gondor.”

“Yes, I am Lathrawen.” I blushed.

“Sing again! Please!” He dropped his spear and ran over to me. “Just once more!”

“Alright, once more!” I stood and danced all over the Citadel.

I saw a star rise high in the
Evening sky,
It hung like a jewel,
Softly shining. I saw a star fade in the
Evening sky,
The dark was too deep and so light died,
Softly pining. For what might have been,
For what never was.
For a life, long lived
For a love half given

The guards clapped their hands with delight and joined in my singing. Gandalf burst through the doors. “Lathrawen! Not you too! Come, I shall show you to your room.” I nodded and Pippin past me to walk with Gandalf. “Of all the foolish things you have done Peregrin Took, that was the foolish!”

“I only did what I thought was right!” Pippin struggled to keep up with Gandalf’s fast pace, I had no problem. Different heights, different strides. We were walking through the streets of Minas Tirith, when a voice rang over the brilliant, white stone.

“Peregrin Took! Is that you?” A little girl came, pushing through the crowd. A little hobbit girl; thin, small, brown haired, and blue eyed. “What were the chances?”

“Lyssa? Is that you?” He ran up to her, picked her up, and twirled her around.

“Hobbits.” Is all Gandalf said.

“Gandalf? Oh its really you! Gandlf!” Lyssa ran up to him and threw her arms around him hips.

“Hello, my dear Lyssa. Keeping out of trouble I hope.” He patted her on the shoulders.

“Of course Galdalf!” She smiled and tightened her grasp. She looked at me in wonder. “You look familiar. Have we met?” I shook my head.

“Not that I can remember.” I crossed my arms. Lyssa smiled.

“I know now! You look like Legolas!” She ran up to me and pulled on my dress. I kneeled and winked.

“I’m his sister.” She laughed and touched my ears.

“An elf maiden.” She looked at me in awe. “No body at home would believe this!” Pippin laughed. I stood and she took my hand. She was a young hobbit, not too young. She had wit, I’ll give her that. She insisted on walking me to my room, Gandalf let her.

Lyssa Baggins, was Frodo’s sister; Frodo the ring bearer. The very same Frodo that was in love with my dear Melriel. Lyssa had told me all about her adventures with the fellowship and my brother, getting captured at Amon Hen by Uruk-Hai, being taken to Isenguard, and escaping from Saruman without a scratch. She had been through a lot, for one so small. Lady Galadriel always told me, “Lathrawen, even the smallest of person can change the course of the future.” She was right.

Gandalf shooed Lyssa and Pippin away so he could walk me to my room. He led me into a tower with a large stone staircase that went up in a spiral. It was very dark and damp. Spiders, roaches, and rats lurked in the stair. At the top, there were two guards; no pests dared lurk up there. Gandalf opened the door and led me inside.

“We all dine with the Steward tonight. Meet Pippin and I by the tree of Gondor at sunset.” I nodded. “I shall let you be.” He gently closed the door behind him.

My bed was made from cherry wood, it reminded me of Theodred’s. It had a white canopy and white blankets. All around, on the walls, were the flags of all the Kingdoms and their rulers in Middle-earth. On the windows, there was a white tree on red glass. It gave the room a warm glow, with the help of a huge candle chandelier the hung from the ceiling. On the floor there was a large, circular, red rug. It had gold trim and the Tree of Gondor icon in the center.

There, I slept. I dreamed of home, my brothers, my friends, Eomer, and then everything went black. I had a vision of Theodred’s death. If only I had stopped the Uruk-Hai; I could have saved him, and myself. I could hear his voice in my head. “Theodred! Behind you!” I could hear the sword go through his armor. I shook the memory out of my head, another too its place.

“Who would have thought, I would die with an elf princess by my side?” He smiled.

“No, no the grace of the-” he stopped me.

“No Lathrawen. No, my time has come.

“Remember me, my love.” I saw him die again.

“Theodred!” I shouted as I sat up. A tear rolled down my cheek, I let it go. “Theodred!” I looked to the window, I could see his face. “Why did you leave me like this?” I put my arms over my knees and hid my head, crying. “Why did you leave me alone?” I cried away he after noon. I gathered what strength I had, and got ready for dinner.


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