The Tale of Eruname by Iavas_Saar – What can I say? I’m a born romantic…..LadyCoralie

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In northernmost realms yonder great walls of stone,
Dwelled an elf maid that few had e’er beheld,
For tired she had grown with the wars of her folk,
And took with her only her lyre and her cloak.

Long years passed her by and her hope dwindled thus,
For noone came forth to her glacial world,
Dark beauty untamed in the pale winter sun,
A gift from the Valar if any would come.

But all knew the tears of poor Eruname,
For music poured forth from the depths of her soul,
Her voice carried far o’er mountain and plain,
Melodies of sorrow as sombre as rain.

In distant Imladris on mornings of spring,
He sat by the fountain that sang ‘neath the trees,
The wind sighed sadly with a voice from afar,
And it touched him so deeply he wept for her star.

Then later that day he took leave of the elves,
For the voice of the maiden had captured his heart,
Through valley and forest he followed her song,
And northward it led him as nights became long.

On the day of mid-winter great cliffs did he scale,
How the rocks did not claim him no verse can recall,
The lands there below him lay barren and vast,
Save a slender elf maiden sat weeping her last.

And as he climbed down her sad voice touched the sky,
For she did not observe him, so lost in her prayer,
But when their eyes met her tears mattered no more,
Her knight had now found her to hold evermore.

No words broke the silence, their hands closed as one,
The chill wind repented and clouds scattered wide,
Together they journeyed and learned life anew,
While love grew between them, so tender and true.

But one realm they entered where dark monsters slept,
They tracked him like shadows that came in the night,
She wept when she saw him, for poisoned he’d been,
But the tears fell so purely they cleansed like the sea.

Then winter died quickly as homeward they passed,
While spring filled the meadows with flower and song,
The summer came blissful ‘neath sunsets of gold,
And Rivendell glistened with leaves growing old.

And there in the glow of the red autumn light,
Where life wove a dream of a time long ago,
The elf Eruname sang soft as she played,
And he watched her forever, his happiness made.


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