The Tale of Avnean Twin of Legolas- – -Chap5-Hard News

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A/N: I know this has been forever since I last posted. So those of you who are still interested in this I hope you enjoy and please don’t lose faith in me!

Recap: Avnean goes for a late snack after she goes to bed hungry. She meets her mother in the hall. After some moments where Avnean’s mother is not herself, Avnean returns to her room in tears. Legolas offers to go to the kitchen’s for her and Avnean curls up on his bed and ends up falling asleep.

Chap s

By the time the early morning had arrived Avnean forgot about the previous night’s occurrences to a minimum. She awoke before Legolas, slipping out of bed grabbing a saddle-bag as since the night before she had been to angry to even try packing for the journey to Lothlorien.

Legolas was awoken a couple minutes later to the furious cursing that sounded to one end of the room. “Avnean? He asked blurrily. “What are you doing?”

“Packing,” Avnean answered furiously looking at Legolas. He was half-raised from the bed, looking with sleep filled eyes around the room, trying to pinpoint where she was.

“It’s too early,” the Prince mumbled crashing back down upon his pillows. “You kicked all night.”

“Why didn’t you put me in my own bed?” Avnean frowned.

“Too lazy,” Legolas muttered. “And you’re bed it too stiff for my liking. Besides…” he rubbed his eyes.

“I know,” Avnean said softly but her voice was still brimming with ill concealed anger.

“What’s wrong?” Legolas mumbled. “Is it us twins sleeping in the same bed?”

“Eru no!” Avnean said quickly. “It doesn’t bother me. We did it as kids and we can do it now, it wasn’t like we were going to try anything and we were full clothed. It’s… its!” she waved furiously at her side of the closet. “That maid changed my clothes again! It’s all dresses!”

Legolas sat up again, sliding out of bed and walked to Avnean’s closet trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. “Oh dear.”

“That isn’t fair!” Avnean cried. “I keep telling her not to put so many dresses in here! There are no breeches at all! Legolas help me. I refuse to wear those…those frilly things!”

Legolas sighed behind her, understanding her agitation. “Avnean,” he began. “You are about half a head shorter then me. My clothes do not fit you.”

Avnean turned around to look at her twin. “Legolas please!” she begged. “Please, I need them!”

Legolas met her stare evenly, but broke it after a few moments and sighed. “Okay, let’s see what I can find in my closet.”

“Thank you,” Avnean breathed throwing him into a deep hug. “I’m really sorry about last night.”

“Forget it.” Legolas shoved her off with a smile. “That growling stomach of yours was about to drive me mad. And the shield? It wasn’t your fault.” He smiled at her.

“I just,” Avnean shrugged. “Oh well, eh?”

Legolas nodded, walking across the room to his closet and flinging the doors open. “Here Avnean come and look for yourself. I told you I was taller so you’ll probably find nothing”

“Thank you anyway,” Avnean nodded and walked towards the closet and immediately started prowling through the clothes to see if they fit her and for some secret clothes that she had stashed in her twin’s closet. Legolas himself turned and started to pack his own things, since sleeping now was out of the question.

After awhile a frustrated groan came from Legolas’s side of the room. Hiding a smile, but obviously not hidden in mind to Avnean, Legolas turned around. Avnean looked in a state of temper, a rare occurrence but when it happened it was best to duck and hide.

“Nothing!” she fumed. “Every single piece of clothing that I could have worn and was hiding in your closet is gone! Gone!”

“Avnean,” Legolas said wincing at her anger. “Please try to calm down. Why don’t you go talk to father when he wakes up?”

“I’m going to talk to him now!” Avnean said furiously stamping to the door.

“He’ll still be in bed,” Legolas warned her. “Avnean. Avnean you’re still in your nightdress.”

“I don’t care!” she shouted opening the door and slamming it behind her.

Legolas winced in sympathy towards his father who was going to get a very unpleasant wake-up call. From what he could tell Avean’s temper was only just starting to bubble and it was going to get worse. He sighed and turned back to his packing, hoping his calm thoughts would cool Avnean down.

“Father!” Avnean shouted storming into her parents’ room and slamming the door behind her. She was hardly aware of Legolas’s calming presence as he packed for the journey.

Thranduil rolled groggily over and blinked. “Avnean it’s not even light out. What are you shouting about?” he asked sleepily. “I went to bed real late last night and I don’t appreciate waking up this early.”

In the back of her mind she felt Legolas wince but ignored it. “The maid changed my clothes again!” Avnean fumed. “All those annoying frilly things are in there! There’s not even the breeches and shirts I hid in Legolas’s closet!”

“Oh Avnean,” Thranduil moaned, he rubbed his eyes blearily. “Please not this early in the morning!”

“Father!” Avnean fairly shouted. “You’re going to drag that maid out of bed and get my clothes back!”

“Not so loud you’ll wake your mother,” Thranduil muttered. “Okay go and get my robe and don’t glare at me like that Avnean it doesn’t suit you.”

Avnean crossed her arms, her glare becoming deeper. “Father,” she growled.

“You’ll wake your mother up be quiet!” Thranduil said yawning. “And your brother.”

“He’s already up,” Avnean said hotly crossing her arms but went for the robe anyway. “Did you know mother went for a ride last night?”

“Oh and how did you know?” Thranduil asked suspiciously standing up and accepting his robe wrapping it around his muscular frame.

Avnean frowned. “I was going for a walk.”

“You weren’t going to the kitchens were you?” Thranduil demanded.

“No,” she defended swiftly.

“I think…” Thranduil had turned around and noticed the side of the bed that belonged to his wife was empty. “Arranna?”

“Father there’s something on the pillow,” Avnean whispered, her anger draining out of her; what did it mean that that side of the bed was empty?

//Avnean, what’s wrong?// Legolas asked her in a worried voice.

//Nothing Legolas, I’ll tell you when I come back,// Avnean answered staring at the note her father was just staring at with unseeing eyes as if he dreaded to even touch it. “Father?”

As if coming from a reverie Thranduil reached out and delicately touched the paper. “Arranna where are you?” he asked in choked whisper to himself. “Where are you?”

“Father the note?” Avnean whispered, barely able to get the words out. She had met her mother in the hall the night before; she was doing something and if she had cared to ask she could have stopped her. Despair overcame her like a threatening wave to drown her. She felt Legolas trying to reach out and stop the wave, the calming sense of him in her mind halted the threatening wave.

With a visibly trembling hand Thranduil picked up the note and opened it. For long seconds he simple stared at the first letters without reading them and Avnean was tempted to say something but it seemed all her breath was forced only to make sure she continued breathing.

“Father?” she whispered at last, reaching her own hands and touched her father’s shoulder. She didn’t know what she dreaded more; the fine written words on the page that told the truth or the wild fancies that were beginning to spin in her mind.

“Avnean,” Thranduil said shaking and coming to himself. “I’m sorry, I’ll…..I’ll read it.”

Avnean nodded and crossed to the door having no wish to look over her father’s shoulder and read the note. //Legolas?// she trembled reaching across the bond and linking firmly with him, extending beyond the bond and entering his mind, settling into his thoughts and feelings, stopping her wild thoughts about where her mother was.

Legolas said nothing in response and simply allowed the invasion and calmly continued packing. He knew something was going wrong in the room, due to their mother but he was waiting for Avnean to return before asking any questions and upsetting her even more.

“Avnean.” The quiet voice drew her out of her brother’s mind and back to her own body. Blinking and slightly dazed Avnean looked to see the tears shining on Thranduil’s face.

“Father?” Avnean asked, she reached out a hand as if to steady him. “Father what does it say?”

“Oh my daughter,” Thranduil whispered and let the note drop. It swirled lazily to the floor where it landed the written words standing out mockingly upon the page as Thranduil gazed upon it; tears that were not shed by the Elven King glistened in his eyes. “Your mother’s gone.”

“Gone? Gone where?” Avnean asked. She took a step for the note but didn’t want to read it. She feared what it would say.

“Gone Avnean to the Undying Lands,” Thranduil answered and sat on the bed, his head dropping. “She could not bear to tell us in person it was too much for her.”

Gone? The words sounded off like a hammer in Avnean’s head. She had met her mother in the hall the other night, she had met her! That’s where she was going to the Havens. Avnean choked and she could have stopped her. The realization, made a tight knot in her throat. Stumbling she came and sat beside her father and he opened his arms and pulled her in an embrace as they both started to mourn, silent tears that they were trying to pushed back managed to leak down their cheeks. The Queen of Mirkwood was gone, heading to the Undying Lands, without so much as a proper goodbye to her husband and children.

In the room silently packing Legolas was aware of his own tears, with a hurried hand he brushed them away. Then turning, leaving his packing strewn across the bed the Prince of Mirkwood ran from the room. Something was terribly wrong if Avnean was to cry and change her mood so fast. All Legolas knew was that he had to get to her side and be with her both physically and mentally.


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